Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017: Then and Now and Everything in Between

Texas Frightmare Weekend's 11th year was another success that will go down in history with horrificable (I made that word up, I think?) tales to pass on to our grandchildren. This year meant a lot to me and my brother. We had plans to finish filming and be well on our way to promote Hanukkillah but things get in the way. Our parents were having health issues then I was having my own and managing a club was taking a lot of my time. Eventually, we did lose our father in such a grim fashion... I am still having a hard to accepting it. His funeral was that Sunday following the convention and all of our old TFW friends and collaborators were there by our side to make sure we kept our minds off of it. That's ALL I cared about. I didn't want to sit at a booth, bored out of my mind. I didn't want the responsibility of panels. Hell, the only interview I had lined up was Joe Turkle. Rest assured, the TFW family came to our rescue and it was an epic ride!

In my opinion, Sarah Church is what made this year so special for me. This sweet little girl was the highlight for all of us! It melts my heart to see someone so charismatic who loves horror movies as much as I do and the kicker is, Sarah cannot actually hear the films. You know you've made a good horror movie when the actor's facial expressions are powerful enough to win her over! This has inspired me to learn how to sign and I promise you, this will not be the last of Sarah! Everyone, if you see her at a convention, go say hi! I feel like I sat there with her on my bed for a straight hour just writing back and forth, asking her what her favorite scary movies were. I kept the notes and they are going straight into my heart shaped box. Look at this photo below! Look at the majority of the pics on my Facebook's TFW album. All of us love each other and love the same art. THIS is what TFW is all about. It's a well organized love fest that I wish could last longer than a weekend.

Before I open up about the events from 2016, let's go over our favorite moments from the past 10 years!

Who remembers the Get Lipshitz Laid campaign?

The Gash & Podcast From Hell Take on TFW!

Long time friend and collaborator Jason Hughes and I supporting the WM3 and donating to their cause!

Every year our crew celebrates Dai Green's bday. Even if she isn't there, we always call that bitch up and sing to her!

The first autograph I ever signed!
The year that Lance Henrickson wore a Texas Longhorn shirt! You know how much this means to me. He was here again this year and nearly knocked me off my feet with his compliments. Such a nice guy.
The happiest Rebekah had ever been at Frightmare
Interviewing Norman Reedus after the 1st season of TWD & photoshoot in hearse! What went on after got a little crazy. Good times! 
Out eating BBQ with Eihi Shiina of Helldriver & Audition

BILLY PON WAS RIGHT! Here are some old phone photos of me moderating panels back when we didn't have smart phones. My how technology has changed!

I consider Parrish Randall to be one of my best friends. I even wrote a part specifically for him. Sadly, I did not see him this year. No time!
Old school carpet photo!
Last but not least, getting interviews still while I am 2 weeks from my due date!
That's just a glimpse but if you scroll on through all my posts on here, you will find detailed information on all of them except for before 2010 when I mostly just wrote up a report for my personal column. Here are some of my favorite moments from this year though!

The Babes of Frightmare!

My sweet, sweet Jenn Stone!

Jeremy Sumrall & I will be working together again soon my dears!

Official favorite costume, Liz Taylor!

Ricky Dean from Freddy's Dead showed up to our party!

And then this happened!
Had my man reserve his own chair at the party LOL!
Awww look at me and Jayson through the years! Jayson and I grew closer this year and he was the highlight of my weekend. There was a moment where he was exhausted and ready for bed and he knew I needed sleep for the funeral but I refused. I told him that once I lie down and shut my eyes, it'll all be over. It's back to reality and on our way to face what had happened to our father. Jayson kept me strong all weekend and every last minute shared with him meant the world to me. 

Tish and Mike finally tied the knot and she wore her Beetlejuice gown! Tish and I finally took the time to get to know each other and I am glad because her and Mike are incredibly sweet people who are genuine, like to have a good time, and love horror movies.
That about covers all the happy stuff that went on this weekend. All I cared about was spending time with my friends and not being sucked into some unnecessary drama. Mission almost accomplished.

THE CRUD, THE MAD, AND THE WRINKLY: Addressing a nasty video uploaded on Facebook

Through all the love that TFW holds, there are still a couple of bad eggs who have the gall to drive to our state and disrupt everyone's fun. I know you girls have only been coming to TFW for a few years but take a look around. No one cares about any of that and more than enough people were offended and disgusted by your behavior but I guess some people just thrive off of drama and faking another attack is much more important than sustaining your integrity with everyone getting along. I just don't understand why some people feel it's necessary to be so mean. You're also liable to kill someone while making videos behind the wheel. Good luck with your podcast or blog. I'm sure it will be a hoot. 

In the meantime! My latest TV project is Disappeared. Keep an eye out for my work on ION and the Reelz channel and we will soon be making cast announcements for Hanukkillah though most of the roles have already been cast. For those of you who follow my Geek Juice column; Women in Prison films with fun GIFs I made myself are up on the site next! Love you all so much. RIP dad. You were such an incredibly human being and my heart aches. We lost you too soon.

Haven't Update in a Bit

Health still sucks

My father died

My kids are perfect

My job is still mostly awesome

Dancing in the old studio again has been nice

Modeling is still fun

TFW is coming up

Still doing TV work

Going back to school this July

Will post pics next week. 2016 has started off cruelly but I am still doing what I love

What's New?

Photography by Naifaree

It appears that I am a little bit behind on my updates. Managing a club has made it hard for me to keep up with everything and with my health issues even more pho-cked up than last year... There's just no fire there any more. I stopped talking to a lot of people that I felt were no good for me. If you found yourself on that list of people without a warning, I apologize. I am too young to have a stroke but my chaotic lifestyle finally got the best of me. Since I got out of the ICU on Galveston Island my mind just does not work the way it use to. I cannot remember things and if I forget to take my blood pressure meds my body goes numb and I pass out. My blood vessel walls are too narrow and my brain was beginning to swell.

Regardless, I still keep busy and convince myself that I can tackle 98346984736 projects at once. For WiHM, I did a photoshoot for Diabolique Magazine (Nominated for another Rondo, way to go!) where I showcased my horror themed cocktails inspired by my favorite women in horror. The issue has not come out yet because they apparently have something special they are going to add to it. Will post when it's out but here is a sneaky peaky...

James D Photography

Next week I have an interesting photoshoot at the FotoFusion studio in Houston. Looking forward to that. Here are some shots of me by Naifaree....

With my dance company's 60 anniversary coming up, I have been back in the studio. It's good to be back! Looking forward to the recital and I cannot believe these photos are still up on the wall! Prepare to laugh.

What else? Uhm, Cheers Magazine featured me. Cat5 Magazine featured me again. VIP Magazine is featuring me this April. I need to slow the fuck down before I have another trip to the ICU. As for TFW, I just have not had the time to do anything horror recently. I still keep up with my column and write for others when I can and the Hanukkillah script is finished but my brother is also busy so we keep putting that project on the back burner until all this other crud gets out of the way. We will be attending the con but only Thursday and Friday night because I just cannot risk having any major health issues and these things tend to become stressful. They're just not as fun as they use to be. Looking forward to seeing some of you!

Keep up with my cocktails on Instagram and apparently I am on the Reelz Channel now. Interesting. I don't even have time to watch myself on TV.

Happy 6th Anniversary to YFNJG!

Quickly slopping this down so please excuse the typos or grammatical errors until I come back on to scan. Looking back, I cringed at a few of my rants on here. Maybe it was my hormones during my pregnancy. Who knows. Many posts have now been deleted and I change my 3D glasses banner. I really don't see anything wrong with my previous header but it's not how I want others to perceive me. There's more to me than meets the eye. I am not just some girl who shows cleavage sometimes and stands in front of a camera. Initially, I started this blog to fight against women who suffer through abuse. Then it became my own personal beliefs and nerdism. It has become an array of shit storms. If you have a problem with the changes or you never cared for my blog in the first place, this is all I have to say about that...

So, what have I been up to? My work with Snapped on Oxygen continues. I am now a researcher for their new show Snapped: She Made Me Do It and I write for Oxygen's blog. I've been busy with TV documentaries lately and it has been a unique experience. I have also been featured on Deadly Women, Cold Justice, and Swamp Murders. However, I still prefer to be behind the camera.

My modeling work continues but I find myself doing less and less. My modeling work is something I have always done for my love of art but I have so much more to offer and I want my other talents to shine brighter than my photographs. We have finished the script for Hanukkillah and auditions will be held at the office soon. I will enjoy making the magic happen behind the camera for a change. There's also a bartending documentary that I am co-directing but I am putting all of my efforts into Hanukkillah for now. OH! You can also see me during the bar scene in the sequel to Dazed and Confused: Everybody Wants Some, release date set for April 2016.

Women in Horror Month's 7th year is around the corner and of corpse I have a few plans. For now, I can tell you that we are shooting a spread for a horror magazine that will remain nameless until February. It occurred to me that I spend so much time making horror themed cocktails, I have never dedicated any to my favorite women! So this year, I will have 10 cocktails inspired by some of my favorite women in horror. I have carefully selected the perfect ladies to model my drinks and I cannot wait to see how the issue comes out! I am accepting interviews as usual for your magazines, websites, and podcasts. However, I will be turning several down. Limited time.

Halloween was a blast though I was not feeling good at all and it nearly ruined my experience. Figures. Regardless, I worked with Virus Vodka and made a few miracles happen in a glass. BIG thanks to Virus Vodka for supporting me and blasting the shit out of my drinks. So glad I met them at the last Texas Frightmare Weekend. Speaking of TFW, there's a chance I may not be there for the first year ever. The hotel rooms sold out quick and even though I can stay at any other hotel, this will not do for me. I am having major health issues so if I am unable to go upstairs to my room immediately when I am not feeling well then the trip is just going to be impossible. Period. I had already planned on spending most of my time in the hotel room anyway. I have already met nearly everyone on the guest list so it really isn't a big deal. If a room opens up, I will go.

Special thanks to the official American Horror Story: Hotel website for sharing my Countess cocktail. You certainly know how to put a smile on this lady's face. Thanks to EpicDrinkRecipes.com and Cheers Magazine for highlighting me.

I posted about my previous experience as a speaker for the Mensa convention. Check that out in case you missed it.  I still have my VHS column for Geek Juice. I still contribute to misc horror publications. I still bartend at a variety of places. Yada yada. I'm still seeing the man of my dreams. At the end of the day, I just want to remain happy with my kiddos and man friend and make time for myself. You know me, I am always out to prove that there's more to life than procreation. Live a little. Show off your talents. If your talent is shooting spit balls out of your ass hole then damnit you go out and shoot spit balls out of your ass hole like it's going out of style and don't let anybody tell you any differently. They suck. Thank you to all my supporters who still help to promote my work and thank you to those who keep up with this lame little personal space. Much love!