Films That Depict Hell

Doesn't it seem like there aren't enough films that depict hell? I for one am obsessed with the issue. I don't really know if I actually believe in hell but I enjoy films that touch on the issue. So here is a small list of the very few films that actually feature this....oh and yes that is Joan Rivers.

Beetle Juice is one of my favorite films that discusses the afterlife. I cannot remember exactly if this is 'hell' or not in the film. Either way it's a waiting room for the dead and they're not off to anything pretty. Below are scenes that feature a dead Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis opening the door and then in the waiting room....

I realize Ghostbusters mainly deals with demons and ghosts but when Weaver opens her fridge it at least looks like another dimension or something close to it....

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 - Monster in the fridge
Get More: Ghostbusters 1 & 2 - Monster in the fridge

In the sequel to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure they die and go to hell. I LOVE how well their trip goes. Bunny rabbits scare me. They even meet DEATH but then they play battle ship and Twister.

Event Horizon takes place in space but I'm pretty sure it's giving us a little taste of hell. I only saw the film once and wondered if The Black Hole was actually suppose to be hell? All the chaos that ensues on that ship makes it pretty evident that hell is on board.

One of the most notorious films that feature hell is What Dreams May Come. Robin Williams goes to hell to get his wife back and into heaven with him and their dead kids. I actually enjoyed this film. Pictured above are all the damned souls in a sea of heads. It gets pretty crazy.

I get confused on The Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise. Sometimes I can't tell if they're dreaming or actually in hell so I chose to go with Freddy's Dead when it actually shows Freddy's transformation. Great films. Freddy>Jason.

Jacob's Ladder is STILL one of the scariest films ever made. Tim Robbins gets into some pretty freaky situations. It has been a while since I've seen it so I cannot remember what a lot of this has to do with him I am going to go back and watch it tonight. It has been years.

In the first Hellraiser we honestly don't get to see much of Pinhead and the other Cenobites. We do get to see our fair share of torture and skinless people but that's about it. The second one features what hell actually looks like...I gigantic maze with a horrifying view. I LOVE it!
From looking at this picture it looks like it has horrible graphics but I was actually amazed! You can watch a video down below from a scene...

Getting sucked right into hell doesn't sound like a lot of fun. I actually felt bad for her character.

More later. My butt hurts from sitting in this chair. Get over it.

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