My Favorite VHS Covers

 The Company Of Wolves will Remain one of my favorites till the day I die. I love this movie. It's rare that I actually come across someone that has heard of it. I like the transformation of the wolves and the fairy tale.

 Subspecies isn't one of my favorite vampire horror films but for some reason I like this cover. It probably is one of the weirdest films I have come across though....

 The Lift! Not too many Dutch horror films floating around. Killer elevators are awesome. I like the little girl holding a teddy bear on this cover with the hand out of the elevator.

 Rare Alice, Sweet Alice cover. One of my favorite 80s horror films. Brooke Shields is hardly in the film. Why is her name always on the cover? It's Alfred Sole and Paula Sheppard that steal the show.

 Again, one of my favorite 80s horror films....actually favorite of all time. Always stood out in the VHS horror section.

 I LOVE this cover. I use to use it as a layout for my old horror website when I was like 13. Yeah, 13.
 This cover I actually painted one day. It came out so good! Damn hurricane ruined it!

 Still have yet to finish this film completely even though I have it and I love Lucio Fulci's work. The cover is amazing anyway, The Lizard Eye is pretty neat.

 Christopher Lee's Head on a platter! Great Brittish Cinema!

 I actually like the sequel better than the first....sorry!

 I actually like pigs. They're not Kosher but you can teach them all sorts of things...

 The cover in the video store I grew up around looked much different but this is pleasant...

 Two VHS covers of this are equally amazing but I chose this one instead..

God, that's just fucking weird.

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