About Your Friendly Neighborhood Jewish Girl

How to write the perfect introduction and not sound like a self-absorbed douche? That's a tough one. My name is Rebekah Herzberg. The arts have been a huge part of my life going on 97696976969667976 years now. I continue to stay involved with dance, modeling, roller derby, and acting. I have won a gazillion awards for my talents. *cough* No really. I stay involved with fashion and art shows all over. So far I have only been in four horror movies but there are more on the way. I do not consider myself a 'Scream Queen' but I cannot help what people call me. I have also been called an ass hole and a Jew cunt. Nothing I can do about it.

As you can tell, I am also extremely sarcastic and I do not consider this a profession blog. I write for a few different publications like....

Snapped on Oxygen and Deadly Women on ION VHS Vixen for Geek Juice Media
True Crime Writer for DreaminDemon.com
Hosted Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 and Frightmaker Guest 2013
Lagniappe Film Festival Official Horror Judge
Women in Horror Month Ambassador

Scream Queen of the Month December 2011!
Nerd Remix Hall of Fame 2012!
Panelist alongside professors at Lamar University and MENSA International
I am also a bartender and you can find my horror themed cocktails here! Along with other women in horror!
You can also read my blog that I never update with my food recipes. I am quite the cook!

I know what you're thinking....

I am bad about responding to emails. If you send me hate mail or you're just trolling, I will likely have a sarcastic reply and show off your letter on my site for shits and giggles. I will not engage on an online war with you though. My official email is REBEKAHHERZBERG@GMAIL.COM 

You can also follow my official Twitter @rebekahherzberg which I never use. 

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  1. I am mostly thinking, "I hope she realizes she just found a fan."


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