I was inspired to write about this the other day when having an all night horror movie conversation with Roxy Vandiver, Jeremy Sumrall, and Hudson. Some of my favorite people to spend an entire evening with. Hudson reminded me of the thing that scares me more than anything on the planet and that's Zelda from Pet Semetary. When she hops up real fast on the best then runs after her OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. My brother use to sit outside my door at night and say, "Rachel....." to try and scare me because he knew how I felt about that ugly distorted bitch. Little Gage comes in a close second.

Next up, would be that old bitch from Insidious. You should take the time to see this film. It's rare that a new film is actually scary. The music alone is spine-tingling. I cannot believe I only saw this film a couple of months ago. I should of seen it in theaters. Twice the effect. Any time I see this bitch....I want to run far away.
 Carrie is still one of the best horror films of all time. If you disagree then you probably haven't even seen it. There is no possible way you could disagree. It is too creepy. It's hard for me to pick just ONE scene from the film that scares me. I decided to go with the ending because it makes my heart want to jump out of my chest. Sue Snell, the only survivor from prom is dreaming where she visits Carrie's grave then BAM! A hand pops out pulling her in. To top the whole scene off the way this girl wakes up and starts screaming with terror and crying....that's what gets me.
 HOLY SHIT! Not many people have seen The Exorcist III. It's actually really good. The scene we all remember the most of course is when this figure comes out of nowhere to attack the nurse. We don't really see what happens to her but for a quick second we at least jump out of our chairs.
 The House on Haunted Hill Remake isn't really that bad in my opinion. I enjoyed it. The original however, as corny as it may seem, use to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid. My dad use to rent it. This head made me want to turn the movie off.
 It's hard to pick a favorite/scariest scene from The Elm Street Series but Dream Warriors is my favorite and this image always had me going. He's fucking eating her.....This makes me want to make a page about the best death/dream sequences in the whole series.
 I fucking hate clowns. They're stupid and creepy. Tim Curry as a clown, ultra-effective. It took me ten years to be able to watch this film again. It's so scary. The book is even scarier! I was actually afraid to go to the bathroom when reading the book. Scenes from the movie that get me; When little Georgie meets his fate, the blood in Beverly's bathroom sink, that old woman Beverly talks to in the second half of the film, and when Bill is looking at Georgie's picture and Georgie winks at him then the picture fills up with blood....soo many scenes. Fuck this clown....
 The Sentinel. Dude just pops out of nowhere. I actually have a pretty sweet copy of this on VHS.
 The Stepford Wives Original Version. Not that crap with Nicole Kidman. This robot creeps me out along with Paula Prentiss. See video down below. Creepy scene...

  I'm not going to go with the typical scene in Suspiria at the beginning, THAT'S ACTUALLY AWESOME. When this chick zombies out is when I started to get a little freaked out. That and all that fucking music. WTF Goblin.
Ugh. I do laugh when I watch The Exorcist but when she spins her head around after brutally sabotaging her vagina with a cross and she begins to speak in the voice of BURT saying, "Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter..." Yep..still creeps me out. Along with the scene on the stairs.
Another film with soo many creepy scenes. The twins in the hall do it for me. Classic film. Stephen King's Remake was, "meh."

Another film that has to be in my top ten favorite horror films of all time would be In the Mouth of Madness. Between the old dude on the bicycle and the zombie children, I would have to say the old bitch with tentacles that axes her husband in the basement takes the cake...


  1. Forgot about The Sentinel. Thanks.

  2. Though obviously nothing scares ME, I enjoyed yer list, kiddo.



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