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I understand that there are far too many scenes in horror films that are completely nasty and need to be mentioned but I only have so much room on here and so much time so I'll mention more another time. For now this will have to do. The following are some of the nastiest scenes I've seen in a horror film. Oh and *FOR THE RECORD* I wrote all of this by myself. Like OMG! I have to keep pointing that out while there are ass holes out there claiming I stole their synopsis for a review.

It's so hard to pick just one scene from Dead Alive but I think we can all agree that the Lawnmower Scene takes the whole bakery. The whole film is pretty hilarious and fun to watch but I try not to eat anything while watching because it has to be one of the nastiest films I've ever come across.

Holy Hell, Anthropophagus The Beast is another film that has so many nasty scenes it's hard to pick one. Above you can see this ugly dude eating his own intestines, which is just fucking crazy. However, this scene wasn't that bad compared to the scene where he strangles a pregnant woman, rips her baby out of her vagina, and eats it in front of her old man. OH. MY. GOD.

I don't know which of these scenes is worse in The Blob Remake but they're both pretty gnarly. A kid gets eaten by the blob and a cook gets sucked into the drain. Shawnee Smith, I less than three you.
 What is it with Italian Film-Makers and eye gouging? They love that shit and so do we! The picture above is from Zombi 2 errr....Zombie. What have you. The whole film is pretty gory. I personally loved the shark against the zombie myself.
 People say Cannibal Holocaust is the worst piece of doo doo they have ever seen because it's so gross. If you actually put some of those scenes aside you will find some great film-making. I'm not a fan of Cannibal Films. It's hard for me to watch humans chewing into other humans. I still have a hard time watching Cannibal Apocalypse even though it's a great film. I couldn't decide if I wanted to show a picture from the infamous impalement scene or of the turtle. Maybe I should of gone with the turtle? After all, it was an actual turtle that they sliced open and the actress was actually throwing up in the middle of that scene. I really couldn't care less about turtles so I went with the impalement. Straight through the ass into the mouth.....Ouch.
 Next is Day of the Dead because it's fucking sick.This scene in particular. I honestly didn't care for the way the zombies looked. Am I the only one? The whole greenish/blue face they had going just didn't do it for me. If you haven't seen it and have the means to I would. It is indeed a great film to watch. They indulge in all these experiments with a zombie and teach him all kinds of nifty tricks. In the end the government always learns experiments never work out so well....
 Feast II: Sloppy Seconds. The whole film is pretty nasty. It's also very horrible. I enjoyed the first film which is also gory. I wasn't going to mention this film but why not? You can put aside all the absurd characters and bizarre events taking place but can you get over the scene with the baby? This dude running with a baby selfishly throws the baby up in the air, the baby falls to the ground bleeding and crying, and the creatures grab it and rip it apart. I realize this is ONLY A MOVIE! I just have a hard time seeing babies get killed cause I am a mother. I'm not offended...just annoyed.
 Hellraiser. Jesus Wept. I personally find the scene where that bitch puts Frank's skinless finger into her mouth to be rather appalling but this is gorier. The second one is even sicker and I enjoyed it more because they actually go into hell.
 Inside. The whole film was hard for me to watch. It's even hard to pick a scene but the one that stands out the most is in the end when she opens her stomach with a pair of scissors to get the baby out. A long battle, lots of lives lost, and now a crazed woman with a burnt face has a new baby. Oh that's right..I ruined the ending for you didn't I? My bad. If you were pregnant I wouldn't watch this.
 Johnny Depp gets it in Nightmare on Elm Street. This scene always had me going when I was little.
 The head explosion in Maniac. Tom Savini is so gifted. The ending was also down right disgusting but the effects for the head explosion were just so magical!!!!
 Pictured above is a screen cap from one of the most disgusting films I have ever seen. It totally ruined my dinner and I felt like I had to take a shower afterwards. Not like "I just watched a Rob Zombie film" shower. More like an "I just watched a woman attach a metal pipe to a corpse and fucked it while my boyfriend sucked on it's eye balls." Ugh.....just ugh. The ending was also hard to watch. Old dude is masturbating, stabbing himself, and semen is flying everywhere! Nekromantik is the name of the film.
 Dario Argento films are so beautiful. Many fellow horror fans agree but I have heard some say that Suspiria is over-rated. Well, you're a tool and it's not over-rated. Suspiria has one of the best death scenes I've ever seen in a film....which means I have all kinds of problems. This woman gets her heart stabbed repeatively...and it's actually showing the heart too. She then gets thrown through the glass ceiling and falls victim to the rope.

 Brain Damage has to be one of my favorite films from the 1980s. It's so entertaining. I enjoyed all the scenes from the film but when this girl starts going down on this young boy and little Elmer pops out to suck out her brains....I believe I shouted out, "EWWWWWWWWWW!"
 The Beast in Heat is probably one of the worst of the video nasty collection. Jewish girls are being thrown into a cage with a man beast and he actually tears off one of the girls vaginas and begins to eat it. Pubic hair and all. He rapes them repetitively before eating them.
The last on this list is in my opinion the best zombie film ever made, The Beyond. The scene with the spiders is actually the nastiest part in the film for me but I couldn't find a screen cap for it. So I went with the typical blow to the head.

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