11 Reasons Why Hot Rod is Awesome

1. It's about a mentally challenged person who wants to be a professional stunt man. Okay, he isn't really mentally challenged. I was making a joke but you would think that wouldn't you?

2. Has amazing actors like Andy Samberg, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, and Will Arnett. Not to mention Sissy Spacek! Isla Fisher is also fucking hot and hilarious.

3. He's always trying to kick his dad's ass.

4. They put a lot of emphasis on the H and have the word 'WHHiskey' as their safe word.

 5. It has music from Midnight Express.
 6. A grilled cheese and a taco get into a fight.
7.  It teaches you all kinds of new ways to say 'Cool Beans.'
 8.  It pays an homage to Footloose with that incredible dance scene by Samberg.

9. It has this amazing Asian guy that likes to dance.

10. Bil Hader takes acid.

11. They dance retardedly to Two of Hearts.

Favorite Quotes:
Rod Kimble: You look pretty.
Denise: What?
Rod Kimble: I said you look shitty.

Denise: Tai Chi teaches that if you focus your body and mind you'll be able to perform at the peak of your abilities.
Rod Kimble: Yes, sensei.
Denise: You don't have to call me sensei, Rod.
Rod Kimble: Got it. Sensei, I have a question: Is there a Tai Chi move that would make a grown man crap his pants and not know why?
Denise: I'm not gonna lie to you, Rod. That move does exist. But you're not ready for it yet.

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