Freddy is Better Than Jason

There are plenty of Jason fans out there that will disagree with me and that's okay but at least look at all the facts. I am going to tell you why Freddy is better than Jason. First of all, Freddy can kill you in your dreams. That's hardcore. Jason walks around with a machete in the woods...and why do people keep going back to this camp every year knowing several kids are murdered each year? That never made any sense to me. Freddy has a lot of "one-liners." The dude actually talks unlike Jason who says NOTHING. Jason drowned as a kid and comes back as an adult? I don't think so. To be clear, I'm not arguing about who would win in a fight. I'm arguing about which of the film franchises are better. Freddy shows his face. Jason hides behind a mask and before he gets his mask, in the sequel he wears a piss poor bag, which I actually still find more effective than the tired hockey mask. We also cannot forget that Jason wasn't even in the first film and he still follows the word of his 'mommy' cause he's a mommas boy.

I'm not going to mention the piss poor remake because I am not a fan. It annoys me that people say, "But in the remake we get to find out why he becomes Freddy." Wrong, we found that out in the 80s with all the sequels and in the first film they explain a little about it. In 1968 the parents of Elm Street burn him to death. Freddy was allowed to live on in dreams by three dream demons who travel the world, searching for the most evil soul.

I am now going to list all the amazing death scenes in the Nightmare on Elm Street Series. Before the deaths started in the first film lets remember, Freddy killed a handful of Elm Street Children in their dreams. He also burnt some of the parents to death. The very first victim aside from that was Tina. She is slashes across the chest with his bladed glove and thrown around the room. Her boyfriend Rob is killed in his sleep next while in a jail cell. His neck is broken by being hung by a sheet.

The next victim was Johnny Depp's Character, Glen. His death is one of many favorites. It's pretty gruesome. He's dragged into his bed and all of his blood is drained. He blood comes SPRAYING heavily out of his bed and his parents even come in to see it. Blood even drips through the ceiling and onto the first floor of the house. The last to die in the original is Nancy's mother. It's debatable how she died. She was either strangled and burnt to death or she possibly could of been pulled through a window? I'm still a little confused over the ending but we know she's dead when Nancy and her father talk about her in Dream Warriors.

When it comes to the first sequel, Freddy's Revenge, I don't remember much about the deaths and it's my least favorite in the series. Freddy possesses a teenager and that teenager kills those kids. I never understood why this was a part of the series so I am going to skip over to Dream Warriors.

The Third Nightmare: Dream Warriors is by far my favorite of all the sequels. This is where we start to see even more elaborate and creative death/dream scenes. The opening of the film is pretty amazing and Dokken even had a song for the soundtrack. Ah the 80s. The first amazing death scene is Phillip in the mental institution. See, the last of the Elm St Kids are put in this place because they're obviously 'crazy.' When Phillip falls asleep, Freddy pulls out his veins and uses him as a puppet. He manipulates him into falling off the building making it look like a suicide.

The next death is Jennifer's head getting smashed into a television screen. God that was awesome.

Taryn was one of my favorites and I didn't want her to die but everyone always dies. Freddy always comes back to kill the in another sequel. In this case, he injects massive amounts of heroin into Taryn's veins. This is because she was a junkie. Nancy is eventually stabbed by Freddy. Like I said, he always gets them eventually.

Moving onto The Fourth Elm Street: The Dream Master. Freddy comes back to get all the survivors of Dream Warriors. This would of been the end. He just finished off the last of the Elm St kids BUT Kristen passes on her dream powers to Alice. Kristen doesn't have 'powers' but she has the ability to pull other people who are asleep into her dream. She pulls Alice in and now Freddy has a new group of kids to kill. Joey's death is pictured below, he's pulled into his water bed after seeing a hot naked girl swimming in his bed.

Deaths even happen in the classroom. A girl named Sheila is sucked dry of all body fluids.

This isn't a death scene but in one of Alice's dreams he's eating a meatball pizza with the faces of kids he has killed. He even eats one.

The last death is another favorite. At the beginning of the film a girl named Debbie squashed a bug and showed us just how much disgust she felt for bugs. In her sleep Freddy turns her into a roach and squashes her.

Only three people die in Part Five: The Dream Child. Alice is back but she isn't killed! Her boyfriend and father of her baby is killed after being fused with a motorcycle and crashes.

Below is another favorite death scene. Greta's stomach is sliced open and she's force-fed her own innards and suffocated. I actually think it's one of the most brutal death scenes of the entire series. Clip below.

Last, we have Mark. He likes comic books. He's brought into a comic book world and he's ripped to shreds.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. In between Part Five and this film Freddy has killed almost all of the children and teenagers in Springwood. The first death in this film is Carlos, a giant Q-Tip magnifies his hearing and his head explodes at the sound of Freddy's glove on a chalkboard.

One kid is impaled on a bed of spikes.

Breckin Meyer is killed in a video game. That's awesome.

Then we have Freddy's death. His daughter pins him to a wall with several weapons and stabs him in the stomach with his own blood and he's blown up with a pipe bomb. He's killed by his daughter.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare is a good edition and a different view. I still enjoy it. Though at times it gets corny. We don't get any creative deaths but it's still gruesome.

Jason actually has more kills in Freddy vs Jason and eventually chops off Freddy's Head with his tired Machete. BUT Freddy's deaths were still more enjoyable. BUT Freddy is actually still alive. Jason did not kill him. The comic book confirms this.


  1. Nightmare is by far a more creative series. Anything goes in Freddy's Dream World. Not so with Jason.

  2. I do love Freddy but i like slightly more because Jason dont plays around. He gets to the point.

  3. While I understand that, getting to the point is boring. Creative deaths and personality makes it interesting. Besides, Freddy kills every child in Springwood, leaving all the adults crazed and losing their minds. I don't call that playing around.


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