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There happen to be 987349874397693763679 articles about the West Memphis Three out there and I know I am always writing about it so I will try to keep it short and sweet. I just watched Paradise Lost I and II for the 9874697496738679376th time and thought I would mention all the things wrong with this trial and the people in this town. This is just my opinion but had Paradise Lost not been made, these boys would not be out. We wouldn't be able to see how the botched trial went. People wouldn't come together to bring all the ignored facts to the table. This town has a lot of slow, semi-retarded people that makes me wonder if they're inbreeders and they have passed it on to their children. I don't like saying those things about these people. I don't want to say anything bad about any of the parents especially, God knows they have been through a lot. I also don't want to judge them on their looks and stupidity because these boys were locked up based on heir appearance so I really should just keep my mouth shut about that. What really disturbed me is Pam Hobbs ridiculous interview and happiness to be on tv. "Just look at the freaks." Town is so mind numbingly stupid. The Reverend that speaks out seems to be a little confused with his interview as well.  The people running the WM3 website and fund are doing a wonderful thing. I'm not related to these boys. I don't know them. But it means a lot to me when I see how much they have helped these boys. I am moved by it. They don't want to just free these boys, they want to find the real killer.


Jesse's confession was coerced and the time limit doesn't make any sense. For hours he was interrogated. Only the last 45 minutes were taped. He mentioned things that were not correct and didn't happen. The officers response was, "He was simply confused." He says they were raped when they were not sodomized. Jesse had no concept of being able to leave a police station and asking for a lawyer. He didn't have parents or a lawyer present with him. Was he even read his rights? There's no substantial evidence linking him to scene. A crime scene left that clean has to be purposely done that way. There is no way these young boys could of done this with no evidence. Just think about it! It baffles me that the authorities disagree. They just don't want to admit to being wrong. They have no other suspect out there to pin it on and they don't want to show their incompetence.  There were two defense experts on coerced confessions. No one seemed to pay attention to their testimony. One of the experts even point out that he didn't know the differences between shoe laces and a rope.  How was this ignored?

I like Jesse's father. He seems like a good hearted man that loves his son and wants what's best for him. That little Happy Birthday scene in the trailer park was touching.

Just actually watching these three boys bodies on film… horrible. I just cannot understand who could do this. This wasn't the devil. This wasn't a devil worshiper. This was the act of a grown man. A human. It could of been your next door neighbor. I try to piece together what could of happened, especially since Terry Hobb's DNA was found. I still have no idea. How were all three of these boys contained by one person and beaten to death? How is it that two of them couldn't of run away while one was being beaten? That's why I think maybe it was Terry Hobbs and his friend who was also there on the day of the murders. Do any of you ever pay close attention to Terry's facial expressions on film? He looked nervous most of the time. He's the most quiet of all the parents. He doesn't seem to be as upset as the rest of the parents involved. But I could be wrong. I just feel they should continue investigating him.

I have nothing but contempt for the Prosecutors involved in this case. Mainly, the one that talks sideways....or whatever it is that he is doing with his face. Judge David Burnett, to me, looks bored throughout the entire trial. Even when Damien mentions a quote from a Metallica song about how corrupt the court systems are, there's still nothing there. I wonder what was going through his mind. John Fogleman is a fucking joke.  Gary Gitchell doesn't want to admit that he made a mistake. He clearly is a moron. He has fooled himself into thinking it's true and that he was right all along.  They weren't using common sense in this trial....not in the least.

The whole Wiccan issue just proves even further, they were not using common sense and they could of brought an expert in to explain that Wiccans don't worship the devil. They worship the Earth. Wiccans don't sacrifice little boys and it's completely normal for a confused teenager to be into Wicca. I went to school with several troubled teens. I was troubled myself. That didn't make us Satanist and murderers. Dr. Dale Griffis got his degree on the internet and didn't take any classes. This was their expert. He explains that Satan worshippers wear black clothes etc. Black hair. Sometimes they tattoo theirselves. A group of Wiccans in part two explain that they don't believe in the devil. It's a close involvement with nature.  This guy is a fucking clown. Just look at his fucking clown face! DIRKIDUR!

Blood evidence on the knife in question was destroyed. The medical examiner missed several things while conducting the evidence. They missed bite marks on the face.  They failed to realize the method of these murders would require transportation. These teenagers didn't even have transportation.  Two of the boys had injuries consistent with being hit by a large object. It has not been determined what the object was and nothing of the sort has been found but it's obvious that is was a large objects and one boy had several lacerations to the face. The prosecution explains that all injuries were sexually related. This statement is false. The boys had also not been sodomized.  They failed to investigate other leads.  For instance, The Bojangles incident where a man came in the restaurant bloody and muddy.  The Manager called police and a female officer came over. The officer went through drive thru instead of even going in. Are they fucking serious? This is completely unorthodox. No other officers came out that evening. Later two police men came to take two blood scrapings off wall. The police lost the evidence and admitted it on trial. *shakes head* When it comes to Jason and Damien's trial. It's a moron circus. The prosecutors bring in a witness who was in jail with Jason and for his lies and testimony, he receives a smaller sentence. But this kid is proven to be a complete liar with serious problems. This kid says Jason told him that he sucked the blood from the penis of the kids and stuck the balls in his mouth. Does this sound like something a teenage boy would do? Come on. No evidence points to this happening.  The counselor of this kid called the prosecution and told him that he's a liar.  And he's LSD dependent. AND they still used him. Then we have the 'so called' knife that was found near Jason's home. There's no proof that knife was used. And lets not forget these victims were not cut or stabbed for that matter. They were beaten to death.  Then they claim to have matching fibers which is false.  They start parading two young girls in the courtroom and these girls are obviously lying. These girls had no credibility.

Mark Byers puts on a big show.  OMG put your teeth back in,. He takes a polygraph and passes. The second film makes you question if he had something to do with the murders. He does stand around a lot listening in like he's nervous. But the thing you have to remember is that when you lose a child, you lose your mind. I would be devastated and I would probably parade around trying to catch the monster. I understand the parents pain and their reactions on camera. Damien actually believed he had something to do with it. Byers give us two completely different people and is caught in lies constantly. I don't think I suspect him as the killer now since he actually believe these boys are innocent now but then again who knows? In part two, He goes out to where the bodies were found and digs graves for Damien, Jesse, and Jason. Pours leaves on the graves, sets them on fire and then he stomps on them. While wearing overalls. Is he an alcoholic? Mark tries to force the bible on us and tells us that hell awaits.  How Christian of him. Melissa Byers was a previous heroine junkie. I have been spending a lot of time trying to dig up a lot of information on both Melissa and Mark Byers out of curiosity. Notice, Mark has Several different stories about what happened to his teeth. He takes his teeth out on camera two times and holds it in front of people. That's just disgusting. He's still convinced everyone is a devil worshipper.  Has he not been listening to all the facts?

In the first film, my heart goes out to Melissa after Jesse's trial because when she expressing her anger and the fact that justice still doesn't change anything, her son is still dead, it just shows how heart broken she is. I really feel for her but she is blinded by her strong feelings and her loss. After this, Mark goes on to say they found his sons testicles in a jar in Damien's house. This is further proof of how ignorant this town is. The rumors and lies they come up with towards someone who is a little 'weird' is just ridiculous. Mark even mentions fingerprints on the jar. Too bad this is false and never happened. It's a small town with bored rednecks so what do you expect? Also, why didn't they take the time to focus on what the murdered boys were like? It might of actually helped the case. Did you know that The Byer's kid had serious problems? Pam Hobbs went on to say that her child (Steve Branch) would often get into trouble with Terry and that Terry was abusive towards him. Information about what these children were like could of been substantial in the investigation.

Lastly, I haven't said much about Michael Moore's parents. As I said before, I feel for the parents, I really do but these may be the parents I like the least. They don't make much sense of anything and to this day still think the three boys had something to do with their sons murder.

There are so many things I want to talk about but unfortunately, I have a life :) To be continued....

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