Wrongfully Accused

With the release of the WM3 (finally) I thought about writing about it. I use to write about it all the time in my column but since I no longer write for that piss poor site (you know the one *smiley face*) I might as well just write about it on here until I start writing for these two other websites. But I don't want to write allllll about the WM3. I am an encyclopedia for true crime and there are tons of wrongfully accused cases out there to mention so I thought I would at least go into detail of five stories. A lot of people cannot even fathom how these people are wrongfully accused. It's actually quite simple. It usually has to do with the authorities involved in the case. They are incompetent and the people surrounding the trial get fed up and want answers. So a lot of times they target the best they can find, even though they have little or no evidence. 

The West Memphis Three:
Everyone knows the story right? Three little boys were found beaten to death and nude in the woods 1993 in West Memphis Arkansas. Three young men were wrongly convicted for these crimes. These were just boys! There is no way in hell they could of committed such crimes. Not to mention, no mother fucking evidence. If you watch the HBO Documentary Films; "Paradise Lost I and II," you can see it's pretty clear these boys are innocent. You can watch the entire trial, just about any way. The cops focused on the mentally challenged boy and forced a confession out of him that wasn't even remotely related to anything going on. The times were right, he said they were raped when they were not, and they scared this boy to death. o this day he says he was coerced by the police. 45 minutes of this so called 'confession' wasn't even on tape and it makes you wonder what the police did to him to make him falsely confess, other than scaring the shit out of him. He just wanted to go home. 

Another big part of this case that helped the boys get convicted (I mean other than the stupidity of the jurors) is the fact that two of the boys wore black and listened to rock music. In the trial they try to point them out as Satanists when they didn't even worship Satan. I am getting mad just typing all of this out and thinking about it. I just cannot understand how stupid this town really is. And there are several others like it. I like to wear black. It's my favorite color. I don't even believe in the devil. My favorite band is Iron Maiden. I still don't believe in the devil. If these kids liked the color purple this wouldn't even be an issue. 

I could go into soooooo much about this trial and the audacity that the prosecution actually thought they had the right killers….but that would take too much time. I will have to write about it another day and point everything out. I wrote about it a while back but accidentally deleted it. Lets just focus on the fact that after years of suffering and wasting their life away in jail…these boys are now free. It has been a long fight and thank you to everyone who helped support the WM3 and raised money for their cause. I am sure they are grateful. However, the filthy child murderer is still out there and I am still convinced it's the step-father, ol' Mr. Hobbs. Nasty old bastard. 

I feel for Jason Baldwin, one of the boys convicted, for being against pleading guilty just so they could get out of prison. He did NOT want to plead guilty. They have stated their innocence for years. It's not exactly 'justice' now that they're out. Yes they are out and they're free but the killer is still out there. They're not out there trying to find out who murdered these poor boys, they just don't want to admit that they're wrong, STILL! It baffles me just how stupid the judicial system it. I have seen Paradise Lost I and II SEVERAL times and read books on the subject. Tonight I am going to go over the films again and point out the ridiculous circus that is this trial. It's the most insane trial I have ever watched on film. Do yourself a favor and get a copy, watch the film. You will agree and believe me, you will be so pissed off at the judicial system and Arkansas rednecks….you will punch a hole in your wall. 

Dingo Ate Her Baby:
Even though people make jokes about this and reference it often, the story breaks my heart. 1980, in Mount Isa, Queensland, a nine week old baby disappeared from her family in the middle of the night. The mother was convicted in 1982 and sentenced to life in prison. This whole trial had a lot of media that followed. After losing several appeals by the grace of God a piece of Azaria's clothing was found in an area full of dingo lairs. The poor woman was released in 1988 and was awarded 1.3 million dollars due to wrong imprisonment. Since then, several dingo attacks have been reported. Could you imagine what this woman went through? She only held her new baby for 9 weeks and then she watches a dingo take off with it. Her baby is eaten. Then she stands on trial being called a baby killer and convicted. I wool of lost my marbles and my heart goes out to this woman and the father. I can't imagine if that baby felt any pain…or anything at all. According to the coroners inquest, the likely cause was a dingo attack. They also reported that the body of Azaria was taken from the possession of the dingo, and disposed of by an unknown method. There was a film made on the case starring Meryl Streep. It was called "A Cry in the Dark." 

Gone in the Night:
1988, 7 year old Jaclyn Dowaliby was kidnapped from her house in the middle of the night. 1990, her parents went on trial for her murder. The mother was acquitted by the judge due to no evidence but the father was tried and convicted of her death. This pitiful conviction was due to the fact that there were fist holes in a closet door. Later, it was proven that the holes were present before they even moved in. 1991, the father was released and the case has since been unsolved. Shannon Doherty and Kevin Dillon starred as the grieving parents in the film based on this trial, Gone in the Night. I vaguely remember watching this film but I do remember watching about the case on American Justice. I guess we will never know what really happened to this poor little girl. It's a sick world we are living in.

Snap Decision:
This case is about a woman named Kathryn Myer, a well known photographer who was arrested for taking nude photos of her daughter and her daughters friend while they were undressing. Their private parts can be partially seen in the photos. In my opinion, this has to be the dumbest and most ridiculous case I've ever heard of. She in no way intended for nudity to show. She was trying to capture their natural state. She was focusing on their faces. 1993, the woman is arrested and charged with child endangerment for taking supposedly pornographic photos of children. She plead innocent to the charges naturally. Friends and family testified for the woman. Photo experts testify that the main photos in question were obviously taken by a child at one point (Kathryn left the camera around the girls.) Her 8 year old daughter and friend explained they used the camera to take photos and were crawling around on the floor playing 'babies.' 1994, Kathryn is acquitted of these ridiculous charges and found not guilty on all accounts. A film was made based on the trial as well. 

Kern County Child Abuse aka Daycare Sexual Abuse Hysteria:
There's a whole slew of day cares were 'alleged' abuse happened. In this case, these poor adults were wrongly accused. In the 1980s, Kern County started the whole day care sexual abuse hysteria. 60 children testified that they had been abused and that Satanic Rituals were a part of it. I'm not clear on the children's motives for coming up with this mess. Now that they're older and finally admit that they were lying, they still do not say why they made it up. It makes me wonder if the parents made it up to get some sort of profit from it. Just like the Michael Jackson case. I still believe in MJ's innocence. Yea he was a weird man, so what? There was absolutely NO evidence showing he did anything and it's the same with this case. 36 people were convicted and most of them spent several years in prison. 34 convictions were overturned on appeal. The district attorney, who was responsible for the convictions (fag,) was sued by at least one of those poor victims. Two of the convicted died in prison and could never clear their names….sad. What a way to go out. 

In 1982 the McCuans' two daughters, coached by their step-grandmother, who had custody of them, alleged they had been abused by their parents, and accused them of being part of a sex ring that included Scott and Brenda Kniffen. The Kniffens' two sons also claimed to have been abused. No physical evidence was ever found but the McCuans and Kniffens were convicted in 1984 and each sentenced to hundreds of years in prison. In September 1984, an unrelated case was commenced against Margie Grafton, Tim Palomo, Grant Self, and John Stoll. They were accused of forming a sex ring to abuse young boys and produce child pornography. Various boys testified at the trial. Again, no physical evidence was presented - and, again, all four defendants were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. The convictions of Margie Grafton and Tim Palomo were overturned soon afterward. Six similar cases occurred quickly throughout Kern county. They were stopped when children began to accuse police officers and social workers of being members of sex rings.

The convictions of the McCuans and Kniffens were overturned in 1996 and the two couples were released. In 2001, a TV movie about the plight of the Kniffens was released under the name "Just ask my children." 

The West Memphis Three are finally free! FUCK YEA!


  1. Especially when it has received media hype, there are some cases condemning the accused in any way possible for them to look like villains or "scums of the earth." This hate is unhealthy, as there are times when false claims and pieces of evidence are made in order to incriminate the defendant further.

  2. Hmm… The "Dingo" case is very heartbreaking. If I were that woman, I would surely suffer emotionally. Being wrongfully accused for your baby's death is the hardest thing to accept as a mother. I think I would have to find a copy of that movie you were talking about here… I haven't seen it yet.
    --Marlin Sayle

  3. It is very heart breaking. I cannot imagine going through something like that. You must see the film. Meryl Streep put on an amazing performance as always.


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