Stay Tuned

My MAC is in the shop. When released you can see all the behind the scenes pictures and read all about the awesomeness that is my life. We just wrapped "Princess" and you can see it at Splatterfest where Bruce Campbell will be present. Shannon Lark put on an AMAZING performance. I almost cried. Roxy was amazing as always. Pics soon! Also, thanks to Roxy for always doing my hair. Cannot wait to see how it came out on film.

After Splatterfest I will be going to New York for 4 days. John Torrani and I will be making the Tenebaums screening with Wes Alexander and cast at the NY Film Festival. THEN, we are going to Comicon where Mark Hamill, Frank Miller, and Stan Lee will be present. YAY! Cannot wait to see Ted and Bev as well.

Next weekend is Roxy's birthday and the two of us along with Sabrina Sin and other gorgeous ladies will be present in a runway show. I cannot wait to see what I will be wearing. Flyers for the event posted on FB. I'm forgetting a few things here but no time.

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