Films to Watch on Halloween

There are so many pitiful lists all over the internet over what to watch on Halloween. This is something I use to include in my column every year. This year I actually came across one website that listed 'Jason' as a film to watch on their list. THEN they listed Friday the 13th which makes me think this person doesn't know anything about horror films. It also has me wondering if they have actually seen the first Friday the 13th. I'm not sure if you're going to agree with my list. If you don't...then you can go fuck yourself :)

You can't go through Halloween without watching at least one of the Halloween films. Preferably the original. It's not that I hate Rob Zombie's's just not the original. I own it on DVD and watch it from time to time. He did a great job selecting the actors for the film. I cannot argue with that. Does anyone else feel that have to shower after his films? I think it's because he likes his characters to look like dirty grisly bears.  Nasty teeth. That being said, I am a fan of his work. John Carpenter's Halloween however, is far better. I realize it isn't gory and it comes off as boring to the younger generation but for the rest of us that grew up loving the film, it's a masterpiece. The pacing, the music, the mask, Jamie Lee Curtis's screams, etc.... all of these elements are what caused Halloween to enter into our collective consciousness. It is universally recognized as one of the best horror films ever made, and I am inclined to agree

The first Halloween will almost be the superior in the franchise but that doesn't mean some of the sequels aren't worth watching. To be frank, I enjoyed Halloween I through IV. Heck, maybe even the fifth one. Some don't seem to enjoy the fifth. It has Danielle Harris, SOLD! The second installment is a continuation of the first where Jamie Lee is taken to a hospital. It has actually been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I've seen it. The third Halloween: Season of the Witch doesn't seem to get much play because it has nothing to do with Michael Myers. I've actually gone over several reasons why it's a good film in the 'Worst Films' section. I get tired of hearing people talk smack about it when it's a perfectly good film and it's actually more brutal than the rest of the films. The plot is to kill every little brat in America and you even see some of their bodies turn into snakes and insects. I could go on and on about the film but you can read more about it on that page or wait for me to write about all the Halloween films in further detail. The fourth is one of my favorites because I adore Danielle Harris. After the fifth installment, I stopped caring and I wished they would just stop trying to make the franchise work.

Unfortunately, I have not seen this yet but I will be watching it tonight. Everyone keeps recommending and praising it. Anna Paquin being in the film makes me want to watch it even more. So give me a day to watch it and I will return to give my thoughts. I'm sure I will love it.

Mmmmmm Brandon Lee. It deeply saddens me that he is dead. So much talent. Based on the comic book, The Crow is a dark and heart-breaking tale about love. Love so strong that it transcends death and gave a grief-stricken spirit a chance to seek justice. Whatever you do, don't watch the sequels. They even had the nerve to put Tara Reid in one of them. They're all bad. I mean, reaaaaallllllly bad!

Another great Halloween themed horror film and one of the best were wolf films of all time. In my opinion. Men beware, there are some disgusting period scenes off and on. I loved how they tie in their menstrual cycles with turning into a were wolf. How interesting.  I also love how the two sisters take pictures of their selves often dying a horrible death. I use to make pictures and scenes like that all the time when I was their age. Still do.

Yet another Halloween themed film. I enjoy Rob Zombie's work, aside from feeling dirty after watching the film. I mentioned that earlier. This happens to be my favorite role of his wife. Think I may watch this again tonight. It's your typical youngsters out in the middle of nowhere and in trouble story but it brings so much more than a lot of the earlier films. The entire family (aside from Sheri) immediately comes off both visually and mentally as a group of cannibalistic rednecks who truly are just insane and that have never heard of morals. While Sheri herself is just as mentally twisted as her entire family she at least has the looks to pass as a normal member of society and they are clearly intelligent enough to use this to their advantage.

I didn't bother to see any of the last SAW films. Saw I to III are the only ones for me. At least watch it for Shawnee Smith. She's completely mental.

Officially, one of my favorites films of all time!!@#$%^&&^%$#@!

Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's not a scary film but it's filled with Transsexual, singing Aliens, references to several Sci-Fi films, amazing actors, and it has a glorious soundtrack. It's always fun to dress up as the characters and dance along with the film. Tim Curry <3

The Exorcist is always a good film to watch on Halloween because it's scary. I still find some of the scenes amusing but overall it still gives me nightmares. Especially from the scene pictured above.

Hellraiser I and II are some of the most disgusting films you are ever going to see. The first barely features Pinhead but the sequel goes deep into their picture of what hell is like and it's scary. Not only scary but interesting.....

This is still one of the scariest films I have ever seen thanks to the deformed sister Zelda...OH..MY...GAWD.

Say what you want about Scream. It's fucking hilarious and pokes fun at other horror films. So if you're wanting to watch something with scares and comedy Scream just might be for you. Not to mention a killer cast including Drew Barrymore.

If you're in the mood for the 70s you might want to give Texas Chainsaw Massacre a chance. It's not necessarily based on a true story like the film suggests but it's still scary. Maybe not for all the new kids on the block. I am sure they prefer the remake.

Good for Christmas and Halloween. The kids love it. Nightmare Before Christmas. If you love Tim Burton and haven't seen it, then you need to.

Another 70s classic that will give you chills. The book is a good read but I wouldn't watch Stephen King's made for tv film version if I were you. Go with Stanley Kubrick.

The Evil Dead Trilogy. A woman gets raped by a tree for Christ sakes.

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