Ran-dum Thoughts While Watching Tenebrae

It has been forever since I've seen Tenebrae. I have it on VHS and I've had the DVD since I was able to find a copy years ago. I decided to put the film back on since I couldn't remember everything about it. It has been so long. 

I wish Hurricane Rita didn't destroy my amazing painting of this cover. The cover art is exquisite. Why was Hurricane Katrina so widely publicized? Hurricane Rita was a Category 5. 

25 minutes in, lesbian slut in blue. Nipple slip on purpose? She seems to keep having just one boob covered for a while which makes me wonder what's wrong with the other. ...oh wait, she flashed the other one for a second! Everything is in tact!

The killer is having a nightmare of a slut in white dress with red pumps. Of course she is a slut. She wants all these men on beach to fuck her. OH SHIT! Bitch got slapped.

Argento always has a score that makes me so happy. Like John Carpenter. This music is wild.

Good Lord, my boyfriend just farted and it smells soooo bad. Men disgust me. This shit goes on all night and we have to sit there and bask in the smell of shit. Isn't there a pill they can take for this?

Why are there always lesbians in giallo?

John Saxon is the man. I wish he was a cop in my town.

Jane is extremely attractive.

Typical giallo but possibly my favorite. Murder weapon is a knife. (Ax at the end made me happy) Black gloves. Mystery. Sex. Scandal. Perversion. Nice little recipe.

I knew it was Peter.

Watching the extras, Daria Nicoldi put on some weight and she scares me.

Things I learned from the interviews. When Argento wrote the script he closed his self off from the world, in a small residence, where he did not go out for three months. He wanted it to be perfect and to spend a lot of time on it. A lot of white colors in the film. Even the actors wearing white. Director of photography mentions they decided on a hyper-illuminated night, which wouldn't leave any way out for the victim and wouldn't leave a way out for the aggressor either. He worked hard to light those night uniformly, with great contrast, with great novelty,

Argento explains his love for squirting blood all over the room. Much like the ending sequence. Covering the whole room with blood. Coming out like a fountain.  Daria Nicoldi explains Jane's death as having to spray gas from an enormous pipe creating fan-shaped patterns onto the walls. They explain how beautiful it was but that it was censored in a lot of places. (Daria also says Jane ruined her career by marrying someone.)

Dario made Goblin get together to do the music for this film. They more more electronic.

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