Robert Rhine Interview

Robert Steven Rhine is an American writer and actor. He is also the founder, publisher, and "Deaditor-In-Chief" of Girls and Corpses, a horror/comedy magazine. If you haven't given this magazine a chance then what the f*ck is wrong with you? PUHLEASE check it out.

(RH)Thank you for this opportunity. If any of the following questions offend you I apologize. I have a dark sense of humor and get myself into trouble often because of my smart mouth and dark jokes. Everyone says it's because I am Jewish. Well any who here we go...

(RSR)You can't offend me.... I'm Jewish too.  I put Hitler's corpse on our cover with Marey Carey (Yeah the one from "rehab").  The only thing that offends me are people who pick up our magazine with a bewildered look, and ask, "Is this a magazine?"

(RH)What would you say was the incentive behind the very risque and anomalous 'Girls and Corpses?'

(RSR)The incentive I would glibly say is money. But that's not true or I would have stopped publishing years ago.  The incentive for me is 'passion' for writing, for art and comedy. for and horror and death and originality and pushing the envelop... right over the cliff.

(RH)Just exactly how much stress and emotion did you go through to get this company started?

(RSR)Would losing my business partner to a grizzly bear qualify? If you don't believe me, watch Stephan Miller mauled to death five times on "Grizzly Face to Face" on Nat Geo.  Or, simply read this piece I wrote:

(RH)Do you have any regrets?

(RSR)Regrets? I have a few... but I did it.... MYYYYY WAAAAYYY!!!

(RH)And how about mentors? Everyone looks up to somebody right?

(RSR)My father was definitely my first mentor and a brilliant comedy writer.
> Actor Kennan Wynn was a great influence in my teen years and now my good friend actor James Karen (Return Of The Living Dead) who is possibly the best human being I know.

(RH)Do you ever find yourself aroused by these corpses?

(RSR)Depends which corpse you're referring to. Not all corpses are arousing -- just like the living -- you have to have chemistry.

(RH)Have you ever seen a real dead body? If so, please explain your thoughts....

(RSR)Plenty, both friends and family and the occasional accident scene burned corpse. Most recently, I have been going to autopsies. I find them quite beautiful, except for the smell. Afterwards I always go out for Mexican food.  Just last week my neighbor died. He was in the house a few days before the found him. I miss looking out my window and seeing him on his porch.  With every death goes a piece of you.... until the last piece to go is you.

(RH)Which dead celebrity do you think would be the hottest corpse on your list?

(RSR)I get this question a lot. We have a section of the magazine called Celebrity Death Poll.  We get the most requests for Angeline Jolie. But Paris Hilton always seems to be at the top of our corpse list.

(RH)Are you worried that print will die out soon? So many out there are convinced print is dead.

(RSR)I think certain kinds of print will die, like newspapers will likely not be printed in 5 years.  But niche magazines will march on because of the collectibility factor.  People still want to hold their favorite magazine in their hand... while on the toilet.

(RH)For the record I can honestly say there are a number of horror, sci/fi, dead things magazines I look forward to reading every month. Yours has to be the HOTTEST!

(RSR)Don't you mean the coldest?  But thank you for saying this. We hope all your readers race over to  to preview our current issue and then dash over to  to order some issues and also our crazy products and t-shirts.

(RH)Can you see yourself doing anything else in the future?



(RH)Had you not started this amazing project what do you think you would be doing with your life?

(RSR)Looking for a job. Probably living in a box.

(RH)I get bored with asking people what their favorite scary movies are. So would you mind telling me in your opinion, what are some of the worst horror films you have ever seen?

(RSR)Tim Sullivan's Hood of Horror (2006), 2001 Maniacs: 'Field of Screams', Orca The Killer Whale, Excorcist II: The Heretic, Battlefield Earth, Sorority Row and the remake of Psycho.

(RH)I couldn't help but notice at The Scream Awards 2010 you were showing off some of your issues at the Red Carpet and it seemed like Marilyn Manson wasn't impressed. Making Marilyn Manson of all people disgusted had to make you feel you accomplished something no? Or were you offended?

(RSR)HA!  The previous year in 2009 Marilyn Manson came right up to me at The Spike Awards and asked to be on our next cover. I said 'uh, sure' and then I could never get past his managers.  The following year, I said hello to him on the red carpet and Manson tried so hard to get away from me he tripped and fell. I had to hold my tongue from asking, "Have a nice trip?" You can see the event and Manson here:

(RH)I honestly don't see what the big deal is since he likes to rub his naughty bits on male cops but to each their own.

(RSR)Manson tries to make himself out to be a badass but he's not as relevant as he once was, so we would probably not have him on our cover now... unless, of corpse, he asks again.

(RH)I noticed you did have quite a few of celebrities holding the magazine and smiling other than Manson. However, Jorge Garcia from LOST has a look of confusion on his face. Was he disgusted? Or just being silly about it?

(RSR)He seemed, well, Lost. Some celebrities are cool, but others duck and cover when they see us.  It's pretty funny, especially certain actresses have appeared nude in a crappy gory horror flick.  Once, I got brushed off by the producer of "Teeth" about a girl with teeth in her vagina who bites off guys dicks. Really! They turned us down for a cover.

(RH)One question I've been DYING to ask is, exactly how much hate mail do you get a day and what is the best hate mail you can recall ever reading?

(RSR)Not enough. We love hate mail and print them in our issues. The best one I got was from the Crystal Cathedral telling us, "We hope you and your corpses rot in hell." The great irony is that the Crystal Cathedral has since gone bankrupt and is 70 million in debt and all sorts of legal trouble from shoveling funds to family members.  Ah... yes,  I just love it when the pious Church goes after us. You would think they would have their hands full of choir boys and not have time for writing us letters. Don't get me started on religion. I did an entire issue called "Religion Is Dead" here:

(RH)I understand you have also done some work in film. Can you elaborate on some of those experiences?

(RSR)I worked as a Unit Publicist for Universal Studios and Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures for a decade until I couldn't handle working with celebs any more.  I also made a few filmed pilots which won a bunch of awards, such as: "Road Lawyers" and "Vinnie and Angela's Beauty Salon & Funeral Parlor."  Most recently I produced a Girls and Corpses animated music video here:

Thank you Robert for giving me this hilarious interview. Good luck with your magazine!

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