Films Not to Watch When You're Pregnant

I wanted to begin with Aswang because it's one of my favorite films and I wanted to point out that some douche said I ripped off his review on ScreamTV. You can still read his comments and laugh. The funny thing is, I have never written a review for Aswang on any site. On ScreamTV, another writer and I compiled a list of 10 Films to See Before You Die. Aswang was on the list with only a description of the plot. It might of been two or three sentences. If I don't write my own synopsis, I usually get one from IMDB so I doubt I even used this guys synopsis but if I did, my bad. This is common practice with just about every site but this hardly qualifies as 'ripping off someone's review' so I question this guys sanity. He sounds like a queen.

 Moving on, if you're preggers you might want to stay away from this one. about a young pregnant woman who is giving her baby up for adoption to a rich man so his dying grandmother will be pleased with him. Upon her stay at their estate, she learns the families disturbing secret. Aswang is a mythical Fillipino vampire that feeds on the unborn fetus while the pregnant women are sleeping. It's pretty disgusting, their tongues can stretch out several feet. I should finally review this film now that I have all this free time. Another day. LOOK! I wrote my own God damn synopsis. Take that douchey little twerp!

Next up. we have The Brood. Doesn't that look disgusting? David Cronenberg may be a genius but he's also a sick fuck. Sometimes I find this scene hard to watch but if you can get passed what's underneath Eggar's dress, it's genuinely a good little Canadian horror flick. Eggar's emotions are manifested into these brooding children fueled by the rage of her emotions. These children come out of her body and eventually begin killing everyone that pisses her off.

Anthropophagus: The Beast, hands down gets my vote into the top five most disgusting films I've ever seen. It's filled with talented actors and bodacious effects. The effects are so good, people were horrified and thought this was a snuff film. I am talking about, the infamous fetus lunch scene. This is not really a beast, it's a man gone completely ape shit! He strangles a pregnant woman (in front of the father) and rips the fetus out of her womb. He then takes a bite out of the fetus. I have to admit, I turned away for a sec. This picture does that horrific scene no justice. It totally looks real. Props to the FX team.

I'm not going to spend much time talking about Alien vs Predator cause it SUCKS but I do remember that these creatures go to a pregnant woman and shove their tongues down their throats causing her belly to burst open. Six alien babies emerge and the fetus is destroyed.

Don't confuse this title with the Ed Gein based film "Deranged" that came out of the 70s. This little gem from the 80s is about a pregnant woman who goes berserk. She's basically locked up in an apartment and begins hallucinating and killing people......or is she? I cannot remember if it's ever made clear. I found the film to be bizarre and a rip off of Roman Polanski's Repulsion. I have it on VHS....I may need to watch it again.

This is my least favorite of the series but it has my favorite death scene. Freddy's tears into a girl's insides and feeds it to her. A lot of scenes from this film were cut but you can still find an uncut version. You don't see any baby killing but Freddy is after Alice's baby and that's scary enough. The babies dreams are actually killing Alice's friends.

This really should be number one on my list. I cannot even watch now while I am pregnant. I have it on DVD and have only seen it the one time. The acting is astonishing and the director certainly has a way with the camera. It's a really good film that you shouldn't miss but if you're expecting, think twice about it. This crazy gap tooth bitch is trying to cut out a single woman's baby and it's a fucking freak show. I cannot keep up with all the blood splatter in this film. The use of the scissors reminds me of Giallo but I see more red in this fun little piece. That poor woman goes through hell.

Anything Twilight.

Rosemary's Baby has to be one of the best films ever made. I will still watch this when I am pregnant. It blows all of these other films out of the water. She's raped by the devil and the rape scene is pretty unreal. To anyone who plans on remaking this, fuck you and die slowly. It's perfect the way it is. Come up with an original idea you ass hat. Could you imagine having the devil's baby? You know you're having the devil's baby but all these creepy old people around you (who are in on it) and your husband try to convince you that you're crazy. Now THAT'S scary.

Multiple Personality Detective Psycho has a few sub plots. One of stories featured is about a serial killer murdering pregnant women. Takashi Miike does what he does best.

That does it for now, did I leave anything out? If so, please let me know!

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