Coming soon: Finally adding behind the scenes pictures from Princess with myself, Roxy Vandiver, Shannon Lark, and the rest of the cast. Congratulations for all the awards on the film. I was so excited to hear, my nipples could cut glass. The Good Friend will be added to IMDB, last I heard. Keep an eye out for that. I honestly have no idea how the progress is on the film since my scene. Hope everything turned out alright. Pictures from fashion show alongside several pretty ladies added whenever I feel like it. Still haven't talked about NY Comicon on any websites or added pictures other than face book. I've been busy and out of town :( Maybe sometime this week. Also, you guys still need to check out SATAN HATES YOU because it's a good film. Debbie Rochon is stunning and they do a parody of my step dad when he was on TBN. It doesn't get any better than that. Roxy and I are still contemplating our booth together but I don't know if I am going to feel like it. I'm tired and no telling how tired I will feel then. Also stay tuned for my bartending recipes in an amazing horror cook book. Maybe they are still looking for recipes?? If they are, SEND THEM IN! It will be fun. I feel like a tard for not bringing my Royal Tenenbaums Criterion to the Q&A in New York but we had no idea Bill Murray and the others were going to be there. At least we were in the front and I finally got to meet Bill and take a picture with him. Dream come true. If you come across the Q&A, give it a gander. It was a lot of fun. Still working on Women Support Groups. This has been a long time coming. If you are suffering from abuse and live in Texas, please get a hold of me and I will let you know how you can help/join. Okay, I am tired now. That's it for extracurricular activities.

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