When you're watching a post apocalyptic film, you are consistently given images of explosions and tidal waves. This isn't a typical Michael Bay film with cliches and abysmal characters. This is an enthralling approach to the end of the world. Instead of running, the characters face the destructing planet without turning away. I had no idea this was a film about the end of the world. I was led to believe that it's merely a film about Kirsten Dunst and her depression issues. That's what Chelsea Handler led me to believe any way. She praised the acting and I have to agree with her. All of the actors involved delivered.

The film opens with a close up on Dunst's haggard and disconsolate face with dead birds falling in the back ground. We then see her dressed as a bride and running through a forest with branches grabbing at her. At least, that's what it looks like to me. You can see for yourself in the photo down below. All of these disturbing images are happening in slow motion. Going into this film confused over what the hell is suppose to be going on, I found it a little tedious and perturbed. Although, I admired the imagery.

Then we see her floating in a pond holding flowers. This is the image we see on the cover. To complete this introduction, they give us sweet music. "Tristan and Isolde" was a perfect fit.

Among these alluring images of Dunst, we see her sister and son running but sinking into the ground and their horse is also sinking into the ground. I wonder what the significance of the horse is. The horse acts out right before the storm just like all the humans on the Earth are acting out. In my opinion, that's what Lars was getting at with that long and boring first half of the film. After the introduction, he gives us Dunst's story. She and Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood are getting married. They appear to be happy but as this story just DRAGS OUT, it appears that Dunst is not so happy and she's acting out along with the mother, Charlotte Rampling. She seems to be suffering from severe depression and there's nothing they can do to help her. I just thought she was being a spoiled brat. A young man is introduced to her from her boss, and she rides him in the middle of the golf course while she's suppose to be having coitus with her new husband. No one seems to be talking about this planet that is about to meet with the Earth. There aren't any tv announcements like you see in most of these end of the world films. You do get to see what we think is a "bright star" in the sky. Justine points it out. Nope, that's just the planet on its way to end every life on Earth.

I was trying so hard not to be bored but even the wedding speeches were boring. The most exciting event was Dunst having sex on the golf course with a complete stranger. During another scene, she lifts up her dress to take a piss on the golf course. Why isn't she using a toilet? Is it all a part of acting out? She isn't the only one acting out. Her parents are acting out. Kiefer Sutherland's character is a complete dick. Udo Kier is the wedding planner and he's puzzling to me but it's clear that he's acting like a bitchy gay man. Everytime Udo Kier passes Dunst at the wedding, he covers his face because she ruined "his" wedding. Back to Charlotte Rampling, I am a huge fan and find her extremely attractive, although I thought her boobs in The Night Porter were gross. They looked deflated. Sorry Charlotte.

I've always thought that Charlotte Gainsbourg was slightly unattractive. We make it to the second part of the film and it gives us a glimpse into Claire's (Gainsbourg) life. She's married to Kiefer Sutherland and the two of them have a son. Claire also takes care of her sister Justine (Kirstin Dunst) who hasn't gotten any better since the wedding. As Melancholia appears closer, Justine seems to be calmer and improve. This makes sense to me because she had accepted the fact that she will be dying soon and there is no point in fighting it. She's already dead inside. It doesn't matter. The ultimate death will bring  her to peace. Even though it seems to many that the end of the world is a sad ending, in this film it's a happy ending. Everyone was so unhappy in the majority of the film. Now they are at peace. Claire, on the other hand is not ready to let go. She wants to see her little boy grow to be a man. While Claire is freaking out about the destructive planet, Justine gives her something to think about. She says; "The Earth is evil. Life on Earth is evil. No one will miss us because we are alone." The world outside the mansion must have been going nuts but we never get to see the world outside of that mansion.

After visiting the Melancholia website, I came across an interview with Lars von Trier.  He compares himself to Justine; "I think that Justine is very much me. She is based a lot on my person and my experiences with doomsday prophecies and depression. Whereas Claire is meant to be a ... normal person,« laughs Lars von Trier, who has been haunted by anxieties all through his life and believed that the Third World War was breaking out every time he heard an airplane as a boy." You can read the interview here. 

I'm going to leave you now with a picture of Kirsten Dunst nude. You get to see that a few times. I have always been fond of her breast so it was easy on the eyes. They're real and have any of you noticed that she never wears a bra? This is the only picture I could find. It's from Magnolia. I'm not sure if that's okay so I might take a screen cap of the scene and replace it.

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