Princess Behind the Scenes and Splatterfest Awards

 Everyone keeps asking me for more pictures and information on The Good Friend. I know it takes me forever to get around to posting these things. Patience. I have a few behind the scenes photos from The Good Friend. I know a little about the film. There have been a lot of changes and the film isn't even done so we will get to that later. Today I am going to talk about Princess. It's offensive, gory, and guaranteed to get you off. The bad news is that I still haven't even seen the entire film yet. I couldn't make it to Splatterfest. For those of you who have no idea what Splatterfest is about, you're gay. Kidding. Splatterfest gives film-makers 72 hours to write a script and make a film. After that's all said and done, they have a screening for the films and an awards show. This year Princess rocked the house. The Code took home 11 awards and won Best Film. I am sad that I didn't get to see this film. Congratulations to the winners. Princess took home 7 awards including; Best Makeup Special Effects, Best Actress, Best Child Actress, 2nd Runner Up- Best Film, Best Scream, Best Splatter, and we were in the top 10 films to be screened at Bloodbath 3. Down below is a trailer for all 27 films and a Q&A with the amazing Bruce Campbell. Evil Dead <3

Roxy Vandiver took home the Best Actress Award. Do I think these awards were deserving? Absolutely! I am not just saying this because I am in the film and because these are my best friends but they completely blew me away. I haven't seen the entire film. I was there. Roxy's scene in the bathroom where she's screaming her head off and crying.....she almost made me cry. This poor woman was exhausted by the end of the night. The scene had to be perfect. In the editing room I watched part of the scene where she's laughing and rubbing blood all over her body.

 Another scene that almost had me in tears was Krystyn Caldwell's rape scene. This has to be one of my favorite scenes in any film all year. She's raped while her boobs are smooshed into a birthday cake and Shannon Lark is in front of her screaming her head off like a mad woman. I've never heard anyone scream like Shannon Lark. If other film-makers are reading this, you need to put this woman in your movie. The hairs on my neck were standing up. You can buy an autographed 8X10 of the photo below.

Did I mention that I fucking hate clowns? I didn't even know how to talk to that guy on set. Clowns make me very uneasy. I haven't seen the part where the clown is holding the little girl's panties. I saw the pair of panties and heard everyone talking about it. Damnit, this is why I need to see the film! I was told that my rape scene was going to be put in the director's cut? I hope that's still happening because I would like to see it. Picture down below....

After looking at pictures of my hair, I'm not sure if I like it and I wonder if I should have been one of the bikers because of my visible tattoos but this is 2011. Everyone has tattoos. Hudson was so into character. I was proud of him.

I want to thank you guys for including me in the film. I adore the entire cast and crew.

Roxy Vandiver
Matthew Carter
Jeremy Norton
Shannon Lark
Krystn Caldwell
Rebekah Herzberg
Karen Zombora
Sabrina Sin
Steve Joseph
Patrick Sane
Kacie Northcutt

Writers: Jeremy Sumrall (aka sexy beasy) and Chuck Norfolk
Directed by Chuck Norfolk

Additional Behind the Scene Photos...

Jeremy making some last minute changes to script. "Would you be offended if in your rape scene you get called a Jew bitch?"

Yes, that is a penis. Jealous?

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