50 Hottest Women in MY OPINION

So I decided to make my own list of hottest felines in the world. I wanted to call my list the hottest bitches in the world but I don't care to receive anymore hate mail from feminists who cannot take a joke. In case you didn't know, this list is only my opinion. I wasn't sure if you were aware of this even though it's my blog so obviously it's my opinion but there seemed to be confusion before. I did include the opinions of friends as well. But I thought I should point that out. Some people get bothered when you don't write "this is just my opinion" every single time. So, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.

50. Danielle Harris. I probably would have put her higher on this list but I forgot and there was only one slot left. She's extremely short but still the most adorable girl on the planet and a talented actress to boot.

49.  Rose Bynre. She's so gorgeous and a royal bitch in Bridesmaids. I've never known a "Helen" but I would probably react the same way Kristen Wiig did.

48. Michelle Trachtenberg. I actually remember watching Harriet the Spy and Pete and Pete. She was also Buffy Summer's kid sister. She started to get a lot more notice from boys when she wore that blue bikini in Euro Trip.

47. Amanda Seyfried. Her boobs are HUGE! In Mean Girls, her nipples could predict the weather.

46. Emma Watson. There's nothing I hate more than Harry Potter but Emma Watson has grown into a beautiful woman.

45. Jennifer Connelly. I've always thought she was beautiful in Phenomena and so on. She has a natural look and curves.

44. Nicole Kidman. I was so excited when she finally won an Oscar. I have been a huge fan since the 90s. Her curly red hair is so beautiful. She's an award winning actress, she can sing, and she's also a ballerina. I love multi-talented celebrities. Here's a picture of her from the 90s and a picture of what she presently looks like.

43. Tina Fey.

42. Anna Kournikova. DUH!

41. Lizzy Caplan. She has become one of my favorite actresses and I enjoyed seeing her naked in True Blood. I identified with her character in Mean Girls.

40. Sofia Vergara.

39. Zoe Saldana. I don't particularly care for the movie Avatar but I loved her as a ballerina in Center Stage.

38. Allison Brie.

37. Kelly Brook.

36. Anna Paquin. I know, I know... she has a gap in between her teeth. Who cares? Have you seen her naked in True Blood? She's naked constantly. I'm glad that she refuses to do anything about the gap. It's a part of who she is. She's gorgeous in Almost Famous and X-Men. She's also the youngest actress to win an Oscar.

35. Evan Rachel Wood. She's a classic beauty with red hair and also in True Blood. That show has a tendency to put extremely hot actors as their main characters. She was engaged to Marilyn Manson for a short time.

34. Nicki Minaj. I'm not really into overly large butts or rap music for that matter but I think she's pretty and belongs on the list.

33. Danica McKeller. Who had a crush on Wendy from The Wonder Years.

32. Angelina Jolie. *sigh* I honestly don't even want to put her on my list because I am tired of her fucking face and everything about her. Her bottom lip looks like a butt. However, I was a huge fan of hers in the 90s and thought she was perfect for the role of Gia, if her bottom lip would just stop grossing me out....

31. Emmanuelle Vaugier.

30. Kristina Klebe. I totally almost had dinner with her while I was in New York, so close. Maybe next time. I'm sure if you saw her naked in Rob Zombie's Halloween, you will agree with me placing her on the list. She's still hot when she makes the silliest faces. She's really sweet too.

29. Jessica Biel.

28. Lindsey Lohan. I've always thought Lindsey Lohan was hot. I don't care what anyone says. Her body is PERFECT. It has been quite a year for her and the drugs have fucked up her teeth but when you're rich, that's not a problem. Also, what's the big deal about her Playboy photos? I personally cannot wait to get a copy of this issue and lyk omg every single photo in every single Playboy is photoshopped. You're all acting like this is something new.

27. Charlize Theron.

26. Rachel McAdams. Did any of you notice how perfect her skin looked in Wedding Crashers?

25. Emma Stone. I already thought she was beautiful in Superbad but in Easy A she was the most adorable girl I had ever seen. I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine......

24. Scarlett Johansson.

23. Rihanna. Personally, I think she's one of the hottest black women in the world.

22. Keeley Hazell

21. Adriana Lima.

20. Sarah Silverman. I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for this but just so we are clear, I absolutely cannot stand Sarah Silverman and her horrible show. But I have respect for her because she smokes weeds, she's Jewish, and she's hot.

19. Jordana Brewster. Natural beauty.

18. Kate Moss.

17. Halle Berry. I have no idea what she's up to and Cat Woman was pretty embarrassing but she's gorgeous with an amazing body.

16. Jessica Alba

15. Cheryl Cole.

14. Natalie Portman. Don't agree? Watch this video....

13. Mary Louise Parker. One of my favorite ladies. She should probably be up higher on this list but I was getting sloppy with it. Weeds is one of the best shows on television.

12. Eliza Dushku. I met her and she's actually very stunning. All natural.

11. Mila Kunis.

10. Jennifer Aniston. That's right! That banana scene in Horrible Bosses was pretty hot.

9. Eva Green

8. Megan Fox. I don't give a fuck about her thumbs.

7. Jamie Chung.

6. Zoeey Deschanel.

5. Katy Perry. Her and Zoeey pretty much look the same. She also looks good with green hair.

4. Isla Fisher. She's soooooo cute.

3. Christina Hendricks. Uhm, she has massive tits. She's perfect. I loved her in Mad Men and Drive. Drive is easily the best film that came out in 2011.

2. Irina Shayk

1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley. No I don't think it's typical to put her at the top of this list. She really is the most beautiful in my opinion.

Jamie Fox should have been on this list...


  1. got it about half right. Did you have a cut off age. Everyone seams to be a modern actress. Also Tina Fey and Angelina Jolie are not attractive. I would have added lindsey Lohan to the this list but you posted a toppless picture of her. Incredible, how shallow I am when it comes to rating physical beauty.

  2. Well, everyone has their own opinion. Millions of people do find Tina Fey attractive because of her sense of humor and adorable glasses. I think she is gorgeous and she happens to be on a lot of these lists. I also don't think Jolie is that hot. I'm with you on that one. I wasn't just going by physical attraction and I said several times that this was a list of women who are hot NOW. I'm going to make another for hottest women of the past. Then I am going to compile a list of my favorite suicide girls because they are hot.


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