American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a new series on FX that takes samples from numerous horror films. The show has slipped so far from reality and believability it has actually become comical. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the series. I just find a few of the episodes to be disappointing with absurd views on how ghosts may be if they actually existed, which they do not. Sorry, this gal doesn't believe in ghosts and there has been no such proof of their existence. Crappy photos and tales from one's delusional mind seeing what they want to see doesn't count. Those shitty ghost hunter shows where they wet their selves everytime they hear a sound in an old creepy house is also not proof. It's fun to think they exist but it's also fun to think that a baron woman magically birthed a child with Godlike powers and he's our lord a savior that we should turn to and worship.

These ghosts can cook, clean, kill, change clothes, smoke, drink, have sex with the living, impregnate the living, and they're only allowed to leave the house on Halloween. A lot of viewers seem to be confused by the show due to not paying attention to all the details. Maybe their mind strays from the tube for seconds at a time due to boredom. I often questions if the majority of AHS's fans are complete imbeciles.

People keep asking the question, "If ghosts can't leave the house then how come so and so could leave?"

It's real simple and even explained in the show. On Halloween, they can go wherever they please. We only see the ghosts leave the house on the Halloween episodes. Pay attention.

"Why is Larry allowed to leave? 

He isn't a ghost. The annoying man is still alive and carrying out Constances wishes. Poor son of a bitch. I do have to admit that I find Larry to be extremely annoying. The actor plays one of my favorite villains on True Blood and some of his scenes on that particular show were some of my favorite scenes throughout the series. He plays an old and powerful vampire that prefers the company of Latin men and rips the heart out of a news reporter on live television before he tells all the viewers that he will eat their children. You can expect his character to return in the 5th season. Larry is a different story though, I do not care for him. It's unfortunate that Tate burns half of his body but he is indeed HALF a man. What sick son of a bitch leaves his wife and daughters for another woman with mentally challenged children? I guess you can't help who you love. What really angers me about this character is that he kills Hayden which means she's stuck in that house forever to annoy us, the viewers.

"How can Addy die if she is already dead? If she isn't a ghost then how come she didn't become a ghost when she died?"

She was never a ghost. What gave you the impression that she was? Addy didn't become a ghost because she didn't die on the property. I feel remorse for her death because she was my favorite character and I hoped to see more of her. Do you also agree that young Addy was magnificent and creepy when she says, "You're going to die in that house?"

There is no indication that the ghosts may be able to cross over. Moira and Constance merely discuss this idea but Moira explains that she wants her body to be discovered only so everyone will know Constance killed her and will be arrested. There have not been any other discussions of crossing over. That is, until the tenth episode where Violet fails miserably to make the gays cross over. It's made apparent that none of those old wives tales actually work and sage, are you kidding me?

"Why is it that only Ben sees the maid as a young and sexy?"

Easy sailor, you didn't pay attention at all did you? The reason why Moira can turn into a sexy little minx whenever she wants is not exact what you think. She explains that men see her how they project her to be. Most of the time as a sexual object. Women actually see her as she really is, an old soul and she isn't aging as a ghost, SHE'S FUCKING DEAD! While I feel sorry for Moira, her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me. I'm glad we started seeing less of her. I also want to punch young Moira in the vagina.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of AHS is the cast of colorful characters. The series is filled with loathsome characters drowning in their own depravity with no light of hope at the end of the tunnel. Jessica Lange as Constance takes the cake when it comes to pulling off brilliant acting for such a hateful but endearing character. I know you agree. She deserves an Emmy for her performance. The only thing I dislike about her are her mannerisms and hand movements. What's the deal? And don't even get me started on that abomination on top of her head. It's hard not to feel sorry for Constance. She is an incredibly mean woman but cares deeply for her children. She uses everyone around her and even though she deserves to go to prison, I don't want her to go to prison. Ryan Murphy has done a wonderful job when it comes to making us care about these characters.

I couldn't care less for the character Tate. This character flat out angers me and good Lord son, wash your face! Why is he so pale and disgusting? Teenage girls all over the IMDB message boards go on about how hot he is and how some of them relate to them. I'm a little worried when so many girls feel they can relate to a boy who steals Kurt Cobain's wardrobe, wines like a selfish bitch constantly, murders his school mates, and rapes his living girlfriend's mother. Parents, beware, the youth of America. The creators want you to pity him but I do not. RM has said that Tate is the real monster of the show and he is. He has killed how many people now? He killed the gay couple that were previous occupants of the house and even stuck a hot poker up one's ass then he rapes the mother, impregnating her and eventually killing her after giving birth. It's easy to call him the villain of the show and the most disliked character.

I understand how so many feel they can identify with Violet and she is another one of my favorite characters. I knew she was going to be dead but didn't see it from the start. It's heart breaking to see her and Vivian die because they are two innocent victims trapped in the middle of this chaos. That's two Harmon's down, what will happen tomorrow night? What's the deal with everyone wanting her babies? The gay couple wants babies, Nora wants a baby, Hayden wants a baby, and Constance wants her grandbaby. I guess it releaves their boredom. I'm hoping (especially since they're selling the house) that the second season will bring us new characters in a new setting. Texas would be cool.

I want to like the character of Hayden so badly. I feel for her. I understand what it's like to be involved with a man who is taken and being forced to have an abortion. Only, in her case, she KNEW Ben was married. Not every woman has the luxury of knowing and she persisted. Now that she's dead and stuck in that house, she's more annoying. She continues to manipulate Ben and she''s committed to getting what she wants. She cannot seem to drop the fantasy that her and Ben will live happily ever after with their 'baby.'Why is she always making this face? Is she one of those people that even sleeps with their mouth open?

Dr. Montgomery, I just cannot picture him as any other character after playing a gay man in love with Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

While it may be interesting to add The Black Dahlia to the story, I thought it was a big mistake. There was no reason to bring Elizabeth Short into the story. Is the show trying to claim every murder in California? I suppose it's also responsible for the death of Nicole Brown. This episode was in poor taste with nothing further to bring to the table except it did make it obvious that Violet had to be dead. She isn't seen in the entire episode and Ben finally starts to see things how they really are. I guess I was just turned off by Mena Suvari playing Elizabeth Short because she looked like a dog, which may be fitting because the original Elizabeth Short wasn't very attractive and had decaying teeth.

To be continued after the season finale, and those of you who keep trying to compare it with LOST.... please go get hit by a parked vehicle. You're an idiot.

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