Dismantled Fashion Runway Show

Better late than never. Sorry it took me so long to writing about this but I am lazy. I still haven't written about my New York Comicon experience but my experience about the New York Film Festival has been added. It's quite a read. Months ago, I was involved in a fashion show called "Dismantled Fashions." We have been called Texas Hottest Pinups. As flattered as I am about this title, I have to disagree. Not about being hot, obviously but because I don't consider myself a pinup model. I have done numerous pinup shoots in the past but I've also done a wide variety of EVERYTHING since I was a young girl so I cannot be lumped into any category. I have to say the same about all of the girls involved.

The show was put on by alternative model and actress Sabrina Sin, who is a friend of mine that I don't get to see often. I haven't been keeping up with what she has been into recently but I know she was just featured in a film with the legendary Linnea Quigley. Go Sabrina. Sabrina also had a part in Princess with Roxy Vandiver, Karen Zombra, Shannon Lark, and I. The show was also put on by Sarah Sacrifice, who I do not know. The event was a benefit to raise money for Multicultural Education and Counseling throughout the arts (MECA.)

Eddie Peery and the Rattle Shakin Daddies apparently tore the roof off that place but Roxy, Rebekah, and Co. did not stay for the musical acts. After all, it was Roxy Fucking Vandiver's birthday and we were starving. Unfortunately, we missed a burlesque performance by Siouxsie Monroe, who is fucking gorgeous! I did see the pin-up contest after the fashion show and the ladies entered into the contest were so gorgeous. What a hard decision to make. Great job ladies.

Dismantled Fashions is a company with pin-up clothes designed by the talented Emily Frontz. Her company is Austin based and started in 2004. These clothes are meant to be wore by those of us with curves. While I am only a 34c at the moment, I have to agree that my hips and ass are perfect for these clothes. The rest of the girls were gorgeous and complete sweet hearts. I only wish I had more time to get to know them. They have some pretty fantastic names as well; Kassidy Motal, Leila Cetina, Miss Vhaven, Kristin Cupcake Eve, Sommer Rose Devore, and Brenda Bare. You can google these girls and find several marvelous modeling pics. I personally LOVE looking at pictures of Brenda Bare and I had no idea she was also a ballerina. Below is a picture of Burlesque hottie Siouxie Monroe...

There were a lot of people at this event and several photographers. The bar was always crowded and it took me forever to get a shot of Jameson. Their shots of Jameson was also a bit over priced for how small it was. I expected a little more out of the stage but after all, it is only Fitzgeralds. I was scared to death that I would fall. My shoes weren't too comfortable and there was a a small dip between the stage and the walk way. It all went smoothly and you can see the whole thing live on Yout Tube. Below you can see several more photos from Subsociety Studio and 002 Houston Magazine.

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