Feeling Nostalgic

Sometimes I like to reminisce and go over some of the best and worst trends of the past. Next week I hope to play some old video games. I'm already watching old films on VHS constantly so I might as well try to stock up on the games as well. My daughter plays the shit out of Mario Kart on her Game Cube and Nintendo DS. This is a game I remember playing with my brothers along with Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc... I'm not sure if there is an updated version of Mario Paint but she should give the original and whirl.

Speaking of vidja games, that's right I typed vidja, I need to get my hands on the Nightmare on Elm Street game. Hudson has his copy hanging on his wall with Robert Englund's autograph. I never played this game when I was younger. Back to the vidja remark, this is my personal blog... I can say whatever I want in whatever the fuck context I want. I'm not trying out for "best writer of the year" so stop making retarded comments about how I don't always word things correctly. I do it on purpose you fag. Just had to point that out since a few people out there are confused so often when it comes to my blog.

When I was a little girl my mother gave me a new Barbie doll that had "magical hair" or something like that. You could cut her hair and it grows back. I think I misunderstood the rules because I cut off all of her hair and it never grew back. I was never a huge fan of Barbie anyway and my brothers would always take off their clothes and draw pubic hair over their plastic naughty bits.

Scrunchies are fucking gross. I didn't even know they sold them anymore. You should stop wearing these at once! Did you ever notice that people sleep in them for days without washing or brushing their hair? SICK! That can't be good for your hair.

It's almost time for Christmas which means I will be watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. They should show this film for 24 hours instead of A Christmas Story. I cannot even bare to watch that movie again. Christmas Vacation is so much better. I don't care what your mom or my mom says. Randy Quaid is a comedic genius. I also love Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the film. "And why is the carpet all wet Todd?"  "I don't KNOW Margo."

Whatever happened to the Double Mint Twins???? I remember seeing this commercial a hundred times a day. I wanted to post a video but they disabled sharing so here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGQAAs5quf4

I have been collecting Playboys. I also collect vintage issues of Vogue. I stole my brother's 1978 Playboy with Dolly Parton on the cover. I wonder if he will ever notice. Oh well it's mine now!

I don't care what anyone says. The Buffy comics are some of the best comics out there, especially the 8th season. It's soooo good I have to buy every issue.

One of the latest VHS copies I added to my collection is CRAZY PEOPLE with Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah. I have never been attracted to Hannah but I adore Dudley Moore and this film is a forgotten classic.

I added reviews for Savage Streets and Hospital Massacre. You should give it a read.

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