Name That Movie!

Just how well do you think you know horror movies? I guess we will find out if you can name all of these films! It's going to be hard because I only listed a few mainstream horror films. If you try to google some of these answers then you are a total failure. This is something I am going to do for fun from time to time with 15 randomly selected films. Good luck!

1. Which horror film features a killer who is making a fashion statement by sporting a burlap sack, overalls, and a flannel t-shirt?

2. Where dirty pillows are another name for breasts.

3. There are two horror films that each feature the same two child actors. In one of the films, they're sadistic little bastards that go on a killing spree, along with another culprit and the boy looks like he is wearing a members only jacket. In the other film the girl is a victim and the boy kills her brother when he laughs at him. Name both of those films and the actors names!

4. A horror film within a horror film within a horror film and a man with serious mommy issues.

5. Who kills more victims in their films in total; Jason, Freddy, or Michael?

6. Name that movie:

7. Underwater Nazi zombies that you don't want to fuck with….. or they will drown your ass!

8. Name the film that features a threesome between a man, woman, and a real live chicken!

9. Name that movie:

10. Before Children of the Corn there was a group of killer kids that eventually used an old man as a pinata.

11. Which video nasty features a fetus being ripped out of the mother's womb before the man/monster takes a big chunk out of it?

12. A film where fascists are portrayed as people who love it in the ass, love to torture and rape, and love eating platters of shit!

13. A film that features a babysitter who feeds babies to trees.

14. Name that movie:

15. Where do the Nightmare on Elm Street films take place?


  1. 1.) The Town that Dreded Sundown/Friday the 13th 2.


    7.) Zombie Lake

    13.) The Guardian

    Answers I know for sure.

  2. #1 is Friday the 13th and #7 is not Zombie Lake. Believe it or not, I haven't seen Zombie Lake.

  3. 5. Jason (even if you don't count part 5)

    9. Michele Soavi's "The Church", produced by Dario Argento! Love that movie!

    15. On Elm Street of course, ;-)

  4. I think 14.) Spasmo...

  5. Daniel, Spasmo is correct! Marcus, Jason is not the correct answer for number 5. Freddy Krueger has more victims. In Freddy's Dead we see that he has killed every single child and teenager in that town. (Not including the adults he kills.) The film takes place on Elm St but what is the name of the town!

  6. 15. The actual location was Potsdam, NY on Elm St. The movie town is Madstop. Yes I may have looked it up but investigative reporting isn't so bad if you have to actually LOOK for it lol.

  7. No Michael, the name of the town is Springfield in Ohio. Where did you get this false information?


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