Back From My Vacation!

It doesn't seem like I was off the internet for that long. A four day vacation was just enough to please me though. I stayed busy and on my feet the entire time for a vacation. Saturday was quite a workout. From noon till 6pm we walked in the rain searching for rare VHS tapes. I tried to find my father some antique thermometers but we didn't have any luck. Poop. Oh did I mention my dad was obsessed with the weather and collects thermometers? We all have our things. I collect VHS. I cannot even keep count of all the places we stopped at. Titanic copies were at every single last one of these places. What gives? Lets take a look at some of the things I found!

I got these from a nice Jewish man's store. The store was filled with books, paintings, and video tapes. He had an entire room that consists of video tapes. This was from his own collection. The man was a huge science fiction fan but a lot of these films and series, I didn't particularly care for. He seemed to have a lot of Clint Eastwood films as well. La Femme Nikita, Silent Runner, and these two ninja films caught my eye. This room contained vintage magazines as well. Roxy and Amber, this is you! I wanted to buy Roxy especially the vintage Marilyn Monroe magazine but like a typical Jew, I was tight with my money. John Torrani told me those Ninja films are worth a lot of money. I got them for two dollars. Couldn't resist with Silent Running. Bruce Dern is the man! "Get out of my yard lame-o!" Torrani couldn't believe I passed on Dolph Lundgren in I Come In Peace. ""I can't find my VHS copy and it's not on DVD in the US!"  I was trying not to spend all of my money since we had so many stops to make. Maybe next time. I cannot get enough of the caption:




That sounds so ridiculously bad. Somebody cue the power ballad! The only reason why I considered buying this tape is because it's so random and funny to me. BUT I saw a box collection of all the Rocky film on VHS and bought that instead. I prefer Dolph as Drago in Rocky 4. Did you know that part 4 is my favorite in the Rocky series? "If he dies…. He dies." Roxy and I usually jam out to an 80s movie mix on our road trips and the power ballad "No Easy Way Out" is on there! Don't hate. You know you like that song! I couldn't help but notice I like a lot of part 4s in franchises. Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol has always been my favorite. Friday the 13th part 4: The Final Chapter is one of the few I like in that series that I'm not impressed with. Nightmare on Elm St part 4: Dream Master is not my favorite but I still love it.

I freaked when I saw Peggy Sue Got Married and Sixteen Candles. Sure I have them on DVD but I'm a VHS girl! It's sentimental to me. Piss poor horror selection. Finally found a copy of The Gunslinger though. In a lovely homosexual couple's shop I found a Marilyn Monroe photo book. The books condition was top notch, filled with a slew of glorious pictures of the woman. Is it weird that I prefer her as Norma Jean? It's like they're two completely different people. I don't have a problem with plastic surgery. No judgement here. I just like to remind people that she had to undergo a ton of plastic surgery to look that way. It's not really her. It's not true beauty. Either way, I still love Marilyn and couldn't believe they sold me this book for $5. It seemed like it was worth more. They had a Bette Davis book and I was DYING to buy it. She's one of my favorite actresses of all time but it was $26. It hadn't even been opened yet but it was only my second store and I wanted to save more money for VHS.

At the first flea market on the road back to home we came across a storage filled with 900 VHS tapes. This woman was ill and not present. She really needed the money so they opened the storage for us. Some little girls ran in behind us and giggled as they said, "She's in the looney bin because she's crazy." Charming children. She had a wide 80s section. It was hard not to take the entire thing. I might have to go back. She even had "Werewolves on Wheels" but there was no case and I have this "No case, GTFO," policy. Is About Last Night even on DVD yet? I bet it is but I haven't looked. Mad House is a film I remember renting from the video store a lot. Same for St Elmos Fire, Mermaids, and A Chorus Line. Yes, this girl loves musicals. Plus, this one stars Michael Douglas! I found a few horror but none that are on my list. My Stepmother is an Alien, Young Sherlock Holmes, and Willow were all on my list.

 Looks like I will be adding The Blood Spattered Bride and A Blade in the Dark to my shelf. Both are Widescreen collectors edition. Should receive them in the mail soon.

As for movie poster finds; The Burbs and Basket Case 2! Chris is so concerned that I have too many movie posters and we are going to be on the show hoarders eventually. We live in a two story house and have so much wall space. Plus, after the baby is born we are moving into a bigger house. I would like to have a room that contains my rare oddities and collectibles but I also want at least one or two more children so we will see how this goes. We have talked abbot building a home theater similar to the one my friends Amy and Jason Lafavers have. They have a long hallway of movie posters that leads to the theater. I wouldn't mind stealing this idea. I REALLY wanted a Red Shoe Diaries poster but Chris gave me an annoyed look.

I did get some of the Disney Classics because mine disappeared. Alexia loves them and I still enjoy watching them. I also found her a shitload of Babysitters Club books. I actually use to read those when I was younger. Her book collection is getting ridiculous but you can never have enough books. I'm happy that she likes to read. I still need to show you guys all of my finds at the comic book store a couple of months ago! I'll save that for later. I did get an awesome cake for my birthday. I have the most awesome boyfriend in the world and wonderful friends!

That was a fun night. Who is ready for Texas Frightmare Weekend??? It's right around the corner! You must come by Roxy Vandiver's booth! Oh speaking of, isn't it weird when you're scouting for VHS at a flea market and come across one of your friends movies????

That does it for me. It's nice to get back online but I enjoyed staying off. This towns population was 3, 000 and I normally would have been born but I'm worn out from being on my feet the entire time. Going to enjoy some movies and order a pizza. I know a lot of you collect VHS too. Share your recent finds with me! Will be adding more photoshoot pictures later. I'm tired.

*UPDATE* Just remembered that one of those flea markets was in Rusk, Texas; Home of the criminally insane women that kill their babies. I made Chris pull over so I could take a picture. I'm going to investigate if I can't sleep tonight and find out who is staying there. I know Andrea Yates is one of the women. She killed five of her children. More on this later.


  1. This is why you're awesome! You would drool over my collection though. How many horror films do you have on video?

  2. just scored more cool points Herzy!


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