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So much to promote! I hope I am remembering everything. I guess I will start off with the horror cookbook I am featured in! The Have a Heart For Horror Cookbook is 163 pages full of recipes, photos, art, and poetry by your favorite women in horror. Being a Southern Girl that can cook like nobodies business, I thought about sending in some of my food recipes but you know how I like to be different. It's like a disease, I cannot help it! I decided to send in some of my horror themed bartending recipes. A picture will be included next to my recipes. Cruise over here to purchase the book! There are two different version of the book, one in color and one is in black and white. All the proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to PROJECT GET SAFE. This is a non profit organization that helps out victims of abuse, rape, etc... Here's a list of all the girls included!!!! Yay I'm excited.

    •    Axelle Carolyn
    •    The Soska Twins
    •    Shannon Lark
    •    Lis & Brenda Fies
    •    Deryn Warren
    •    Lia Scott Price
    •    Reyna Young
    •    Nishi Serrano
    •    Ursula Dabrowsky
    •    Devi Snively
    •    Izabel Grondin
    •    Geraldine Winters
    •    Maude Michaud
    •    Melanie Light
    •    Corrine De Winter
    •    Rebekah Herzberg
    •    Sonya Thompson
    •    Goldie Fatale
    •    Inkerbella
    •    The Slash n Dine ladies(Nicole Mikuzis & Megan Owens)
    •    Scarlet von Harlet
    •    April A. Taylor
    •    Karen Lam
    •    Susan Bell
    •    Molly Madfis
    •    Andie Noir
    •    Ruby LaRocca
    •    Rebecca Lorenne
    •    Melantha Blackthorne
    •    Shey Lyn Zanotti
    •    Staci Layne Wilson
    •    Heidi Honeycutt
    •    Mary Katherine Sisco
    •    Nikki Wall
    •    Andrea Albin
    •    Lisa Coffelt
    •    Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn
    •    Char Hardin
    •    Roxsy Tyler
    •    Beth Accomando
    •    Rebecca Snow
    •    Tristan Risk
    •    Heidi Mannan
    •    Tammi Sutton
    •    April Monique Burril
    •    Kathleen Valentin
    •    Annette Slomka
    •    L.C. Cruell
    •    Ashleigh Nichols
    •    Sandra Solanchick
    •    Lianne Spiderbaby
    •    Rebekah & Rachel Rife
    •    Cristyn Wingood
    •    Jennifer Cooper
    •    Hannah Neurotica
    •    Anne Norda
    •    Kaci Hansen

Artists & Poets
    •    Lindsay Beach(cover)
    •    L. Whyte
    •    April A. Taylor
    •    Eilfie Music
    •    Tina Enos
    •    Bonnie Reid
    •    Lisa Coffelt
    •    Anne Norda
    •    Tonjia Atomic
    •    Angele Caron (graphic design covers)
    •    Sharaya Brooks Miracle
    •    Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn

For more details on this FABULOUS book, you can venture over here! Another charity event I am involved in is the "Scares That Care" program. They are still taking submissions for the 2012 "Miss Scares That Care!" I am not going to ask you to vote for me because winning is not what it's all about. You can read a lot of the details on this page but I will tell you the gist. By voting for one of us girls, you're donating only one dollar via payola to: All proceeds benefit three families that they're trying to help. This is NOT a "like my pic" contest. Likes do not count! You must submit one dollar and don't forget to mention the lovely lady you are voting for. You can vote for any one of us based on what we do to help others, heart, and character. It's not a beauty contest although I think all of the girls involved are gorgeous. These are some creative beauties! I wish all of their pictures explained a little about what they do to help. I'm sure you can ask each of them on their photos. Basically, I wish I could do more. I do get involved in charities such as this quite often but I always feel like there's more I can be doing. For a couple of years now I've had a Women's Group in Beaumont, Tx for the abused, raped, ignored, etc… Women who have had abortions and miscarriages count. Instead of dealing with psychologist that don't understand, we all talk together and help each other out while donating the the local women and children shelters. I've yet to come up with a name for this group but it has also been hard to find women in Beaumont to join. In a few months, after little Wesley is born, we will be living in Houston so I have a feeling our group is going to expand and we will have several more shelters and projects to help out. Help me come up with a name???? If you're interested in joining, you can always email me. It's therapeutic.

Right on! I wont bother you with the feminist exhibition I will be involved in again because I am sure you're sick of hearing about it. The photoshoot is next month so I will have further details on the project then. This is another charity and you can see my photo in the museum along with other fantastic ladies. I previously posted a link to the website and details. Moving on the a charity taking place at MONSTER MANIA! A good friend of a fellow writer in the industry has been involved in a bad fire and she's trying to get as much help for her as possible. She's asking that the horror community donate some things to make up for one huge basket of goodies then it will be taken to Monster Mania. There are going to be raffles, tattoo auctions, spa days, etc…. Please pass this around. If you cannot donate through the mail but you're attending Monster Mania, please please PUHLEASE donate some goodies. Every little bit helps for this poor unfortunate victim. For further details, you can find Kristin Grasso Theckston on Face Book. Here's the story on this horrific ordeal. 

Roxy Vandiver and I will be making a guest appearance for Char Hardin's podcast very soon. We are aiming for this Friday. Keep an eye out for that. Hmmm, I wonder what we will talk about???? Speaking of Roxy, I would like for all of you to vote for SWEATSHOP for Best Special FX on Fangoria. You can vote and read details here.  Not only are all the actors, writers, producers, etc... special friends of mine but this is one of the best Independent horror films I have seen in a while. If you haven't seen Sweatshop then SHAME ON YOU! You will get a kick out of the humor and beautifully choreographed death scenes. I was actually blown away when I saw how awesome the effects were. If you're looking for that original horror film that will save you from giving up on the horror genre, Sweatshop will do it. Plus, Amy gets stabbed in the eye with a fucking glow stick! Sweatshop gives ball gags a whole new meaning! I am proud of all of you guys! This is also the same FX team that worked on Princess! Great team. Hard workers. Please, vote for Sweatshop. Still fighting for Roxy to give me that bra... although now it may not fit. It's hammer time!

It's that time of year again folks! Texas Frightmare Weekend is upon us. I still don't know if I will be a host this year. Since it's just a few weeks before my due date, I have restrictions. I'm lucky I even get to attend. Roxy and I were suppose to have a booth together but I figured no one wanted to buy sexy prints from a pregnant lady. Roxy is still going to have her own booth. I will probably get tired and sit with her. We "might" be selling pictures from one of our photoshoots. That's a big "might." We are falling behind this year. We are usually the girls to hang around if you want to be entertained but I don't know how much I will be up for. I may just sit there and talk your ears off about horror films… SOBER haha. I am mostly excited as FUCK about prom night. There's going to be a Carrie reunion and a horror themed prom where Anthony Michael Hall will be taking photos with anyone willing and a prom King and Queen will be announced. I am still trying to think of fun ideas for a costume. I thought about going as Melissa Drexler but MEH. We shall see. I always wait till the last minute for these things. Here are a few of the guests so far; Sam Trammell (True Blood,) the cast from Carrie, Clint Howard, The Walking Dead cast, Michael Madsen, Tom Towles, The Mist cast, Anthony Michael Hall, Lamberto Bava (FUCK YEA,) Ruggero Deodato, Sergio Stivaletti, Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster, Michael Biehn, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Gunnar Hansen, Derek Mears, Tiffany Shepis aka the most beautiful woman on the planet, Traci Lords, Barbara Crampton, Joanna Pacula, Tom Savini, April and Jimmyo Burril!!!!! Jimmyo is a sweat heart! These are just a few names. You can go to the WEBSITE for more details and scheduled events. It's taking place at a more expensive hotel this year but it looks more spacious to me and a buffet comes with the rooms. Color me excited! Loyd is making some changes to the website an he says you're going to shit yourselves when it's done.VIP tickets are sold out and hotel rooms are selling out. Better catch weekend passes fast!

Jesus christ, almost done! My friend Courtney Sandifer is looking for extras for a safety industrial shoot in the Kingwood area on Wed the 29th and Thursday. Casting for adults only. Pays $25 for this small role. It's either for the film "The Haunted Trailer" with Roxy Vandiver and Ron Jeremy or a new project called "Doll Factory." I'm thinking she probably meant Doll Factory. You can email: if you're interested.

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