An Evening With Ron Jeremy

If I had to guess, spending five to six hours talking to Ron Jeremy would not be on my list of accomplishments this year. I love it when celebrities relax and hang out with you just like any normal person does. It puts me at ease when I desperately want an interview out of them. I had so many questions for this individual, I didn't know where to begin. The reason why I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Jeremy is because he has a cameo in The Haunted Trailer, an independent horror film directed by Chuck Norfolk. I don't have any affiliation with this particular film. I played "Betty Homemaker" in Chuck's last film and Roxy Vandiver is in The Haunted Trailer so naturally - I came, I saw, the man… the LEGEND! Roxy and I are use to meeting celebrities all the time but this was a big one for us. Everyone who loves horror films know who the majority of these people are but when you say their name to a person who isn't into horror, they have no idea who the hell that person is. This time it was different. EVERYONE knows who Ron Jeremy is. Roxy is actually in two horror films with Ron but never met him until last night. They never had any scenes together in those two films. The Haunted Trailer being one of them and Killer School Girls From Outer Space being the other. I almost forgot he was in The Boondock Saints. The two of us have officially hung out with all the stars in The Boondock Saints. I have to take a minute to think about how fortunate I am. The nerd in me cannot help but geek out and relish in the fact that I didn't just get a picture or short conversation with Ron Jeremy, I got to hang out with him for several hours. Thank you Chuck Norfolk and Courtney Sandifer. This had to be one of the most entertaining conversations I ever had. Everyone is going to have their jokes because he is a porn star but I'd like to point out how professional, caring, intelligent, and charismatic this man you call "The Hedgehog" is. Below is a picture behind the scenes with Ron and director Chuck Norfolk.

Being Ron Jeremy:
Ron Jeremy, initially named "Ronald Jeremy Hyatt," is a Jewish American pornographic actor who also goes by the name "The Hedgehog." His penis is almost 10 inches and he is able to perform autofellatio, which basically means the guy can suck his own dick. Now that's talent! He grew up in Queens, New York with a physicist for a father and a mother who served in the OSS during WWII. The man has accomplished many wonderful things in his lifetime. Don't let the title "Porn star" fool you. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in education and theater and a Master's Degree in special education. He eventually taught special-ed classes and was a regular substitute. Ron has appeared in several non-pornographic films as well. Here are some titles; The Boondock Saints, The Chase, Spun, Orgazmo, Detroit Rock City, They Bite, and a few Troma films. You may also see him make a few television appearances from time to time. Music is another department he dabbles in. I knew he appeared in videos by Kid Rock, LMFAO, ICP (yuck,) Guns N Roses, and Sublime but I had no idea he was a consultant on some of the sets as well as a producer until he told me so last night. Not impressed? You can do that in your sleep? Okay well he is also quite the debater. This made me love him even more as this is a hobby of mine. He visits several colleges in the US and Canada to debate feminists and pornography. This is just a brief paragraph of his many accomplishments. His awards include; 2009 Free Speech Coalition "Positive Image Award," 2006 FAME Award for Favorite Actor, 1991 AVN Best Supporting Actor, 1986 AVN Best Supporting Actor, 1984 AFFAA Best Supporting Actor, and once again Best Supporting Actor in 198 at AFAA.

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Marcus Sabom and I. Ron pulled out his harmonica. Later that evening, he played Hava Nagila for me. 

Things I learned about Ron Jeremy in one night:

The man carries a harmonic with him everywhere he goes an can actually play.

He has been in so many films, he cannot remember some of the films he appeared in or what they were titled.

His mother was a spy during WW2.

Even though he has Jewish roots, he doesn't celebrate Passover or The Sabbath.

The man is full of jokes. Every five seconds he told us a new one.

He will "have sex with anything as long as it has a pulse." That's a direct quote the man said to my face.

He gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases once a month.

If you cannot finish an omelet, he will finish it for you.

If you're willing to listen, he will give you a history lesson on the peace sign.

If you want him to sign your ass, he will write it backwards so you can read it in the mirror…. and it's surprisingly neat!

The man doesn't own a computer. Nor does he care to. Chances are, that's not the real Ron Jeremy sending you a friend request on face book.

He drinks Jack Daniels.

He doesn't smoke cigarettes but he does carry around his own "rolling papers" brand. It has hot naked chicks and his penis all over it. Must frame mine.

Even though he is a millionaire, he is very greedy with his money and likes to save as much as possible. He resorts to using garbage bags when traveling.

He can do all kinds of tricks with silverware.

We all gathered around to watch Fox News talk about The Haunted Trailer. 

It would take hours and hours to write everything that happened last night. I almost forgot to mention he followed us to House of Pies to get some noms. He actually had a little crush on our friend, Amy LaFavers. She is very married.... and it's safe to say she was very scared HAHA! He was eager to meet and greet customers in the establishment and let them take pictures with him. I thought it was sweet. He actually enjoys going out and meeting new people because he gets lonely. He may have slept with thousands of women but deep down he wants a companion. He didn't flat out say that but that was my take on the issue when he said he got lonely from time to time. I can only imagine how many women try to take advantage of the poor man.

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