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More photos from the AmericasBadKids photoshoot have been added. You can see them at Roxy Vandiver's website. She will be adding more later. In my last post, I included a few more. John Torrani has created a monster. Go America's Bad Kids!

Photographs of my face and body will be featured in an exhibition towards the end of the year called "The Emancipation of Artermis." The photography told me she wanted to showcase "Feminine Feminists." I'm not exactly a feminist but I love the idea.  If you go to the website you can see that it's an exhibition for "Women Against Violence." All proceeds will be going towards RAINN. She wants to show of pregnancy and she will be showing different angles of womanhood. Color me excited. Women Against Violence is an issue I've been fighting against for years including starting my own group for abused women. I am still looking for members in the Houston area to join our group. We spend a lot of time donating to the shelters. Please email me here for more details: ssextermination@yahoo.com

I almost forgot about the Vargas Rockwell shoot with the infamous Galaxor! You may know him on Face Book as my extremely awesome Guinea Pig. He's my other baby.

Roxy and I are selling autographed prints of the America's Bad Kids. I might even sell you my shirt and sign it.... because I will beg John to send me another one. Surprisingly, we sold photos from our Texas Frightmare Shoot, thanks to John Torrani. I enjoyed dressing up like a Beyond Thunderdome Whore next to Marilyn Monroe at the event.

Roxy sells all of her autographed prints on her site. There are too many to choose. Buy them all! All of her proceeds go towards her booth at Texas Frightmare Weekend and her medical bills, which I'm sure all piling up. Poor girl. I do love how I kept this photo of me injecting her medicine into her IV. I thought I was a sickling. She spends more time in ICU than anyone I know. All of my proceeds will be going towards the women's group and getting the local shelters what they need.

I recently made another video blog. The one I made a few years ago while I'm eating fried chicken has had a retarded amount of hits and followers on face book kept requesting I do another. Questioned answered. This was taken the night before my evening with Ron Jeremy.

Roxy made a fan video answering questions and talks about her latest film project. During the last part of the video she talks about what she loves the most. I agree, you cannot get into a horror film battle with me. I will shame you!


  1. Roxy is so cute! I love it when you girls update how things are going and I cannot wait for Texas Frightmare Weekend. Will have to stop by your booths!

  2. Yes, she is very very cute! I wont have my own booth at TFW this year but I may still be hosting it. It's too early to tell. Roxy and I were going to share a booth but I figured that no one wanted to buy autographed prints from a big ole fat pregnant person. We will still have some for sale at her booth and I am working on getting some stills from one of our films together. I get lazy and don't feel like doing any of this so I will probably do it at the last minute. It's going to be fun! I will be very uncomfortable because around that time I will be 9 months pregnant.

    OH! And The Beaumont Enterprise and I have some breaking news on that case. I'm about to post new information on a lot of those other cases so keep and eye out for that.


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