Forgotten Murders of Southeast Texas Part II

It's unbelievable how many murders have happened around here and people have simply forgotten about them. Some are still widely publicized. A lot of the cases I am about to mention that happened in Beaumont, Houston, Silsbee, Port Arthur, Jasper, Nederland, Evadale, Vidor, Texas are not so easily mentioned. Trying to dig up old information on a lot of these cases proved to be uneventful....mostly. I'm actually surprised what I found and what I could still remember. Some of these people involved in these cases, I knew personally...and some are victims and murderers my friends knew. I just thought they should be recognized one last time. It's important for us to remember these innocent individuals and learn what put them in this position. If you have any information on any of these cases, please contact me via email: I would like to thank The Beaumont Enterprise for being so awesome to me!You can read the first part of this edition here and I added a lot of pictures and breaking news to some of those cases. About to add some more!

The body of an unidentified female was discovered in Orange County, Texas on January 1, 1984. The victim was estimated to be 13-18 years old. Her weight is unknown but her height is said to be from 4'10"-5'2." She ha thick, light brown hair and previously wore braces. Her body was located South of Interstate 10, at the Highway 1132 overpass. Forensic specialists say the body had been there for about a year and that she had been decapitated. More than likely, she was killed elsewhere and her body was dumped in this wooded area. Thanks to the Doe Network for the photograph! It's sad that no one has been able to claim this poor teenage girl and her killer has never been captured.

In 1993,  a Port Arthur woman by the name of Laura Williams went missing and she was never found. Her skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near Central Mall in September 2000. Her death is still under investigation. If you have any information on this woman you can email it here:

Robert Pretty discovered his wife and children's lifeless bodies in their home May 10, 1978 in Houston, Tx. I remember my mother telling me about this case and we even drove by the house that the murders took place. Robert found his sons bodies in the bathtub. Their names were Scott (7) and Mark (5.) He discovered his wife in the master bedroom's bathtub. She was still wearing her robe and her hands and feet were bound with a telephone cord. She was 28. Medical examiners stated that it was a combination of strangulation and suffocation by drowning. The boys were strangled with the killers bare hands but the mother was strangled with the telephone cord. The youngest, Mark, had been beaten. A friend of Scott's has a website with more details and he explains that their deaths would have been very slow and agonizing.  Police didn't have many clues to go on except for the families 1978 Mercury Marquis found in an unassigned parking space at an apartment house at 198 Goodson Drive. There are rumors circulating that an informant lived in the neighborhood who caused the arrest of a known drug dealer. This drug dealer is deceased. So what we have here is a hit on the wrong house! Poor Karen. Poor babies. Their lives were stolen from them over an informant in the neighborhood? It's likely, they will never receive justice. described Karen as a loving mother. Thank goodness neither of them were sexually assaulted.

Bryan Eric Wolfe was convicted for the robbery and murder of Bertha Lemell. She was 84 years old. Her body was found on the floor of her home on February 15, 1992. Wolfe had stabbed her 26 times with a knife on her head, torso, and abdomen. He had taken all the money from her coin purse. This idiot lived in the same neighborhood as Bertha and trailed his own blood out into the drive way after cutting himself. He was seen before and after the murder. The murder weapon was found at his home with blood still on the weapon and blood inside of his wife's car. Blood was collected from Bertha's floor, two bathroom towels, dresser, doorknobs, coin purse, and on the knife. The blood was consistent with Wolfe's. He was previously convicted for robbery on two different accounts. According to the death row records, his final meal was friend chicken legs, fried pork chops, bbq ribs, french fries, peach cobbler, and a banana. Good lord. That's a lot of food. As for his final statement, he thanked his family and friends for their support and said, "I will be okay. I am at peace with all of this and I wont have to wake up in prison any more. I love you all. I totally surrender to the Lord. I am ready, Warden."

After 40 years, a teenagers body has still not been identified. It makes you wonder doesn't it? I realize there are so many woman that go missing every day but wouldn't the parents keep on fighting to find out what happened to their little girl? Or is this another case of parents not caring? Her grave says "Unknown Skeleton" and it's the oldest unidentified body from Texas. In 2003, DNA was extracted from the bones. Her body was discovered by two boys hunting rabbits in a wooded area near the Sheldon Reservoir in east Harris County. That was early in the morning of January 23, 1971. Her body had been lying there for 6 months to a year and she was completely decomposes with her bones scattering the area because of the local animals. They found her clothing in the area; a colorful mini skirt fit for a 24 inch waist that was orange and yellow with horizontal zigzag stripes of brown. She wore a dark brown shirt and a suede vest with fringe. Her DNA and dental records have been entered into the National Crime and Information Center's database but there are still so many unanswered questions. It has ruled out the possibility of other missing girls though. The cause of death is unknown. Tests concluded that the girl was a black and white mixture. Her curly black hair was discovered near the body. Her age ranges from 16 to 19. The teens bones were not buried until 2004 next to 490 others who have yet to be identified. Isn't that insane? 490 individuals and not a trace of family. Not a single name. This breaks my heart. Texas actually ranks second in the nation with the most unidentified bodies. Thank you Houston Chronicle Archives for the photo and description.

Margie Castillo has tried and tried to revive her sisters cold case for years! Fifteen year old, Monalisa Espinosa, disappeared from her Irvington Boulevard home in 1989. The remains weren't even identified as Espinosa's until 2001 believe it or not. Castillo explains that her mother took it pretty bad. "We both went through depression. My mom is still going through it now. I still am, too, but I'm trying to cut down on my medication. It was hard. We took the blame on ourselves." Espinosa was a blunt-spoken, but pretty typical teenager. However, she dropped out of high school and experimented with drags and socialized at local bars. Before she went missing, she had her hair cut and asked the hairdresser to save the trimmings in a plastic bag. The family says that two weeks prior, someone had banged on the window in the middle of the night then sped away in a brown car. One neighbor reported seeing Espinosa in a car, her leg protruding from a still-open door as the vehicle sped away. Another acquaintance reported rumors that Espinosa had attended a party where she was drugged, raped and murdered. Her remains were found in a wooded area west of the city in Harris County. Her sister was convinced it was her but they didn't do dan testing till ten years later. They kept telling Castillo that it was a blond woman and that it didn't look anything like Monalisa when they reconstructed her face. They did find a purse that looked like her. She couldn't get any kind of help from the police and they didn't seem to know what they were doing. They even thought the bones belonged to a white woman. The family FINALLY received a break when Gustavo Rodriguez took over the case. If it weren't for him, DNA testing wouldn't have been concocted and her identity would never have been established. Her family looked for Monalisa's grave that apparently had a case number not he stone. They looked and looked but couldn't find her grave. Turns out, her bones remained in the morgue the entire time. I would have been so upset about the previous authorities botched case, I would have raised hell! They buried her remains that December of 2002. Thanks again to the Houston Chronicle Archives for making this public. This is 2012 and still no progress. I would like to investigate this further but it may be difficult. I want to know where the family and this investigation stands now because this story was reported in 2003. I couldn't even find her on

13 year old Colette Wilson was murdered June 17, 1971 at the hands of a serial killer named Edward Howard Bell. According to the Alvin High School Class of 1976, she attended band camp on Thursday, June 17, at Dullies High School in Sugar Land, Tx. At 12:30pm her band director dropped her off at HWY 6 and County Road 99. Six minutes later, her mother arrived to pick her up and she wasn't there. Colette's nude body was found with a gunshot wound to the head near Addicks Reservoir in west Houston. It's strange because her body was found 35 yards from where 19 year old Gloria Ann Gonzales body had been found. Her cause of death was a blow to her head. They found a human molar in the area that belonged to Colette. Mr. Wilson passed four years after her death but Mrs. Wilson continued to live in the area and became obsessed with solving the case until her heart attack and death at age 42.

In 1998, Edward Harold Bell confessed to killing 11 young girls, including Colette Wislon. His open letter explains that his father brainwashed him into flashing, raping, and killing young girls. Bell had already been serving 70 years for the 1978 murder of Larry Dickens. Larry was a Marine who confronted Bell after exposing himself and masturbating in front of a group of girls in Pasadena. What a strange man. He even admitted to stabbing one of these young girls with a pitch fork. Below are photos of Bell, Dickens, and a maps of the murders.

More than 20 years ago, Angela Darling's body was found near 25000 Cypresswood in the Houston area and detectives still don't know who killed her, September 22, 1989 is the date of that grisly day. On Friday, Angie called to tell her mother that she would be staying with her boyfriend. Angie never returned. She was last seen near the Cypresswood Court apartments along with her vehicle. Detectives say she had been beaten and strangled. The Darling family hired a PI but nothing has helped to pinpoint a murderer or motive. There has been speculation that her boyfriend, Miles Caudill, may have been involved. But another person claims that her boyfriends name was Paul and he had anger issues which is why she was going to break up with him.

We are currently looking for information on a woman fitting this little description. Friends thought it might have been their friend "Roxanne." They said she was a very sweet girl and she was always cautious. Every night she had an escort. This night there was a new customer in the club. She disappeared but her car remained at the club. Thanks to the Beaumont Enterprise librarian, we have discovered it is not Roxanne. Jasper County authorities identified the body, found in the Neches River, as Mary Kay Engberg from Lake Charles, Louisiana. The story ran on July 29, 1993. This confuses me because why would a woman drive all the way to Beaumont every night to dance? I wonder if it's the right girl? If any of you have information on this, please let us know. Another friend told me that one of the girls had children that were also murdered but I haven't found anything about children being murdered around that time. She says that it was a waitress at the Tonga named Jan. She is still alive but her children were murdered. Below is a photo of the only passage I could find on a Tonga girl murdered. It was in a murdered strippers encyclopedia of all places.

The Texas Council on Family Violence listed 120 females that were all killed by their husbands and boyfriends, all in the year of 2006. Times are changing. Men are killing their significant others more frequently over petty arguments. Amber Marie Lisenby, 22, was stabbed to death by her common law husband, James Reason Elis on September 25, 2006. He stuffed her body into a container and disposed of it in a wooded area in Beaumont, Tx. Officials say Amber was killed on September 1. A face book page was created in 2011 in remembrance to Amber but it has not been kept up. This is what the info says about her: Amber was a sweet and wonderful person and very good friend. She was taken from this world much too soon. I created this page as a homage to her."

Amber's blog just months before her death:
Okay.... I've never written a blog... but I have blog-worthy news!! My JR and I have finnaly found a house to move in to! YAY!!   It's not the best house in the world, but it's going to be awesome. It's three bedrooms, has a living room, a dining room, a den, and a big backyard (which means I can have my puppy back!!) We went today and paid the deposit. Move-in is July first!! Now all we have to do is furnish it!! We have to have our own stove and fridge so that sucks, but I'm sure they won't take long to obtain. SO.... thats my good news. I know it's not much to read about, but it excited me and I needed to tell someone... so Myspace it is!!

Nelda Jane O'Hanlon was shot by her husband Keith Hanlon in murder-suicide. Nelda was 57 and Keith was 62. Their bodies were discovered around 2:15pm on a Wednesday in the 5200 blocks of Ada Street in North Beaumont. Apparently, they were going through a divorce and Keith was afraid he wouldn't get to keep the house when the divorce was final. What a selfish son of a bitch. You're 62, get a nice apartment. All over a house. *shakes head* It's hard for me to imagine that he felt he had no other choice but to kill her and himself. Got the pictures from KFDM.

June 30, 2006 Leslie Jennings and her two children were shot to death by her husband Richard Jennings in China, Tx. Their 13 year old son was able to escape the home after pushing the barrel of the shotgun away when his father was trying to shoot. A sheriff's deputy was shot when investigating a call for a domestic dispute. Richard then killed himself. A seven year old girl that was a friend of one of the children was hiding in a bedroom. Imagine how scared and traumatized that poor little girl was. During the 911 call, one of the sons could be heard begging his father for mercy. Carmen (7) and Nathan (10) were shot while hiding in the bedroom closet. Co-workers of Leslie say that she told them Richard had threatened to kill her and choked her once. THIS is why threats and domestic disputes should be taken seriously, no matter how serious you think it is. Something like this could always happen. There are people mental and selfish enough to kill their significant others and children. I just don't understand how one could look their child in the eye, hear their cries, and shoot them. Richard Jennings was a cold blooded man. I urge women who have been threatened by their husbands or boyfriends to seek help. Take the matter seriously. Your life may depend on it.

14 year old Xochilt Diaz was identified by the Harris County Medical Examiner's office on January 9, 2006 as the victim in a shooting murder that happened at 4700 Cherbourg on Saturday January 7, 2006 around 1am. Gilbert Rodriguez IV and Julio Armando Falcon were both charged with capital murder. The events spiraled out of control a the Rodriguez household when Diaz became involved in an argument with her boyfriend, Julio, Rodriguez, and his wife Samantha over an alleged sexual relationship between her and Rodriguez. That's when they decided to take care of her. They forced Diaz into their vehicle and drove away. She managed to escape from the trunk but they captured her and forced her back into the trunk. Her boyfriend Julio shot her in the head and dumped her body in the roadway. As she lay dying in the street, they kicked her several times and left her for dead partially clothed. I came across some of the trial records here that indicate Julio may not have been the shooter. He didn't see any reason why Rodriguez should go down for this crime.


  1. I remember Roxanne. I hope you find something! You and Beaumont Enterprise keep up the good work! Always an interesting read with you.

  2. I cannot find anything on this woman. It's driving me crazy! Looks like it's going to take us a while to figure out what happened to her.


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