Lonestar Art Explosion

Art. What is art to you? Art to me can be considered paintings, drawings, film, music, photography, theater, fashion and literature. A lot of these things are typically distinguished from acquired skills. At times we question the skill in these subjects. Controversy often hangs over what some people consider art and it invokes several different responses from the viewers. The Lone Star Art Explosion in Houston, Tx was controversial to say the least. It's actually still happening as we speak but I could only be a part of it Thursday night and I was honored to be considered for the event. John Waters would have shat himself. This WAS an exercise in bad taste with a little David Lynch sprinkled on top.

Was this art or mindless self-indulgence? The theme was "chaos" and it was the most chaotic performance I had ever been involved with. I have traveled all over the world and America. I have been involved with the arts since I was a little girl and involved with the horror industry for several years. I had never seen or been a part of anything like this before. Hopefully, I don't forget to mention any of the performers. If I forget to mention your "act" then please correct me. There's a gentleman in underwear, a football helmet, and shoulder pads beating the crap out of musical instruments and screaming things I couldn't even understand. A woman is reading out of a book into a microphone. A bearded man is playing an instrument missing its strings with a coat hanger. A gothic woman that wore a plastic bag for a small portion was cutting herself with a kitchen knife. Yes, she was actually cutting herself. There was a pile of naked people rubbing all over each other. There was no penetration but it was close enough. The nude models were older and not exactly what you would expect to see before your eyes but we are all beautiful in our own way and I liked that they used everyday people for this act. However, someone wasn't wearing deodorant and it almost knocked me over. I don't know if the no deodorant thing was part of the show or what but I am pregnant and it didn't make my nose happy. A gentleman was dressed in what looked like Pinhead's costume, minus the mask, but he eventually stripped down to black leather under garments showing off his cheeks. I lost track of him and have no idea what his purpose was. A gentleman was wearing a strange helmet while playing a violin and an incredibly small, well-dressed man was playing the guitar. A pink haired woman is drawing on an empty canvas and throwing paint on top of it. Eventually someone spilled their beer. The stage floor was covered in broken pieces of equipment, alcohol, paint, fake blood, and glitter. An oriental woman was on the floor cooking Chinese food. (I think it was Chinese food?) I contemplated grabbing a piece because it smelled so good. An older man was walking around attached to a cross and covered in blood. A robed gentleman walked around asking people to read passages from a book that I thought might have been Greek Mythology but I honestly have no idea. There was so much going on at one time while strange music that I wouldn't even know how to begin to categorize was flowing through the room. I couldn't just sum up this whole event to one word "chaos." Then you have me, the pregnant model and I had no idea what I was suppose to be doing so I just stood there on stage looking pretty. My friend Patricia was another model in the show and I have never seen her with so little clothing. In my opinion, she was the sexiest part of this show. Photos by Kenny Haner (Subsociety Studios,) Ben DeSoto, and Alex Barber, my crappy phone cam. Sabrina was also there!

Rodney Dickson, a world famous artist from Ireland, was in charge of the show. I had a hard time understanding him when he was telling us what we were suppose to do but before the show he gave an inspirational speech and said it was going to be the best fucking show in the entire fiasco. You can go to his website www.rodneydickson.com and see some of his work.  He tries to bring out the hypocrisy of war through his art, which I find interesting. Here's a sample of his work down below. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of the motorcycle was but his paintings are very interesting.

Before I finally made it to the event, the crowd and artists beat up a car and set it on fire. I got lost because I never make it to this part of Houston on my own. Usually someone else is driving. I was given the wrong directions so I had no idea where to go. I talked to several different people on the phone and still couldn't find my way around. I stopped by two gas stations. Marcus gave me a call, calmed me down, and got me there in time. Fortunately, they were running behind so I still made it in time. I just missed out on some exciting performances.

 John Waters is making an appearance on the 14th for Diverseworks Art Space. They're calling it, "This filthy world: The filthier the better." I regret to inform you that I will not be making this event. I meet celebrities all the time but I have never met John Waters. I am incredibly disappointed that I cannot make this. The man remains on my list of people I have to meet. GO TO THIS WEBSITE FOR DETAILS

Houston, Texas. Winning.
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