Through the Looking Glass: Epic Avante Garde Porn From the 70s

Now this is my kind of porn! It isn't something I often write about but Through the Looking Glass deserves more attention and praise. It's the most artistic and bizarre supernatural porno on the planet. However, you can forget about putting it in your spank bank. While there are some hardcore scenes, it takes up maybe 40% of the film. The storyline takes over the film. The production value is pretty high for a smut film. Good luck finding a copy. I happen to get copies of anything I want so I lucked out. It's a shame though. This should be accessible on porn shelves everywhere for art lovers. They could possibly even get away with putting it in the drama section. The dialogue is hit or miss and the actors are mostly duds but what can you expect with a cast of half mainstream film performers and half porn performers? Does anyone know what happened to Catherine Burgess? She was gorgeous. Other films you may have seen her in; Exorcism at Midnight, Cinderella 2000, and The Ganja Express. Her last acting performance was an episode of LA Law then she fell off the face of the Earth. Jamie Gillis plays the incestuous father and this man is a favorite among porn fans. He has appeared in more than 470 movies. I can see why, his dick is HUGE! He was actually born into a Jewish family in New York City and graduated from Columbia University. He's openly bisexual and appeared in numerous gay films. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer in 2010. Please excuse my shitty screen caps. It's the best I could do with its low quality. Still watchable and beautifully shot. Don't let my screen caps steer you away!

This is actually a ghost story that focuses on incest and sexual repression. Catherine is married with a beautiful young daughter but she's unfulfilled. She spends several evenings diddling herself in front of a mirror and eventually discovers it's a gateway to another dimension filled with sexual depravity and lust. The first encounter Catherine has with the "entity" on the other side features her maid and the chauffeur engaging in oral sex. The two are siblings and they're both sexually attracted to Catherine. I guess you could say that this entity is half demon and half her father. That is some fucked up shit. Another encounter features a younger Catherine masturbating for her father and ending with him shooting his load into her mouth. We learn earlier on that her father use to sexually molest her and she is now suffering from this. The mirror is where it all started. He molested her in front of that mirror on God knows how many occasions making it a witness of sorts. I recall an encounter with the mirror where she is with another woman on a silver spread. This was actually very artistic and beautifully shot. The two engage in oral sex then scissor for what seemed like only one minute then the other woman slowly walks away. This scene had me freaked out because of the haunting voice in place of the woman's voice and that LAUGH! We see Catherine out on the lawn watching a tea party orgy, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, that could have been better in my opinion. All of these actors could have been far more attractive. Catherine was the only attractive woman in the film. I found the other ladies to be rather mannish and repulsive and don't even get me started on their sexual performances. More lesbian sex acts and scissoring ensue then we get to see actual penetration with what seems to be Catherine on all fours on a platter. Almost like a sacrificial lamb.

I wouldn't say it's as hardcore as other porn flicks and I expected more extreme acts of nature but it does deal with incest and shows us several up close shots of vaginas. One in particular, it explores the stars female anatomy further by entering a medical camera inside, exploring her walls. The climatic hell sequence was rather graphic with a woman bathing in shit and piss. We actually see a woman peeing into the already shit and piss infested tub. RANDOM! This climax truly has to be seen to be believed. Catherine is trapped in an eternity of sexual tortures. It's apparent that she wont be returning to reality and the film ends with her daughter undressing in front of the mirror.

Through the Looking Glass is genuinely creepy and terrifying. It's not your average horror porn but it's pretty effective. The special effects weren't so terrible and I loved the costume and set designs. The score is a mixture of sensational vocal arrangements and tense classical and jazz music that gives the scenes a frightening feel. The man responsible for this chilling score is Harry Manfredini who is also responsible for the music in Friday the 13th, The Children, Swamp Thing, Slaughter High, Wishmaster, The Omega Code (vomit,) and The Anna Nicole Smith Story. You don't want to miss this devilishly captivating and erotic acid trip!

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