More VHS Findings

Lots of photoshoots planned for the future! I will be doing a promotional shoot for the official Hustler documentary film. No, my photo will NOT be in Hustler magazine. It's going to be a promotional shot for the film. You can FOLLOW THE HUSTLER DOC HERE! It's directed by Michael Nirenberg and produced by my totally awesome and good looking friend John Torrani. If you check out that page, a vintage issue is added every day. Get your daily dose of boner material! I also created a tumblr account but I don't know how much I will be using it. It seems odd to have 928759823795 different accounts and 983769834769 different pass words. I also gave in and made a fan page. Lets see how long this lasts.

Jeremy Sumrall is helping me collaborate with one of the best photographers in Houston, Kenny Haner, on a very interesting project that includes me and a hospital bed. Stay tuned for more details on this project! Or don't, whatever.

I was such a happy nerd over the weekend. I hit the jackpot at the Vidor flea market and this is what I found!

I have decided to have "VHS Thursdays" on my blog where I discuss a totally awesome VHS gem each week with my usual sarcasm and humor getting your through the day. I got the "I Come in Peace" for Torrani. Told you guys all about its ridiculousness in a previous post!

Writing for Dreamin Demon has been awesome. Got even more articles going up today. People never cease to amaze me. I have been asked to write for a horror magazine that went underground but is coming back. My submissions will only be monthly. I would like to agree to more but with the baby coming, I will only have time for so much. Especially once I get back into the arts after I get my figure back, which will not take long because my family has been blessed with a fast metabolism. Everything is perfect. I did make a recent vlog. You can watch it below:

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