Looks like I haven't been posting regularly as of late. I've been so tired, 8 months pregnant and all. Writing for Dreamin Demon and Wicked Channel has taken up a lot of the free time I have. Most of my VHS articles will now be going on WickedChannel.com So far I have written a few articles for the site, including "Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector." It's a documentary film about VHS collectors, duh, and they are currently taking donations to help the rest of the film get made. They're trying to get to Houston, Texas so they can interview me and I can show off my personal collection of VHS. So far they have interviewed Lloyd Kauffman, Fred Vogel, and Keith Crocker along with video store owners. I will still talk about VHS on here, don't worry! I haven't forgotten about VHS Thursdays. I will just be posting more on there. However, there's no telling how much I will get done after the baby is born. Family first.

I finally created a tumblr account that you can follow here. Why have a Tumblr account? We can upload as many naughty pictures as we want without getting disabled, unlike face book. On my Tumblr, I will be adding an old VHS cover every day so you have to keep checking back every day to see which cover I will be posting next! Also, don't forget to follow the Back Issues Hustler documentary on Tumblr. This is an official documentary for Hustler magazine that my friend John Torrani is producing and Michael Nirenberg is directing. So far, their promo looks pretty good and I cannot wait to see it finished. The promo isn't public yet, NEENER! They got everyone involved and a few impressive distributors are on board so you can put your skeptical feelings on this one to bed. It's the real deal. I will be doing a promotional shoot for the film several months from now. Now on that Tumblr, they add a new vintage issue every day for your viewing pleasure. You don't want to miss out on this!

Texas Frightmare Weekend is in 9 bloody days. Roxy Vandiver and I will be signing America's Bad Kids prints at a booth. I will spontaneously be going back and forth for cat naps and food. There are a few Q&As I would like to catch as well. If you have a copy of the Have a Heart Cookbook, please bring it because I would like to sign it. A guy tried to argue with me over the cookbook when I posted a link because it was during "Women in Horror Month" and he thought it was ridiculous, "Isn't that a little too much?" Nope. Not really since all the proceeds go towards victims of violence and people in need. It's the Get Safe USA Project. I don't think selling cook books and giving the proceeds to charity is 'too much.' To me, it had nothing to do with celebrating the month. It was an interesting idea! I stay involved with these charities as much as possible. If you're at Texas Frightmare Weekend, don't forget to sit through the screening of Billy Pon's Doll Boy! It's a remarkable horror short that blew me away last year and one of the trailers is "Mister Fister" which Roxy Vandiver will have cameos in.

I had a photoshoot last weekend with the talented Richard Tallent. He shot some miraculous black and white nude arts of me in 2007. It was my first nude shoot. They're very professional and artistic and they seem to be everyone's favorites. We tried to recreate them, now that I am pregnant. It was a lot of fun. He and his wife are very sweet individuals and it's an honor to get to work with him again. Cannot wait to see how the photos turned out. Fans have been making fun banners and pictures for me lately. Horror Town USA added this blog to their links list and made a banner for me to fit on their page. I thought it was sweet of them. People seem to love reading my blog more than my articles on other websites. I guess because we have a lot more fun on here and can loosen up.

I got peer pressured into making a fan page on face book. Lets see how long I actually keep it up. It's a good way to spread more of my work around and will probably come in handy after the baby is born and I go back to work. Everyone has a face book. Not everyone is going to come across my online portfolio. Face book is the best way to get your work across but it's a little douchey. I don't know if I will ever get use to it. Fellow VHS collectors have been very supportive. Speaking of VHS again, I finally took a picture of just one of the rows of VHS I go through in Vidor, Texas in hopes of finding another film on my last. I am mainly looking for the big boxes and clams.

Doesn't that picture make you drool?

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