Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012

My blog has been going through some changes. A whole new look and I deleted a lot of things. I don't have as much time to write on here while I am writing for other websites and Wesley will be here any day now. I didn't want any posts negatively talking down on anyone because I am just not an angry person. Like the post "I Believe She Has a Penis." It was a popular post and it made others laugh but who am I to judge if a woman wants to go through plastic surgery to look like a cat? I am just so full of joy, I don't have anything but love for almost everything. Stalkers and trolls don't apply but there is no place for them on here as I said in my previous post. I will finish working on the layout another day. It's bothering me that I cannot get that banner straight but I am too tired to struggle with these things.

Typically, I have so much to discuss after Texas Frightmare Weekend but due to my condition this year, my partying and exploring were limited. I don't know what I was thinking when I told Loyd I would be happy to host again and I could do it pregnant. It's a good thing I didn't. This girl had to keep taking naps and it didn't seem like I had enough time to do everything I wanted to do. You can actually listen to my experience on the podcast I hosted with Char Hardin for Wicked Channel and Parrish Randall joined in as well as a surprise appearance by Billy Pon.The first day, I wore my Hustler t-shirt. REPRESENT! Trying to represent The official Hustler documentary any way. I honestly cannot wait to shoot my promo for the project. It's going to be tasteful and sexy and good Lord it will be nice to model without being pregnant again. I was involved with so many photoshoots throughout this pregnancy, it's tiring. I am still waiting on the photos and I am a little impatient. All the others that have been posted make me happy though. I am in love with my confidence and thank you for all the love on my maternity photos! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Another shoot is set for next Tuesday. Wesley will be here in 2 weeks! The signature on my stomach is from Michael Rooker. Roxy became buddies with him on Thursday and had to introduce me. I didn't even ask him to sign anything. He jumped up to sign my stomach right away. He was a gentleman and he made me laugh. My brother and Chris are holding their very own Mister Fister t-shirts! They fully support me being in the film and they're excited I am going to be a part of it. I cannot believe how much I already have lined up for after the baby is born. Next year I will probably have a booth, promoting more but that all depends. It seemed like it was a hassell having a booth and I usually just want to have fun. Chris will be back again and little Wesley will be there of corpse! My daughter isn't a fan of horror fans so I never bring her. Plus, I am usually working when I go. Maybe one day I can convince her to come and dress up like a zombie. That's Jay as the tall demon by the way. He always takes care of Roxy and I ad he's a delight to be around. Photography by Bob Sanders, who also takes care of Roxy and I. Did I mention that Chris is quite the prepster?

Everything was different this year. The event took place in an entirely different hotel. It was larger than usual with more space for vendors and guests. A lot of people seemed to have a laundry list of complaints but there were also several that were perfectly happy with their experience. My list of complaints isn't necessarily huge. I still had a great time. We were given room 237, the room in The Shining, and it seemed so many things were going wrong. Chris thought it was an omen. Four people went to the hospital for food poisoning and my brother also got sick. There seemed to be some drama that I was not around for. A gentlemen was escorted out of the prom and he wasn't happy about it. He broke into a glass case on the 6th floor with his bare hands and got blood all over the place, leading up to his room. Apparently, he was arrested. Texas Frightmare Weekend is like a family event for a lot of us. We are all very close and drama is not wanted. We just want to have a good time. So I am glad that was the only drama going on, that I was aware of. I attended the prom for maybe 30 minutes. I got bored and it was loud. There were a lot of people dancing and having fun so I bet it was a blast, just not for an 8 month pregnant woman. I did enjoy the costumes and the buckets with streamers hanging on a few of the attendants. Bravo. But the best costume I saw was Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Chris decided he was too cool to shave for prom so he looks a little rugged. He has a baby face. Photography by Bob Sanders again.

Anthony Michael Hall is actually a fan of Roxy's and even bought her autograph prints. The two have become friends and text on a regular basis now. This is so funny to me. He's a genuinely nice guy and I am a huge fan. He, along with several others, was eager to talk about pregnancy and ask several questions about the process. It was cute. You may remember my brother David tagging along before.  I love this picture of him I took because he looks so Jewish. My family is very dark with dark hair, middle eastern but I took on my father's Irish side and came out lighter. 

The Q&As for Masters of Italian and Michael Madsen has been added to Wicked Channel. It's an interesting read and they were my favorite guests to meet and talk with. Total nerdgasm. You can read the Michael Madsen Q&A here.   

I would like to thank all my friends and fans for the gifts! I received a retarded amount of support, love, and gifts from you guys. Over 100 VHS tapes from three different people, a Hebrew Coca Cola shirt, actions figures, and more! It's strange that I don't have more to report but check out those Q&As on Wicked Channel and you can listen to all the madness on the podcast. I am sad that we were all spread out this year and couldn't manage to get a group photo. Our horror family is so big, this was hard to accomplish. But I still managed to get photos with several of my homies.

Tiffany Shepis and I have talked a few times. I was happy to meet her in person finally and even though we had so much to talk about, we didn't have enough time. Too many things going on! 

I was signing America's Bad Kids prints. I felt bad because I couldn't stay at the booth for long. I kept getting winded and needed to take naps and eat. Next year, I promise to be more active but I will have a one-year-old son so partying like a rock star as usual at these events is out of the question. The last day Roxy was sporting her Back Issues: Hustler documentary t-shirt. REPRESENT!

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