Ode To Bettie Page

Since my modeling career is going to be used against me in court, I thought it would be fun to write about Bettie Page and how big of a fan I am. Bare with me, it will take me 10 minutes to type all of this up without much thought. This is not a fancy article I am going for which is why it's going on my personal blog instead of another website I write for. Just trying to make a quick point here. She has become this cult figure for her photos but deep down Bettie was a true Christian and possibly one of the nicest women on the planet. In the dark world of porn, she was seemingly so innocent. You guys know how I feel about Christianity and hypocrisy but I do admire some Christians. Believe it or not, there are several Christians out there that do not lie and try to force their beliefs on others. As a true nudist, Bettie never apologized for her modeling and she shouldn't have. If God created the female form then why would he be offended by its display? The Queen of Pin-Ups brought a lightness to the dark world of porn. This is something the other ladies couldn't accomplish. When she was nude, she was so care free. She enjoyed it and didn't find anything wrong with it because after all, the natural female form is beautiful. That smile captured hearts everywhere. Bettie Page not only has thousands and thousands of male fans but women as well. Many girlfriends of mine even have those trademark Bettie bangs because they are huge fans. I have always been a huge fan of her work. Hell I have a coffee mug with her on it. She is on my damn refrigerator magnets as well as on my wall, none nude of course. There are children present in my home. I also own a Bettie t-shirt! She has become an iconic figure in pop culture and the inspiration for artists all over the world.

Everyone and their mother has written a bio for this legendary lady so I have decided to keep the focus on her modeling career. Not only can you find millions of Bettie Page photos, there are t-shirts, magnets, bath sets, poker chips, aprons, beauty products, and more.

Bettie Page's fame was within the bondage and pinup photography market. Costume design and props used to pull these photos off usually consisted of handcuffs, chains, rope, black high heels, garter belts, and corsets. This was playtime for Bettie and the other models. None of these girls were harmed by the photographers Irving and Paula Klaw. They were offered food and Paula was very gentle with the girls while tying them up. When the girls are presumably spanking each other, it's so playful that it doesn't even look like they made any actual contact. The bondage photos actually contained no sex or nudity. The ladies were always dressed in bondage gear. To Bettie, this was nothing more than playing dress up in costumes and having fun.

Most of Bettie's bondage photos were taken by Irving Klaw and his sister. In 1955, Klaw and his bondage photos became the target of Senate hearings against pornography. A father testified that he found his son's body after what he thinks was an attempt to try out something he may have learned from one of the photos. It's sad that this man lost his son but I think he is forgetting something here, these photos didn't make him want to kill himself. There was obviously something wrong with the young lad that contributed to his suicide, not bondage photos. Maybe he was tired of dealing with his father, who knows. Back then, it was illegal to even mail these photos to clients, for which Klaw had many. There are several types of men that enjoyed these types of photos. Call them sexual deviants all you want but some of them were doctor and lawyers, respected men. It's the same with the marijuana argument. People are often stereotyped when it takes all types to make a world. Bettie was called to the hearings but never had to testify. The Klaw's had no choice but to shut their business down and destroy all the negatives. 80 percent of their work no longer exists but Paula kept some of Bettie's negatives that can be seen today. Thank you Paula! You can visit Irving's fan site to check out more of their magnificent work.

Her work with Bunny Yeager may be my favorite. Bunny is a woman by the way. Not every photographer shooting naked ladies is a man. Bunny was also a model and turned to photography like many female photographers do. I'd like to discuss this further but my time is limited at the moment. 

So why are we frowned upon for enjoying our bodies? What's so wrong with what I am doing and what Bettie is doing? In the South, men want their women to be quiet and stay in the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder if my ex husband even has his new young wife dress up for him or if he also considers this to be inappropriate. Well all I can say is that I am a beautiful woman with a magnificent frame. People love to take my picture. I will not have a man tell me what I can and cannot do. Below this clip are several of my favorite Bettie photos.

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