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Hello fans, friends, and stalkers. I'm trying to update this illustrious and precious blog as much as possible. I know you anticipate every update. Well hold on to your knickers because I have so much for you to be mad at or be proud of me for, either or.

Splatterfest is coming up! Last year we won 7 awards for our film. Roxy won Best Actress and Shannon Lark won Best Scream! Our feature ruled! This is out of over 30 films entered into the film fest. Gather your teams now! I have high hopes for this year! 

I am so behind but I will be catching up soon! Soon you will be able to hear me interviewed on nerdremix.com and I will be a future horror hottie of the month. I also have to catch up with a close personal friend's girlfriend who wants to interview me. I feel horrible for not returning everyone's messages but even when I am not busy, I am too tired to respond.

I plan on sending articles to Dreamin Demon this week. I will enjoy my return but I don't know how often I will be submitting. At least until Wesley is a little older. I just love the little bugger. I cannot go two hours without being around him. So this may take some time. I have been submitting one review a week to Wicked Channel. I plan on interviewing the Astron 6 guys for the site and I will post the review here as well. Some of my most recent articles for Wicked Channel are:

Yellow Brick Road

The Woman
VHS Review: Abducted
VHS Review: Death Nurse

Bloody Reunion
10 Reasons To Watch Game of Thrones
VHS Review: Brain Damage
Corey Haim Star Project

Lots of VHS reviews to come and I still have my own VHS column for another website coming soon. They are still working on the layout.

Speaking of VHS! I made a video showing off part of my VHS collection for my fellow nerd friends!

I DID get a fan page finally. I know, I know! I am a fucking sell out! Whatever, it's not like I am making any money off of it or care to. I recently posted several interviews I had done and all kinds of pictures. So 'like' it if you want.

New shoots coming up! This is what I love about being a model. I can play dress up and actually get paid and do interesting work, unlike some who only feel the need to pose in a bikini. Original. YOU GO GIRL!

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