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Greetings horror fans, Jew fans, model fans, movie fans, geek fans, and stalkers! We have so much to cover tonight. Not only am I going to discuss all the wonderful things happening for me lately but I am going to do something I haven't talked about in a really long time, hilarious celebrity news. Unfortunately, Gary Busey was busy this week so I may not be able to offer up as much gold as I usually do. I will try my best. 

First, a reminder of Splatterfest! It's a 48 hour film competition. Last year we put in blood, sweat, and tears into our film Princess and won 7 awards at the festival. I have no idea what we are doing this year but it's at the beginning of September and we are shooting at some cabin in the middle of nowhere. I am told that I will LOVE my part and it's hilarious. That's all I am giving out though! You will have to wait and see! Last year, Bruce Campbell was a guest at the event. This year, Anthony Michael Hall will be there! This will be my second time meeting him and I cannot wait because he is quite taken with Roxy. That had a textual relationship after Texas Frightmare Weekend. I actually got to sit at his booth because I got winded and I even signed an autograph while sitting there. The autograph was for someone I knew but I still got a kick out of it. AMH and I looked fancy at the prom.

In other news, I have been chosen to be the horror judge for the Lagniappe Film Festival. I am looking for 10 films to enter into the competition. Yes they can be shorts and yes they can be international. There will be prizes. Keep in mind, I am a TOUGH judge. There is also a high school division and the winners get a scholarship! You have to keep your grades up though. No slacking off. More information about the festival will be revealed shortly. They are currently building a website for the event. They DO have a fan page so look that up and LIKE it! 

Lets see, I will be writing for Chupracabra Magazine. I will only be sending in submissions once a month. My first article is about conventions. So keep an eye out for that. The ballerina in purgatory photoshoot keeps getting rescheduled. I know you guys have been looking out for that. I just stay so busy and so does the photographer. We are working to get this fantastic photoshoot done asap. Roxy and I will more than likely be doing a photoshoot when I get settled in to Houston. Don't forget to follow the official Hustler Documentary: Back Issues on Tumblr. I will be doing a promotional shoot for the film. Not the usual Hustler spread… Just in case my stalkers and ex husband are all, "OMGZ SHE IS DOING PORN." I will also be recreating the painting of Althea Flynt that still hangs in the head quarters.

Lets take a break from my adventures and discuss some celebrity news! Today is Pee Wee Herman's birthday. Lets just say, I am a huge fan. I loved Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I couldn't decide which photo was creepier so I chose to place BOTH! So what if he masturbates to porn, who doesn't? If you don't like it then tough titties. Mind your own business.

I really do like Lindsey Lohan and I enjoy seeing her naked. I am still a fan of those Playboy pictures. Any woman who puts these photos down obviously has jealousy issues.

I took a leave of absence from Dreamin because the first few weeks of taking care of a newborn has you pretty tied up. I just didn't have time to submit. Now that he is 3 months old, I am trying to submit a couple of times a week. Today's story was pretty far out there. A necromancer, author, and comedian killed his mother and grandmother. It's described to be a gruesome scene. You can find all kinds of crazy things about this disturbed individual online. For instance, he seriously want to raise the dead and have the Earth wiped out so he could rebuild. Mmmmkay, crazy town sounds a little wild. You can read that article here.  But first, check out this excerpt from one of his books about Obama:

“Here’s an analogy that has served me well: You are about to play a game of chess. If you play the game like me, you’ll do the following before you start:

• Deep breathing exercises

• Meditation

• Pop a few horse tranquilizers

• Punch your pig while listening to Bryan Adams

• Think about what you know about the opponent’s strategy

• Punch your pig while thinking about your opponent’s strategy

• Ejaculate onto the chair of a coworker that you hate

• Weep softly at your broken dreams”

A couple of other gruesome articles I wrote recently are about the sick fuck who viciously tortured a little girl after dropping a meatball from a Subway sandwich.  Isn't that disgusting? Actually, if you think that's disgusting... You wont want to read what I am about to tell you. An 18-year-old kid raped an infant. A FUCKING INFANT! Who the hell looks at a small child and thinks, "Gosh, I am horny?" I take no pleasure in writing about these cases but a part of me hopes that it will get the word out to those who even think twice about doing these sorts of things. Lets just hope that word gets out in prison and he gets pounded in the ass several times. Selfish, revolting little prick. How could one not think about the physical and emotional pain they will be causing that child? I will never understand.

And now I would like to share some of my most recent VHS reviews for Wicked Channel. Just click below the poster art for the review.


I Come in Peace


The Pit
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman

I never thought I would finish typing all of this out because my phone connection is super slow, which reminds me, FUCK T-MOBILE! That's it for now. Buh bye.

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