The Amityville Horror: True Story and Hoax

People desperately want to believe that the supernatural exists. They want to believe in ghosts. They want to believe in demons. They want to believe in possession. They want to believe in tarot card reading and they want to believe in Ouija Boards. Speaking of Ouija boards, anyone who actually believes in them is FUCKING RETARDED! All you have to do is think about it logically. Spirits just don't decide, "Hey, I am going to possess MILLIONS of board games for no particular reason." Even the makers of the board game admitted it was only to boost market sales and science proves how the piece of PLASTIC is so easily able to move across the CARDBOARD. Millions of these are made in a factory every day. They are sold all over the place. If they really were a threat, they wouldn't be sold. But you can read more about THE TRUTH of the Ouija board in a post I made over a year ago about things that do not exist. Like I said, people want to believe in these things. Because of this, they let their gullibility get to them and they soak all this malarkey in. The Amityville Horror was a fraud and nothing more than pop culture and easy money schemes. The real Amityville Horror is what happened that morning on November 13, 1974.

The DeFeo Murders:
The inhabitants of the house on 112 Ocean Avenue were seemingly a happy, religious family that had it all. In all actuality, they were an unhappy, extremely Catholic family that had severe problems behind closed doors. The father has been portrayed as an angry man that beat his wife and kids by several witnesses. Now whether that's actually true or not, we don't know for sure. However, all those people seem to think it is and recalled a moment where he punched his wife in the face.

Around three in the morning, the eldest son Ronald DeFeo, Jr. awoke and began shooting his six family members one-by-one starting with his mother and father. He then proceeded with his two brothers who shared a room, one handicapped due to a football injury. His wheelchair lies beside his bed as you can see below. The photo had double exposure. Next, he strolled up to the third floor to shoot the eldest sister Dawn.

The biggest mystery here is that no one seemed to hear any shots fired and conclusive studies show that none of the bodies where shot and then placed in bed. No one woke to the sound of the shot gun and attempted to escape. How is it that no one heard any of these shots fired? Shot guns are pretty loud. Detectives considered the victims might have been drugged but there was nothing in their system, according to toxicology reports.

At 6:30 p.m. on the following evening, Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. dramatically rushed into a local bar and shouted, "Please! You've got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot!" His best friend and four other men escorted Ronald back to the residence shortly after. The door was unlocked and the dog, Shaggy, had been barking up a storm as he was tied up in the kitchen. The men walked upstairs where they discovered the bodies of Louise and Ronald DeFeo, Sr. It was a gruesome scene. You can see blood visible on Ronald's back but Louise was buried under the blanket. Shortly after this gruesome scene, the men discovered the bodies of Dawn, Allison, Marc, and John-Matthew tucked into the beds with obvious gun shot wounds and blood splatter.

Immediately, one of Ronald Jr's friends called 911 for help. Trying to make light of the situation, if you read the 911 call, it's actually amusing. You can tell how frustrated he was with the operator and the cop he spoke with. Having to repeat everything became tiresome. You can read the 911 call here.

So how does one manage to go on a messy rampage like this and not track blood around the house? Ronald Jr. had his faults and he was a known drug abuser, including heroine. That being said, he seemed smart enough to attempt to cover his tracks. Not smart enough. He took a shower, trimmed his beard, and put on some clean clothes. Everything else like his bloody clothing, murder weapon, etc.. Were wrapped into his pillow case and hidden. This would be found later and filed into evidence. He even cleaned the floors. It took him three hours to commit the murders and appear at work at 6:00 a.m.

Moving onward and skipping a lot of great details, Ronald was an obvious suspect. Especially after they discovered the hidden evidence. You can see in the photos below, that is his ever-so-long statement. I skipped the second page so I wouldn't have to post so many photos on here. Lets just get right down to the basics, right? Everyone in town knew it was Ronald, Jr. He was a known drug abuser and he was also on probation for theft. Police found rifle boxes in his closet and the prosecutors tried to use this against him during trial but his friend claimed that he was a gun fanatic and he staged robberies a couple of weeks before the murders.

Ronald, Jr's story changes so many effing times. The police had a hard time keeping track. This makes it obvious that the person in question is indeed the person carrying out the deeds. Later on, he led investigators to the spot of evidence linking him to the case. Now here's where things just get down right weird. The year prior to these vicious murders, The Exorcist became a pop culture success and Ronald just HAD to take this opportunity to say he was possessed when he killed his family. Demonic possession was HUGE and became a media frenzy around this time so naturally, he did what he felt he had to do. You know what I think? He admitted to shooting up heroine (shown in his written report.) Maybe there was a fight between him and his father and his mother took her husbands side because they had enough of Ronald, Jr. on DOPE! During his funk, he was not all right in the head and decided to shoot family members one by one. To cover his tracks and feeling remorseful about what he had done, he tries to say he was possessed. Hey, it happened in The Exorcist. It could happen to him right? WRONG! There is no such thing as possession and anyone who says so is a gullible moron. His only hope from severe punishment was to be found not guilty by reason of insanity. This did not work. He got six consecutive life sentences. Ronald, Jr. still rots in prison. Good riddance. Below you can read his report. I skipped a couple of pages that were of no importance.

As for rumors speculating that the eldest sister Dawn and Ronald were in it together, as one of Ronald's many stories claims, this obviously isn't true. I watched documentaries where they discussed the possibility but it's pretty obvious due to evidence that she wasn't the one who killed her family. Ronald acted in this alone. 

The 7th Body Rumors:
This is one of the most interesting parts of the case that was a mystery until it had been confirmed that there is in fact NO 7th body. For some odd reason, crime scene photos from another case got mixed up with the Amityville photos. You can read all about that other murder case here. This poor child was brutally stabbed to death by the mother's boyfriend after she went to the store for a short period of time. Her younger brother was also stabbed but he survived. Poor dears. I will never understand how someone could do such a thing. 

Onto the Hoax:
Nearly thirteen months after the DeFeo murders, George and Kathy Lutz, along with three children, moved into the home on 112 Ocean Avenue. The price came cheap due to the murders that happened. The couple swears that they abandoned it 28 days later due to the house having demons and horrific paranormal phenomenon. *cough* BULLSHIT *cough*

This dude says his dog tried to hang himself. LOL. Now you are just being silly. Mr. Lutz says he woke up at 3:15a.m. every single night and he was hearing strange noises. If I don't stay up all night, I ALWAYS wake up around 2:00 a.m. I also hear my own house and other people's homes making strange noises at times. Old and new houses creak and the wind especially will make it sound like someone is walking on your roof. There is nothing supernatural about either of those things. Knowing that murders happened previously at the residence puts a great deal of fear and paranoia into your mind. You're willing to believe anything and run away with your imagination. As for hearing screams at night, none of the murder victims actually screamed on the night that they were murdered. Ronald, Jr. claimed that he did hear voices in the house but he was also a known heroine user and alcoholic. George complained about the cold. Well it's December and the heater went out before they moved in. They also live right next to the river. I bet it was cold. The entire family was experiencing major personality changes. Probably because moving into a new home is stressful and they need time to adjust.

Mrs. Lutz complained that there were several flies swarming around two bedrooms in the Winter time. She didn't believe it was normal. The victim's bodies lied there for quite some time before they were moved. Flies are drawn to decomposing bodies. This is totally normal. Flies are also hard to get rid of. During the DeFeo trial, it had been mentioned that Dawn's body on the third floor was infested with maggots. She says she was having nightmares about the murders. I would probably have nightmares too. Jesus christ.

The daughter says she had an imaginary friend that looked like a pig. That's great, my daughter had an imaginary friend when she was 6. Her name was Raven. As for the pig like figure, this was exempt from studies due to the fact that the neighbors fat ass cat was always called a pig with red eyes. It was a Siamese cat.  In one of the many documentaries, the neighbor explains that the kids would always refer to this cat as a pig and it would jump up towards the windows. I recall when I was a youngster, for some reason cats were drawn to our house. They would jump up onto my window seal and it would scare the shit out of me. But I KNEW they were cats.

William Weber, Ronald Jr's attorney, became the Lutz's attorney and he still claims that this was all a hoax over SEVERAL glasses of wine. The story was contrived to make money. Congratulations to all the morons that fell for it. But just like conspiracy theorists, there is no convincing. People are going to believe whatever they want to believe. No matter what you tell them. No mater how much proof you provide them. They will always find an example to fill their need to be right. Not to mention… Make money. JUST SAYING! There's a lot to the Lutz's story and their bullshit story has already been outed so you really cannot trust anything they say. Hell, they even called a vampirologist to their home. VAMPIRES DO NOT EXIST! And what of the 'priest' that was called to the home? The Catholic Church was never involved. A priest counseled them after the events but he never entered the house.

The house obviously isn't haunted. Several families have lived in the house since the Lutz's hoax and their family life in the home was pretty successful. It was not built over an ancient Indian burial ground. That theory has been excluded. 10 films have been made thanks to the Lutz's lies. I do find some of them to be entertaining horror films.

Below are several newspaper clippings from the case:

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