Life is Pretty Awesome

Sometimes I look at all the things I do with my life and I cannot understand how I ever have any unhappy moments. I guess it's natural. My life is far from boring and I don't mind bragging about the excitement. Not to mention, I have two beautiful and healthy children. I thank my lucky stars everyday that they came out perfectly without any deformities. Not that I wouldn't love them if they were. I would be that power mom that attends meetings and holds fundraisers for their cause. Wesley is 3-months-old now and already teething! Alexia is 9 and looks just like me only slightly more Jewish.

On to the news for today. The Film Submissions Form has been added to the Lagniappe Film and Music Festival website.  You can read all about the rules and regulations there. Thank you to those who have sent me your films. You still need to fill out this form in order to be included. I will select 10 films to be in the competition and I will be selecting the winners. Don't forget there is also a high school division. The high school division winners will receive a free scholarship but they have to keep their grades up! I am excited that I was the one chosen to be involved with this film festival as a judge and I promise to be on my best behavior… For once. :)

The Splatterfest film race has come to a close and it was excruciating for a lot of the crew members and talent. Completing a film is very hard to do and we all do it within a weekend. Last year was a blast and our film won seven awards, including Roxy Vandiver for Best Actress and Shannon Lark for Best Scream. Last year my character got raped. You don't actually see me getting raped, you just see what leads up to it. I must admit, in the short amount of time I was in this part of the film, it was not easy for me to pull off. Jeremy kept saying I looked like I was enjoying it. What the fook? This year I was suppose to have a bigger part but with my little man being my main priority, I had to pass on it. Thank goodness I have such rad friends that love me and didn't want me to be left out, they still included me in the film. I don't know if I am allowed to show production stills of everyone else yet but I was given the all clear for the photos photographer Kim Broadway took of me on set. I am running in some of the photos so I look silly and that dress makes me look like a doily but it was appropriate. I feel like I am still pudgy but I did JUST have a baby. My boobs didn't want to stay in the dress and the dress kept coming down which is why you can see my bra in some of the pics. Don't forget that Anthony Michael Hall is coming to Splatterfest this year! I hope we win just as many or even more awards than our team did last year. Good luck to everyone else in the competition. OH and the name of our film is STAY WITH ME!

Roxy was able to show us her section in the October Maxim issue. Isn't that awesome? How many scream queens can say they have been in Maxim? I am so proud of her. Only three girls were chosen for this issue, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Asia Argento being the other two. I cannot wait till she is actually allowed to post then I am going to keep a copy for myself. Congrats Roxy! Oh and the issue covers 66 Best Horror Flicks You've Never Seen. Well we looked at the list and I have to wonder who came up with this pitiful list. They were all horror films we had scene. Maybe Michael Bay fans will enjoy the list.

Someone complained on face book that their favorite Star Trek page didn't post at all about 9/11. During the Holocaust anniversary, you will never see me complaining that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan page isn't posting about it. Come on people. Seriously. Stop being dicks.

I just posted my review for Blade Runner on WC. Read it. Love it. Discuss it.

I will also be posting more VHS reviews soon. I stay so busy. I hardly even have time to write for Dreamin Demon which makes me sad. Going to try and type up some articles tonight to post tomorrow. I will also be writing an article about LOST. "100 Reasons to Watch Lost." Might change it to 50 depending. You can expect a fun little update on here about the truth on the Salem Witch Trials. None of them were actually burned at the stake. This needs to be cleared up. Then for my Women and Childrens Blog that I never update, I am going to post about why you shouldn't force your kids to eat food they don't like when you could just cook vegetables they like.

I don't think I have shown these photos before. If I have, oh well I am sure you will enjoy seeing them again. There was actually a set with several more pictures but I accidentally deleted them and I cannot get in touch with the photographer. These are old from an erotic ballet shoot.

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