My Halloween Past

This is the first year I have not dressed up for Halloween. I didn't get to celebrate Halloween and go trick-r-treating when I was a kid because I grew up in a strict Jewish household. Being the horror nut that I am, I did dress up and have fun when I got older. Here's a look back at all my Halloween costumes through the years. I get all the years mixed up and I don't know which is which. Guess I will start off with the year I went as myself, a ballerina. I wore an old ballet costume and my beat up pointe shoes. Those things have been through hell.

Next up is a batch of the oldest photos in this album. I was still a teenager. I dressed as Bettie Page. Okay well, I had the Bettie wig, shoes, and whip. The rest of the costume was more like a pin-up gangster. My friend Scott dressed up as a pimp, typical. We thought it would be fun to make a bunch of silly pictures before going out. Bettie was a bondage model so I took some fun bondage shots and he started throwing ones on the bed, cause you know... He's a pimp. Wait no, that isn't right. Any who, he will probably kill me for posting these but whatever. Grow up Scott. We were teenagers having fun. Gosh. 

Next up is the zombie prom Queen! There's a gash in my neck with maggots. Make-up by Jason Hughes. It was actually a prop used in a zombie film made locally and other make-up provided by Tom Savini himself. The dress I am wearing is the dress I wore in the Miss Dance Texas pageant. I cannot believe that thing still fit! I bought a crown and cloves from Hot Topic.

Greek Goddess at The Vortex. My old hang out spot. I just about cried when they shut down. It's like, "Damn, now where are we going to hang out?" There hasn't been a place like it since. 

Then there's that infamous Mermaid costume that everyone loved. When I was head bartender of the only metal club in Beaumont, the Outlaw Drinking Club, I decided to dress up as a mermaid. The costume was well over a hundred dollars and beautiful. Unfortunately, I was the only bartender, not even a barback, at the metal club so I was having a bad night. The majority of the customers were my friends but I was alone back there so I eventually screamed, "ALRIGHT EVERYBODY SHUT THE FUCK UP!" People still joke about it today. 

It's a good thing I kept this uncomfortable but elegant costume. I used it a couple of years later. After the BP oil spoils, I decided to go as a BP Mermaid. It took four hours to make the costume. Oil me up, do hair, and make-up. I was feeling pretty beautiful that night compared to the last time I wore this costume where my hair was coming apart and I was sweating like a beast. BP Mermaid is the most brilliant costume ever. Don't lie. 

Then there's the "I don't know what it's called" costume. I wore it at Comicon in New York and for the roller derby and burlesque show with Roxy and for my friend's Halloween gatherings. 

I wish I had a clearer photo of this. I was 18 here. At Lamar University Halloween party. Childhood friends. Andy and Susan. I was just a goth girl. Unfortunately, the photo is not clear enough. I need to find my original copy so I can scan it on here....

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