Things I Learned This Weekend

I wish I had more time to update this thing more often. I barely have enough time to send in articles for the other sites. My son has my full attention which is kind of nice. Alexia is getting older and stays wrapped up in her video games and Ipod. Wes is a complete momma's boy. He wants me to hold him all the time. He sleeps on my arm all night. While we were staying at the boyfriend's parent's vacation home in Winnsboro, he just wanted mommy time. I barely had time to eat. I was hoping to finish that Stephen King book about time travel and JFK that Chris' dad gave me but that didn't happen. It's okay though. I cannot get enough of the little man. Is it possible to be TOO adorable? I thank God every day that he has no deformities and he is perfect in every way. I would still love him nonetheless. I have been so happy to show pictures of my baby boy and my gorgeous daughter to the entire world but seeing how people are psychotic enough to make fake profiles of people's dead grandmothers, there's no telling what those sickos might do with pictures of my babies. Now I am rambling. Lets get on with the things I learned this weekend!

1. Dogs are allowed in Academy. I was not aware of this. 

2. Chris loves buying me new shoes. Only this time, they were not pretty heels or pumps. He bought me a much needed pair of running shoes. Before I was pregnant, I went running every morning after dropping the kiddo off to school. My shoes were getting worn out. Now I can run again! I would like to have those amazing stomach muscles that I had when I was in dance and gymnastics. However, I am happy to report that I have lost almost all of that baby weight. My stomach is back to normal. I just can't fit into my size 3 jeans and shorts yet though. 

3. Shannon Doherty, or however you spell her name, is now starring in Education Connection commercials talking about how it's easier for her to get her degrees online. I was wondering what that woman has been up to! I wonder how much she gets paid for her Education Connection commercials. She will always be Brenda to me. 

4. Woodville, Texas women are gross. Didn't your momma teach you how to properly dispose of your blood soaked tampons? I hear it's a total meth town though. 

5. Goodwills close on Sundays What the hell? You Christians aren't eve celebrating the Sabbath on the correct day. Hypocrite much? The guy in our VHS group are always bragging about the tapes they found at Goodwill. In Beaumont, there are three Goodwills but I didn't find anything special. I did find Campus Corpse, a big box, at a flea market though. Don't forget to check out the documentary Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of a VHS Collector!

6. Texas Longhorns won!

7. Some dude shot himself on live television. LOL @ people watching FOX. You guys make fun of FOX all the time yet you happened to be watching when this went on? Also, I have zero sympathy for cowards that commit suicide. I have a few friends that did take their own lives and some of them had children. I loved my friends but it's a very selfish and cowardy thing to do. 

8. Bonnie and Clyde's guns are being auctioned. That's so funny because we went to this steak house in Winnsboro that had amazing newspaper clipping of the lovely couple and in one of them, you can see Bonnie's lifeless body. I took a picture. Below the picture is the Iron Skillet steak we all ordered. For a hick town, they sure can cook. This was the best steak I ever tasted. 

9. Being disconnected from the world is awesome. At least for a few days. 

10. I'm fat and have a man chin. 

11. I forgot to add pictures from Roxy's birthday but the photographer for our Splatterfest team tagged me in a few. This is our gang. Always a pleasure working with my besties!

12. I was told the Splatterfest awards ceremony takes place Wed. I hope I can make it. May the best team win!

13. Chris' dad has a 1967 Mustang he sometimes takes out to drive along the beautiful country side. 

14. This is still such a beautiful ride with a nice view. Texas is so wonderful. I am so proud to be from here. I will always be a city girl. I don't like the country, despise rednecks and white trash but I wouldn't mind having a lake house to escape to every once in a while. Beaumont isn't really that small of a town and it isn't considered "country." There's a lot of money here thanks to the oil but surrounding cities are extremely small and tend to have meth problems. I guess they get bored since there is nothing to do.

15. The fake page of my dead grandmother was deleted. To the person who did this, This was your day: You stalked my siblings pages, maybe because you initially thought it would be fun to make fake pages of them? Instead you decide, "Hey, they have public peektures of their grandma on here. I should totally make a fake pages of that dead bitch!" You need psychological counseling. I've set my family to private and Chris did the same to his so these basket cases don't make fake profiles of his family members. We all know they have enough time to stalk their pages and do this. You could have at least spelled her name right. First you post pictures that aren't even of me on the fake pages of me that you created and now this. At least get it right if you're going to spend so much of your time on it.

16. Lumberton finally got a liquor store. 

17. VH1's 40 Greatest R&B Top Song is Poison. I agree it's an amazing song but I might have listed something else as number one. Maybe Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton. 

18. The guys and I at WC are suppose to compile a list for the 10 Best Debut Albums. I am running a little late with mine since I've been gone all weekend but maybe by tonight or tomorrow? Who knows. 

19. A Family Guy episode came on over the weekend which revealed Lois is Jewish. I completely forgot about this hilarious episode. "Leave it to a Jew to take all the fun out of being a Jew." And there is a Jewish laugh? I wonder what my Jew laugh sounds like? *Reminder, ask Kevin Tenney* "Is sodomy illegal if you're Jewish?"   "It's not Lois, it's not." LOL! I do not remember the rules of this exactly but I can tell you rumors of having tattoos disables you from being buried into a cemetery is false. The only thing that keeps you from not being buried in a Jewish cemetery is not being Jewish. Sid and Nancy case in point. This is why they couldn't be buried together. 

20. A few of the women from our support group have wanted to anonymously share their stories on our support blog and post their charity events. I promise I will get to this asap!
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