Magic Mike

Intermittently, I fancy posting jocose reviews on my blog that are not acceptable on any of the horror sites I write for. Those colorful and groovy enough to make the cut on Your Friendly Neighborhood Jewish Girl are few and far between. This time around, it's Magic Mike's turn. Before I anatomize the magical world of perspiring, penis rocking heartthrobs and what the protagonists desire out of life.... I want to share a point that Roger Ebert previously made, "Making money by allowing people to push cash into your g-string is, I think we can agree demeaning." For the most part, I agree with this notion. It's not like modeling naked or making 'art.' It's basically like saying, "Hey, you can touch my body if you tip me two dollars." Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against strippers and I love to see films that depict the lives of people who sell themselves for money. But I do believe there are pros and cons for the job.

I see Magic Mike and Flash Dance and think, "These human beings can actually dance and these are well choreographed numbers." Then there are actual strippers I go to see, mostly female, and their numbers and costumes are completely unoriginal and distasteful. I would much rather go to a strip club where there's a lot of thought and hard work put into their performance rather than a girl in a repetitious bikini who grinds up and down a pole. Show some talent! If you're going to become an erotic dancer, at least learn how to dance. That's just what I want out of strippers though. I realize most only care about naked bodies and a good time.

Then there's the argument of who it exploits more, men or women? Before you get all, "OMG men and women are equals!" Let me just stop you right there Sally. I do believe we are equals and it shouldn't make a difference if it's male or female on stage but to US as HUMAN BEINGS in our mindset, it totally does. When men go to see a female stripper and tip her while she gives them a lap dance, they automatically think about having sex with them. Sex is all they think about, after all, they were made that way. Whereas women that go to a male strip club are often only there for the fun and entertainment before going home to their husbands. 

Right then, on with the review! Magic Mike is parallel to Flashdance in many ways. Not only because of the choreography but because it's all about the protagonist's journey to finding themselves. Then there's the whole 'construction worker by day and stripper by night' facade that ties the two together. While the ambition-less 19-year-old Adam is finally making something out of his life by stripping and getting a life supply of vagina and Ecstasy, the 30-year-old Mike is gradually going downhill and wanting more out of life than stripping and close encounters of the herpes from random young ladies. After taking Adam under his wing, he begins to fall for his extremely stale sister. He has goals as well. For instance, he desperately wants his own furniture store and he has been saving all of his earnings for six years. Magic Mike starts off with plenty of glitz and glam and partying till dawn then the film quickly down spirals. My biggest complaint is that the film is certainly long enough but not enough information is shared and the film ends so abruptly... I blinked and the ending credits rolled.

There are numerous comedic moments throughout the film. For instance, Big Dick Rich with that penis pump and his facial expression. How random and comical. Then later on he is flipping a larger girl on stage and throws out his back. He shakes his head and staggers off stage, leaving the woman alone on stage feeling embarrassed. Lastly, we have the awkward scene where Matthew McConaughey tries to teach Adam how to shake dance. He even gets right behind him with his balls rocking up against his behind. Well, his work out pants were pretty tight so I doubt they were knocking but you get the picture. I could tell my boyfriend was extremely uncomfortable watching this. Not that he has a disliking towards gay people, he was just uncomfortable and the men in the film were straight. The scene reminded of Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze is trying to teach Baby how to dance. Only this time, it's two straight dudes.... Hot dudes. 

As far as the acting goes, I believe it's one of Matthew McConaughey's best performances. I wished Joe Manganiello had more lines and performances in the film. He is a fine actor that I know from True Blood as a were wolf. At least he was given the informal title Big Dick Rich. Channing Tatum did a remarkable job acting wise and I never expected that in a million years. I am not a huge fan of his previous work. Apparently, he is a former stripper so he knew what he was doing. I agree. As I said on my Facebook page, he can ride my pony all he likes. Nice. Alex Pettyfer was alright. I kept getting the feeling that his character Adam was dirty and his overall performance was good but did nothing special for me. I also do not care for the cross tattoo on his chest but he gave a good Arnold impression, didn't he? The worst performance in the entire film, and I am not alone here, was Cody Horn. Her performance was so stiff. For instance, in a dramatic scene where she is yelling at Mike, "No… Mike!" I hated her character right away because her mouth naturally sets to a frown in just about every scene. Observe her facial expressions down below and tell me you disagree.

Overall, Magic Mike is fun and entertaining. I was pleased with the directing by Steven Soderbergh, who brought us Erin Brockovich and the remake of Oceans Eleven but I could not understand why there was such a strong yellow tone during the film. When I think Florida, I do not think 'yellow.' As for the screenplay by Reid Carolin, I am not a fan and I will leave it at that.

It has been a while since I've done this but I am about to make fun of IMDB posts from the fans/naysayers:

Total Snoozefest
So you're a straight male. That doesn't mean it was a snoozefest for the rest of us. Pipe down Chachi.

The Ending Sucks
In a way I agree. It feels incomplete and unsatisfying but life is so uncertain. I think they ended it this way because of the uncertainty. Plus, there is going to be a sequel.

Alex Pettyfer Looks Like He Smells

I agree. 

Wait, Women Actually Find These Shows Titillating?
They wouldn't be around if they didn't.

Cody Horn Ruined This Movie
I couldn't agree more except I still enjoy the film. 

Where Are All the Gay Guys?
Who cares? Not all male dancers are gay. Most female strippers are straight. Sounds like you have a problem with straight people.

Gayest Movie Ever?
You obviously haven't seen Lord of the Rings or Cats and Dogs part II.

I Didn't See Any Point to This Movie
It's about male strippers and the two main characters. Mike's downfall and Adam's rising. DURR HURR.

Why No Black Guy?

I think you mean "Why is there no black guy" and who cares?

See the plot description and you will see the story. The climax is pretty obvious. I agree with the acting, only for Cody Horn. Disagree with the rest being bad actors.

How Come the Movie Showgirls Only Had White Strippers?
Why don't you ask on the Showgirls page? First of all, there are two very attractive black women in Showgirls. One is the main characters best friend and the other is a very talented show girl who actually gets pushed down the stairs because she is so good. She was the understudy as well. There was also a black male dancer in the film but he wasn't a stripper. He WAS however extremely unattractive with bad BAD hair. Second, how dare you call the filmmakers racist. There was clearly a Latino man and another is Sicilian. Grow a dick.

Thanks for reading. See you next time :)

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