Three Year Anniversary

Your Friendly Neighborhood Jewish Girl is excited to announce the three year anniversary of this nerd blog. I would like to thank my readers from the very bottom of my gray heart. Note: That's gray not black because I have always believed I stand between a fine line of good and evil. I really am a nice person and a good friend but at times, I slip up and make the wrong decisions or say the wrong things. I feel like the world would be a better place if there was a sarcasm detector but at the same time I feel that will only ruin my genius comedy. I have to thank those who have stood by me, no matter what. This was one of the best years I've ever had. I am truly happy. Now lets go over the year's highlights and then we will move on to the fun stuff.

After being bed-ridden for several months due to hyperemesis, I had my precious baby boy Wesley. For those who do not know what hyperemesis is, it's basically extreme morning sickness. Every pregnant woman experiences morning sickness. Er, well I didn't experience it with my first child. Not a drop of vomit. But with Wes, I just couldn't hold ANYTHING down. I had to keep a bag of crackers on my night stand for me to eat before getting out of bed every morning. There were several days where I couldn't even get out of bed because it was so severe. They kept me on medication for this that made me sleep. Then I was in labor for over 24 hours. It was excruciating. Was it worth it? TOTALLY! Being a mother is one of the most wonderful gifts you can receive. I adore my children and God help whoever attempts to hurt them. Wesley is the most adorable baby on the planet. I know every parent says that about their child but I really do believe that. He has big blue eyes like his father and I believe he's going to be a tall basket ball player like his father. I worked with five different photographers during my pregnancy and we made some glorious art together. You can see several shoots from previous posts, though, I have yet to show all of them. I do not have enough time to upload everything.

Naturally, I have professional photos of my children taken. This Christmas, we decided to make a collage of all the grand kids for Chris' wonderful parents that mean a lot to me. It's amazing how much older Alexia is. Where does the time go?

Photographers Kim Broadway and Carlo Rodriguez Under Dogs got a lot of awesome pics of us from Splatterfest, the 72-Hour film competition. Our film Stay With Me won two awards this year. This was Wesley's first time meeting a lot of the crew and a lot of those involved with Houston film. I was also happy to fit in that dress :)

I got to hang out with Ron Jeremy for an entire evening while celebrating his involvement with The Haunted Trailer.  I wrote about it here. Then I was awarded a ticket and (plus one - Roxy) for an evening with John Waters. It was fabulous and we looked fabulous. You can read about it here.

I was involved with an art show directed by the very talented artist from Ireland. It was suppose to be the most fucked up art show on the planet. It was really something. You can read about that here.

One of my best friends Amy planned with Chris to get me the best cake in the world. They knew how big of a fan I was of Freddy so they had a Freddy cake made! I usually have crappy birthdays and those of you that are really close to me know why I have such terrible birthdays. This one was one of the best. Next year, we are going to New Orleans to celebrate my birthday and I hope I can enjoy myself because it will be the very first time Wes spends a night away from me.

Then there's the annual Texas Frightmare Weekend. This year, I did not host it and I didn't have any major duties. My pregnant ass wasn't about to do a God damn thing. I just enjoyed myself. I DID however get to sign an autograph while I was sitting at Anthony Michael Hall's booth. That made this little nerd feel all warm inside. I am trying not to flood the page with pics so I will post my favorite three. One is of me supporting the Hustler documentary while standing with Chris and my extremely Jewish looking brother. 

I've been writing for and this year. Unfortunately, I have been completely swamped with being a mommy and film festivals. It's hard to get articles sent in for Dreamin Demon so you will only see articles from me on the site every so often. At least until I have more time. Wicked Channel however is a different story because I have access to add articles whenever I want and there's the popular VHS Thursday where I pick random VHS to write about. It has taken on a life of its own. I am thinking of doing a 'Shitty Movie Tuesdays' on the site. More info on that in the near future. I have had so much fun writing for WC. The staff and I get along so well. There are no over-inflated egos and we don't post uncool ads or quotes to make us look cool. I don't even like to post quotes on here in attempt to make me look cool because I fear it will make me look like a douche who is full of herself. We all know I am cool and what people say about me, negative and positive. So I decide to post my negative quotes instead. It's a lot of fun. I even posted a lovely meme a woman made of me, calling me fat... Which is ironic because people have always called me anorexic.

It may not mean anything to you but I had a special bond with my guinea pig Galaxor, who passed away this year. I had him for almost four years. He would have been four years this Christmas. I loved this guinea pig so much, I even had a photoshoot with him. RIP little buddy. He was in my fish net stocking. IZ SUPPOSE 2 B FUNNY HAR HAR!

NOW FOR SOME FUN! Lets go over my blog posts with the most views. People seem to fancy my entry about the best tits in in horror films. You can read all about that here! Picture of my favorite pair down below. The post has been viewed around 6, 000 times. The HIGHEST viewed post goes to The Torture and Death of Sylvia Likens with 13, 987 views. I know that case inside and out. It's tragic and I am just happy justice was served. The highest search keywords that lead to my blog are; Sylvia Likens, Amy Winehouse ugly (wtf,) Bernadette Protti, Albert Fish, Kirsten Costas, Missy Avila, Rebekah Herzberg, Martha Beck, and Rebekah Herzberg nude. You guys wont believe some of the crazy things people search. I post screen caps of them from time to time. The Drop Dead Fred entry seems to be getting a lot of attention as well because a nice lady posted the article on Pinterest after liking the read. I also get a lot of traffic from my VHS groups and fellow collectors. In a way, none of these stats matter. I honestly never thought my blog would reach a million views and that was not my intention but it has almost reached a million views in only three years and that's not too bad. Thanks for all the support guys! I love each and every one of you! PS: The picture of Debbie is actually to please Jeremy Sumrall.

Time for my favorite video I came across this year. I still love SNL:
I'm no angel from Anne Adler on Vimeo.

I wanted to post pictures of my VHS finds this year and articles for them but I am trying not to cram as much as possible on here so I will save that for another day! Now how about some pictures from my most recent photoshoot?????? I am happy to introduce my farewell to Beaumont photoshoot by Ryan Bernard. I will have Farewell to Beaumont part 2 on Friday by the amazing Chelsea Marshall. These are just my favorites from the shoot. I will post all of them another time but in the meantime, you can see them all on my fan page.

Now it's time to get serious for a minute. My best friend Roxy Vandiver has been ill since she was a baby. Only, this year it has gotten a lot worse for her. There have been numerous events created for her to help her with medical expenses. She works really hard when she's sick and by work I do not mean her modeling and acting roles. She does have a regular job like the rest of us but due to her condition, she has had to stop working until she is better. Here is the link for her fundraiser. So far she has almost 2, 000! Why should you donate to this fundraiser? For starters, her medical bills are insane. Just read the page and you will see what she has gone through this year. Also, she is donating half of the proceeds to The Christopher Reeve Foundation For Spinal Cord Research. I already donated and pray that she gets better. She goes through phases. Some days she is able to film and other days, she's hooked up to several machines. I've personally had to stay with her and inject her meds into her IV. Love you Roxy <3 and="and" butt.="butt." font="font" is="is" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" that="that" yes="yes">

The last event I want to mention is The Lagniappe Film and Music Festival. I have been asked to be the horror judge. I am extremely flattered that I was chosen for the task. I am still seeking horror shorts and full length features. You HAVE to fill out this submission form to be entered into the contest. There are prizes for the winners and there is also a high school division where the winner gets a free scholarship. In Dr. Janosz Poha tone, "Doesn't that sound nice?" Time is running out guys. The festival is at the end of February. So send me your horror films. Gosh.

I have this horrible suspicion that I left something out. So much has happened to me this year. Am I forgetting anyone? Am I forget an event? Oh well, must not have been too important if I cannot remember! On that note, I will leave you an old dance photo of me where I look fucking retarded and a friend of mine made a 'Haters Gonna Hate' out of it <3 font="font">


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