I Love Announcements

I am so excited about everything I have planned for this year. I could just spit. Here are some things I have going for me this year. 

*Parts in Circus of the Dead and Mister Fister. I am not allowed to talk about my role in Circus of the Dead as of yet but I received a sketch for what I will look like and it's pretty fucking amazeballs. We will be promoting the films at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I have no idea when filming will begin though. More updates when I'm allowed to talk about it. You will not be disappointed. If you have seen Dollboy, you're already aware of how talented Billy Pon is. 

*I have been getting back into ballet. Will have plenty of ballet shoots in the future. Recently, I was involved with a shoot called 'Ballerina in Purgatory.' It's going to take some time to finish the project. It's going to be dark. It's going to be creative. It's going to be insane. Here are some behind the scenes shots from the set. I had to spend a lot of time doing the same pose over and over and making scary faces. 

*I am an official Women in Horror Month Ambassador. February is going to be a fun month and the film festival is going to rock!

*Monday night I start roller derby again! I am going to buy some pretty sick roller skates that I saw on the web. I cannot wait to break them in! I missed roller derby but you can't go around beating the crap out of girls when you're pregnant. Here's our teams logo.

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