Amazing GIF Time!

With it being a promising new year and all.... Why not add a few more games to play on my blog? I know I usually don't keep up with all of them but it's worth a try, at least once. As most of you know, Tumblr has some of the best memes in the history of the world. Same with Reddit and other sites. When I have free time and I feel like being lazy, I scroll through all of them, laughing. So every now and then I am going to post my favorites along with a quote of how I am feeling. Feel free to join in or show me your own. Although, I know how you guys like to only comment on my fb posts regarding my blog. I made comments accessible again. Let the fun begin!

The first thing I do when I get home.

I actually do this when having a meltdown.

My daughter got Poptart crumbles all over my car!

What I want to do to John Mayor.

Speaks for itself.

The girls brought Captain Morgan to the XMAS party!

My hair is too long and I am drunk.

I'm going to shave my legs in the bath and leave the clean-up for Chris.

Dear American Horror Story,

My initially response when someone says, "I love you." I'm not that kind of girl.

When someone has gross teeth or a big booger.

When asked, "Why are you two enemies?"

When David tells me he is coming over with a bottle of Jameson.

Trying to decide which bar to hit up next.

Non Jews are so funny. I can easily piss them off.

Arguing with Christians or people that know nothing about movies.

When someone lies and tells a long dramatic story about their year, making them look like a victim.

When that short redneck woman at that bar laughs every time she sees me.

Wait, you actually thought everyone on LOST was dead the whole time? You're unbelievably stupid.

When Kitty is talking to me.


When people tell me I collect too many VHS tapes.

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