Going to a get-to-gether with the ladies later and there will be alcohol. 

That's me on the right. On the left is you know who...

When Chris decides to cook dinner. 

Now that I breastfeed, everyone wants to do this. 

My son's poop now that he is eating solid foods. 

I didn't read those five text messages you sent me. I deleted the thread instead. Too busy staying in the ICU all night with my boyfriend and his dad, who was actually dying.

Didn't read your Facebook message because aint nobody got time for that.

I say this all the time. 

Ah, exes. 

No ma'am. You should not be wearing that atrocity. 

I need a moment like this in my life. 

I did this a few days ago when my mother came over. 

Chris says, "Lets watch a horror movie tonight. Your choice." 

I feel your pain. I honestly do. I cannot stress this enough. 

LOL! I do this to people all the time. Mostly fat, old dudes. Just because I can.

I say the same thing all the time. 

When friends come over for a get-together, I play them some sweet Goldfrapp or Radiohead, possibly even the soundtrack to Drive and do this same move. 

People like me. I am not going anywhere. You cannot alienate me from the 'film community' because you're a drama queen with excess baggage. 

I see a bottle of Jameson with my name on it. 

I just got a new VHS tape I've been searching for ten years!

Me, Amy, and Brian after sharing the same thought. 

At least 'some' strippers have mime-like talents. You should all be so lucky. 

This soooo use to be me. 

When people tell me I have too many VHS. 

Some ugly troll commented on my Fanpage. Had to bring out the cowbell.

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