My Birthday & Pointless Ramble

Once again, I am unable to sleep so I figured I might as well stay up until it's time for the kiddo to go to school and I could ramble on about current feelings on life and how my birthday went. Char Hardin co-hosted my birthday podcast with me. The podcast had its ups and downs. Bad weather created several technical difficulties so people kept getting kicked out of the chat or kicked off the phone. There were moments where I was like, "I don't know what to do!" I haven't used Blog Talk since I was on The Gash and I never had switch board duties so I don't know how to use that. It's amazing, I use to be so computer savvy but there are so many things I cannot do. I don't know how to edit videos. I don't know how to photoshop. I even have a hard time using wordpress for some of the sites I write for. I still cannot figure out how to add videos onto Wicked Channel articles. This is why I use blogger. I just do not have the time nor the patience to fuck around with anything else. Speaking of WC, yes I am behind on posting articles lately. I have gotten back into fun activities and my son is basically spoiled. He wants his momma all of the time. Don't worry, we are trying to break him of this.

We had so many amazing guests and friends call in to talk about how awesome THEY are. Making a podcast all about myself was never my mission. I think Heidi and I had the most fun because we somehow got on the issue of using a dildo on your period. This is why I love Heidi. We can talk about whatever we want, even the most disgusting issues, and not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. So Heidi thinks sex with you is boring and your penis gets in the way of her orgasm? Take notes gentlemen.

Tiffany Shepis is also without a doubt one of the funniest ladies I have ever met. This woman needs her own podcast because she's hysterical and can keep you entertained without a co-host. I just let her talk for the most part and promised to send her drunken texts later on but I had a hard time getting drunk after the show since I had a lot of wine at my friends Super Bowl party and felt hungover all day. This Saturday Chris and I will be celebrating my birthday a little late so watch out Tiffany. I will probably send you random, drunken birthday texts at 3a.m. 

Pearry Teo was being so bad but I forgive him because he helped me stay calm through my pregnancy when I was being harassed by someone with far too much time on their hands. Pearry wouldn't stand for the way I was being treated and got me through the situation without. I cannot thank him enough for his never ending support and getting me through that terrifying and stressful ordeal. Aside from him being bad, he filled us in on future projects. One of those being with the fabulous James Wan. Then we discussed the controversy of his film winning at a WIHM Festival. The issue had been blown out of proportion completely. "It's just an award. If you want it that bad, I will just give it to you!" This is another reason why Pearry and I get along so well. He thinks about these things logically. There's no use in taking little things so seriously and blowing shit out of proportion. 

Special thanks to Billy Pon, Parrish Randall, and Larry Carrell for calling in. We talked of past conventions and enjoying each others company. Parrish and I always have amazing conversations, the best being the night of Ken Hall's birthday. I made fun of Larry for showing up to dinner doused in glitter and sporting some vampire teeth. I like forward to hanging out with him this month during the Lagniappe Film Festival. Then Billy and I talked about VHS. All three of these men are amazing and I adore them to death!

The beautiful Jessica Cameron called in. I have also spoken with her before and conversed with her privately on a few occasions. She has been nothing but nice to me. I have never seen any of her films but I am looking forward to it. We talked Dennis Willman (Gingerstein) up and addressed the issue of people taking negative reviews on their film poorly. If someone writes a negative review on your film, do not start stalking and harassing them. You put your work out there to be judged. Accept that and move on. Nobody likes a drama Queen or a cry baby. 

Allison Grace called in after or before Jessica, I cannot remember. Allison and I have become closer because we've had to deal with some of the same issues and have a passion for collecting VHS. I cannot count how many phone conversations we've had by now but I never get tired of talking to her and we plan on doing a podcast all about VHS... As soon as we figure out how to run a switchboard or find something better than Blog Talk Radio. This will likely be a one time event. Her cat is amazing. The first time we spoke, I thought it was a crying baby in the back ground. 

Keith Crocker talked about my never-ending support for The Bloody Ape and his VHS collection. We've been friends for a few years now and he will always have my support. His accent is the bee's knees. 

Last but not least, we have my new Facebook wife, Vanessa Alexandra. She's absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, we ran out of time but she will be back on the second podcast so you can hear more about her then. She's also Jewish and a lot prettier than me.

I have to give shout outs to James De Paolo and Char Hardin. These two have been there for me and talked with me on so many occasions. Words cannot even describe how AMAZING these two are and I hope we continue to stay good friends. 

Then there are the people who are by my side every day. I am blessed with a beautiful and supportive family, an entertaining man-friend, and an insane amount of friends.... REAL LIFE friends. This is something everyone should have. At least two or three. I always get so shocked when people tell me they only have internet friends. That is so sad. 

As for everything else, people need to come to terms with the fact that the reason behind an individual not liking you may not be jealousy. It's highly likely that the person in question has prudential reasons for disliking you and has nothing to do with egotistical jealousy. I think that people say, "Oh they're just jealous of me" simply because they're birdbrained or deep down they fear that there really is something wrong with them. They will never admit it. Well, I would like to help you with this problem. It feels so good to get your vices out in the open. You are NOT perfect. There ARE things wrong with you. Just as there are things wrong with me.

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