New Photoshoot: Real Woman

Most women are apprehensive to show their stretch marks. Even women who haven't had babies are afraid to show them. They will claim that they are posting what they really look like without photoshop when it's pretty obvious that it was photoshopped and most of the photos were taken years ago when they didn't need photoshop. I am not saying I am better than these women by deciding to show that I DO have stretch marks after having a child 8 months ago. I am not saying I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I just hope my courage will influence other mothers and larger, smaller girls all over the world to show how fabulous they are, regardless of what some self indulgent drama Queens think. I have gotten back to my original size. I am not overweight. Okay, my boobs are massive but other than that... I am back to normal. Let the anorexic remarks begin! I was always told I should "eat a sandwich." My guess is that most women will be telling me to eat a sandwich again. Let me just stop you right there. I eat steak and drink beer. I am a ballerina and I just got back into roller derby again so spare me your 'work out' remarks. I've been called fat and anorexic and I do not understand why! I do not care what size you are. It shouldn't matter. Men have the perfect image of women set in their heads and women are in competition with each other FOR NO REASON. 

Whether you have curves, tattoos, no ass, no tits, or a dick that curves to the right... Do not let anyone tell you what's right and what's not acceptable. I am surprised at some of these women that call each other fat or ugly because chances are.... You DO have friends that are overweight and you DO have friends that are not as pretty. If you're going to publicly announce that you are sooooo perfect and better than everyone else, I am going to assume that you have no friends because anyone who has the nerve to say they are better than everyone else has no friends anyway. So here it is, my stretch marks and fat ass, chubby ass, my chin, Jew nose, etc.... No photoshop. This is the real thing. By the way, I break out into hives when I get overheated or exposed to too much light so if you see reddish spots in some areas, that's likely the cause.


  1. You have a great body Beks. ;) A gorgeous mommy.

  2. "eat a sandwich"....really? You dont look malnourished to me. Very beautiful mom you are and belated congrats! I have been away from the blogosphere for awhile.


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