It's That Time Again!

I kept getting requests to do this again so here it goes.....

I found a new flea market with hundreds of VHS. 

 I do the same thing when Chris is mad at me.

When I have 30 notifications on my fancy photos. 

When somebody doesn't like me. 

Seriously. Why are all these psycho internet trolls after me?

Yes Katie, we can.

Happens from time to time. 

When my ex-friend says I am obsessed with her for being worried about her lack of judgement and poor behavior. 

When people are mad at me for saying something extremely sarcastic and rude. 

One of my favorite character dies on a show. 

When a girlfriend comes over with bad news. 

No particular reason for showing this. This is just one of my favorite scenes from Friends. 

This is very true. I have been wrong countless times. 

When my mother comes to visit. 

Obviously, I just love Mean Girls. 

I really can't. People love me and they're never going to stop loving me. 

Christina said she couldn't come over tonight. Maybe another night. 

You know who you are.  Lyk zomgz stop it!

I'm Rebekah; I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. 

Again, Mean Girls is awesome. 

I have actually said the same thing. I live in Texas. There are a lot of rednecks and white trash that think it's okay to wear their 'hunting gear' to the mall. 

When people say mean things about me on the internet and make fake profiles of me with pictures of concentration camps and Hitler. 

When I get to buy a new dress!

When a girl tells me I am just jealous of her because there couldn't possibly be any rational reason for disliking her psychotic ass.

New Dance Moms, Game of Thrones, True Blood, or Sons of Anarchy episode!


Dear Paranoid People Who Are on the Internet All Day Every Day....

When people try so hard to make you feel sorry for them and act like they're a victim. 

These bitches are immature.

Some strippers actually do have skills. 

Sounds like something my mother would say. 

$3 Jameson shots?????????????????????????????????????????????

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