Lagniappe Festival Outcome

Just when I think my life couldn't get more awesome than it already is, I am hit by a tidal wave of opportunities and good times. Now don't get me wrong, I know I probably bitch about bad times as much as the next person but who doesn't? Nobodies life is perfect and every once in a while you just have to vent. I have no problem showing weakness. My last post was about some of the things I was dealing with in my life. It wasn't focused on one person. It was mainly a rant about my struggles with my father who is a paranoid schizophrenic and how thankful I was that I have never been forced to deal with a mental illness. My father is an incredible man. One person commented on the blog post and I already know who you are. Normally, I keep negative comments and talk shit back to the person but it has been nice keeping negativity off of this blog. My life has been completely drama free. Plus, your comment didn't make any sense! I never even posted a link for that which means you must spend an awful lot of time refreshing my blog to see when I post. We all know you have the extra time. It's too bad I didn't see it until days later :/ But I took out the 500 words that seemed to bother you. *Note that's 500 not 1200.

Moving on. The Lagniappe Film & Music Festival was a success. We had a blast all weekend. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw the entire time because I got to dress up in fancy clothes and strut down the red carpet like I usually do at these events. Being a girl is fun! I have so many people to thank. Thomas Hall, you rock for appointing me the horror scout and judge and for listening to me ramble. Christina Warrick, we have been friends but recently you have stepped up as one of my best friends! I do have many best girlfriends and I do not want them to feel jealous. You all know who you are. You are all equal to me! Christina gets a shout out for staying with me all weekend, being my date, helping with babysitting, and our older kids play together. Everyone loved Christina, especially my Houston friends. It was so good seeing Houston friends! I know at the moment I only live an hour and fifteen minutes away right now but I still don't see enough of you! Shawn Black from Doll Boy stayed with us all weekend as well and accepted the award for 1st place horror short! So glad you got to come Shawn! We had a blast at my party as you can see from all the pictures on my FB page. Here are my favorites. I love Larry Carrell, Nick Nicholson, Carlo Rodriguez, and Millie Loredo. 

BIG thanks to my man friend and father of my beautiful son, Chris! He took over most of the parenting work so that I could visit with my friends and he set up the bar and food for my party after the event. Here are favorite red carpet pics from the entire weekend and doesn't Chris look amazing in his tux? I wish Alexia would have been home for the weekend so she could have been there as well!

Then here is my sexy dress from Friday night. Isn't this theater fracking gorgeous? Even Larry Carrell and Nick Nicholson said they had never seen anything like it. I am so proud that I got to be a part of this and we were able to use this theater. My brother Isaiah actually had a beautiful wedding at this theater and my college graduation ceremony took place here. We have several other theaters in the area. This one just takes the cake. I don't think people on the outside know much about Beaumont. It really isn't that small. It isn't as big as Houston but it's not a small town. Plus, there's a lot of oil money here so we are constantly expanding. I am torn between moving to Houston and staying in Beaumont. Lots of mixed feelings in the air. Why can't I marry both?

Moving on. I have two fun film roles coming up and I was offered a part in a zombie film at the festival. Good times. I love being a horror nerd. *Note that says horror nerd and not Scream Queen. Scream Queen is what other people call me because of my vast variety in the field. I have never given myself that title. The gorgeous Millie Loredo is coming back in hopes to shoot her fantastic film SORROW here in Beaumont. We have so many locations. I hope we can hook her up and I look forward to seeing her, Larry, and Nick again. Texas Frightmare Weekend is getting so close! Don't forget to stop by the booth to talk with Billy and I!

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