Ode to Japanese Horror

Recently, I was reminded of my Japanese horror obsession that stemmed from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. With all the ghost stories like Ringu and Ju-On and Japanese horror suddenly becoming 'cool' to everyone, I lost a lot of love for the genre. That is until I got to party with Yoshihiro Nishimura and catch up on his recent film Helldriver. I've been neglecting my obscure J-Horror collection for too long. So lets catch up on some of my favorites and least favorites!

I thought the cover of Junk was just "so cool omg!" So I had to have it. From that moment on, I was slightly disappointed. Everyone and their mother seems to shit all over the film. I think it's mainly because of how ridiculous the zombies and Queen zombie look. As for me, the ending was a little ridiculous but the plot was a genius!

This group of Asian bad kids are on the run after stealing jewels. They take refugee in an abandoned factory filled with zombies. 

Now, not all of the effects were poor. They're actually pretty awesome until Queen zombie comes along. The film had excellent location and the director was actually quote skilled at his craft. It's just too bad about the acting.

I'd love to tell you that I have seen all of the Guinea Pig films but that old be a lie. This is the only film out of the entire crazy bunch that I own. When I saw it I actually couldn't believe I paid $30 for it. That's what I get for being such a curious cat. It's 30 minutes of a man dressed as a Samurai, chopping a woman into pieces. The word is that it's based on a real serial killer.

It's probably one of the goriest films I had seen from the 80s. It's hard to shock me but I was so very young when I saw this so I was a little shocked. The effect are so perfectly crafted, it actually looks like a snuff film. In fact, Charlie Sheen contacted the FBI in 1991 after watching it because he believed it was snuff. This was disproven. Winning.

As always, I had to check out the IMDB message board because the trollers are always cracking me up, "Were two atomic bombs not enough?"

Never watch Organ while you're eating. Again, I got my hands on this bad boy in the late 1990s and my mouth was wide open throughout the entire film. I wanted to vomit. I've seen much worse so I don't quite understand why. Maybe it was all the puss. Those Japs, they really are sick mother fuckers and I love them for that!

Here's the lowdown: There's an underground black market that's in the business of selling human organs and business is booming until police detectives Numata and Tosaka put a stop to their ghastly business. Things go ape shit and one of the detectives is left behind. DUN DUN DUN! I'm betting you can guess what happens to him. Meanwhile, the other detective is well on his way to finding the sick individuals behind this ghastly mess. One of those being a doctor working at a girls school by day where he molests and mutilates school girls. Some weird green shit is all over his face and he makes plants out of people… Or something like that. I really need to watch this film again and give it a much longer review. A review it deserves.

You could say this is both detective and Yakuza film. The best of both worlds. It was  heavily cut and took a while to be released on DVD but it was totally worth the wait and I am a proud owner of this excellent golden shit. It's disgusting. It's obscene. You'll love it. The special effects are beyond amazing. Highly recommended to gore fans. 

A reporter discovers a snuff film containing a woman being tortured in an abandoned building. Sounds a little like Videodrome, right? Don't let that stop you. Keep reading. So this reporter takes her crew to the building to investigate, because that's always a good idea. One by one, they're all fighting for their lives and not succeeding.

Evil Dead Trap is far more horrific and grotesque to please Italian gore fans or gore fans all around. There are several close-ups of the woman being hacked with a butcher knife. It's extreme. There's a lovely eyeball scene to please the eyeball gore whores as well. Much like the eye ball scene in Fulci's Zombie. I guess you could say this film is right up there with both Fulci and Argento.

Newer Japanese horror films have nothing on the older, gore films. It's like they lost their touch. Now it's all about cheap scares and ghost stories. Despite the shitty ending, this is a decent horror film with an amazing synthesizer score and loads of T&A!

Don't forget to check out Evil Dead Trap 2!

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